MedSign announces the launch of Qortex to help fight against COVID-19

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

MedSign International Corporation, a leading-edge Telehealth company, announces the nationwide launch of Qortex™; the first and only home TV-based Telehealth solution that enables doctors, hospitals, nurses, and home care agencies to deliver virtual medical services to patients confined to their homes, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.  "With the current stay-at-home mandate, Qortex can help alleviate the fear and anxiety created by isolation and offers peace of mind by allowing even the most technology averse seniors to have real-time, full screen, face-to-face visits with their care providers and loved ones, using what they know best… their own TV."  said Tom Conroy, MedSign CEO and Inventor of Qortex.

"I originally created Qortex to keep my family healthy, safe and secure, including my 92 year-old Dad who served in World War II," states Conroy.  "Now I realize Qortex's capabilities can help everyone who is sick at home or recovering from hospitalization, as well as those individuals now affected by the Coronavirus.  As a retired Air Force officer, I also know Qortex can play a vital role to aid fellow Veterans who have chronic illnesses and are remote, disabled, depressed or suicidal, by providing them immediate access to virtual care and counseling 24/7 in the comfort of their home, through their TV screen.  With Qortex, they're never alone." Conroy added.

The patent pending Qortex System consists of a communication hub, high-def camera and specially designed senior simple remote control, that's easy to install.  The system connects with any Internet service and HDMI television, and is compatible with all smartphones and tablets. Qortex offers a single comprehensive platform to support all Telehealth needs, including scheduling and on-screen reminders for medication, hydration and therapies.  It also incorporates a suite of health, wellness and security apps including an advanced Personal Emergency Response System (PERS).

The Qortex system is currently used by home care agencies in Florida and Southern California, and will soon be available through hospitals, physician groups, home care companies, professional healthcare organizations, and government agencies, who are on the front line of defense for our country during this national emergency.

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