PCOS Beyond The Diagnosis - An Event Led by the PCOS Society of India in Collaboration with Vijayeta, its Outreach Arm, Witnessed Eminent Spokespeople Discussing Various Aspects of PCOS

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Despite affecting Millions of women and the serious health consequences, PCOS is unknown to most people and staggering 50% of the women living with PCOS are undiagnosed. Addressing this very concern key members of the gynaecology and female health related professionals, participated in the open discussion organized by PCOS Society of India in collaboration with Vijayeta, it's outreach arm.  

The key points discussed were: -

-1 in every 5 women in India has PCOS

-PCOS usually develops following puberty

-80% PCOS women may be overweight whilst 20% are lean.

-Increasing weight gain during childhood and adolescence can lead to increased weight during adulthood.

-Increasing weight gain increases all the risks of having PCOS

-Simple lifestyle changes to combat weight gain are sufficient to keep PCOS under control.

-PCOS is a leading cause of infertility in women.

-During pregnancy, women with PCOS have a higher risk of pregnancy loss in the first 3 months. They also are at a risk of developing Diabetes and High Blood pressure during pregnancy.

-Women with PCOS are at risk for developing heart disease and diabetes in future.

-More than 50% of women with PCOS will become diabetic or prediabetic before 40 years.

-Due to anxiety and depression, suicide attempts are up to seven times more common in women with PCOS than other women.

-Early diagnosis can give them the opportunity to better manage their emotional issues and many serious disorders in future.

Dr. Duru Shah, President of PCOS society in India, speaking on the occasion said, “PCOS silently impacts the lives of approximately one in every 5-6 women in India, an alarming statistic often concealed by ignorance and misconceptions. In response to this pressing issue, we have conceived a platform dedicated to fostering knowledge sharing and collaborative efforts. The moment has arrived for us to shatter the veil of silence surrounding PCOS, illuminate its presence, and embolden women to seize command of their well-being. Together, let's amplify awareness and offer vital support to empower women in reclaiming their health.”

The speakers who contributed to this much needed discussion were: -

Panel Discussion with our Multidisciplinary Specialists


• Dr. Sandhya Saharan - Gynecologist

• Dr. Sarita Bhalerao - Gynecologist


Dr. Duru Shah – Fertility Specialist, Dr. Uday Thanawala – Gynaecologist, Dr. Piya Ballani Thakker – Endocrinologist, Dr. Bindu Sthalekar – Dermatologist, Dr. Sapna Bangar – Psychiatrist, Dr. Tvisha Parikh - Sports Medicine, Ms. Shilpa Joshi - Nutritionist

Bringing PCOS Centre Stage - Advocacy Panel


•Dr. Duru Shah - Fertility Specialist


• Health Services: Dr. Duryodhan Chavan, Deputy Director of Health

• Public Health: Dr. Vyoma Dalal, Unicef

• Research in PCOS: Dr. Beena Joshi, ICMR

• Philanthropist: Ms. Pooja Bed, Philips, Legal

• Health Educationist: Ms. Mallika Parekh

• Consumer : Ms. Purnima Thacker

One on one Interactions with the Multidisciplinary Specialists:


Dr. Riddhi Desai, Dr. Vishesha Yadav, Dr.Nagadeepti Naik


Dr.Piya Thakkar Ballani, Dr.Jugal Gada


Dr. Bindu Sthalekar, Dr. Divita Bhuraria


Dr. Sapna Bangar


Dr. Gauri Jariwala, Dr.Ankita Asher


Ms. Niti Desai, Ms. Nimisha Khatau, Ms. Shilpa Amin

About PCOS Society Of India:

The PCOS Society, India has its focus on the subject of PCOS. The Society is multi-disciplinary and has a mix of gynecologists, endocrinologists, dermatologists and all specialists such as nutritionists, physiotherapists, bariatric surgeons, etc. who deal with PCOS patients. The Society was launched on Thursday 6th August 2015 to address the issue of galloping prevalence of PCOS in our country.

Objectives of the Society:

-To conduct & organize lectures, seminars and meetings by inviting experts in the field of PCOS so that the multidisciplinary management of this disorder benefits the patients.

-To promote excellence in basic clinical research in PCOS that improves the detection and treatment of the same.

-To serve as a forum for the interchange of ideas between professionals from different medical specialties that guide the management of PCOS.

-To produce & disseminate information regarding PCOS for patients and lay public in general.

-To provide a forum for the collection and dissemination of recent research in PCOS.


To Know more, click on :- https://www.pcosindia.org/