Zephyr AI and KangarooHealth Announce Partnership to Harness the Power of Remote Patient Monitoring and Artificial Intelligence

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Zephyr AI, Inc., a company building novel transparent AI to address unmet needs across the full spectrum of precision medicine—from prevention to treatment to improve patients’ lives and KangarooHealth, Inc. (“KangarooHealth”), a healthcare technology company providing an AI-assisted turn-key remote patient monitoring platform and care management services, announced today a multi-year strategic partnership to work toward providing clinicians with insights to inform treatment decisions for patients diagnosed with chronic conditions.

 The partnership will combine Zephyr AI’s industry-leading machine learning technology with KangarooHealth’s proprietary remote monitoring platform to work towards creating a best-in-class predictive solution for clinicians. KangarooHealth is not only HIPAA and SOC2 certified but also is the only turn-key remote patient monitoring platform that comes at no cost to providers. The company’s platform and connected device network will be integrated into Zephyr’s machine learning models, which leverage groundbreaking algorithms that forecast the development and progression of disease and adverse outcome events. Data from KangarooHealth’s comprehensive monitoring platform, which integrates with over 100 connected devices, including blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, and other wearable technologies will accelerate Zephyr AI's existing machine learning capabilities and enable clinicians to better predict and prevent adverse outcomes.

“The opportunity to pair Zephyr’s machine learning platform with real-world data from a cutting-edge partner like KangarooHealth is tremendous,” said David L. Morgan II, CEO of Zephyr AI. “Together, we believe this collaboration will enable us to provide clinicians with the insights to be able to better anticipate and address the needs of their patients, deliver personalized treatment decisions, and ultimately improve individual health outcomes, and that service comes with the added benefit of reducing the total cost of care to the overall system.”

“We are creating a whole new dynamic in patient care,” added Dr. Xiaoxu Kang, KangarooHealth’s founder, and CEO. “By combining accurate patient insights that have been generated using smart biometric devices with the ability to predict the trajectory of an illness, we aim to deliver physicians a list of options to identify warning signs and plan into early intervention opportunities for mitigating adverse events, thereby significantly helping prevent catastrophic outcomes.”

About Zephyr AI
Zephyr AI is a high-growth healthcare technology company committed to radically reshaping traditional approaches to precision medicine. Through partnerships and proprietary data, Zephyr AI is curating the world’s most comprehensive healthcare dataset and marrying it with cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms with the goal of generating novel, translatable insights to build tools and products that support patients and providers and fuel ongoing research. At Zephyr AI, our mission-focused team of world-class software engineers and biologists leverage big data and next-generation technology to derive transformational insights and build enduring partnerships that will revolutionize the treatment of cancer, diabetes, and other diseases. Visit us at www.zephyrai.bio and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

About Kangaroo Health
Established in 2015, KangarooHealth is a fast-growing, woman- and minority-owned healthcare technology company specializing in remote patient monitoring, therapeutic monitoring, and chronic care management. Combining AI-powered software, an extensive network of biometric sensors, and on-demand U.S.-based care teams, KangarooHealth enhances the quality of patient care by making it easier to monitor chronic conditions between visits and automatically alert early symptoms enabling effective early care escalation. With KangarooHealth, providers do not need to provide additional clinical or billing staff to launch a successful remote patient monitoring program. As the only end-to-end remote patient monitoring platform and service provider, KangarooHealth handles patient enrollment, connected device distribution, 24/7 monitoring, and fully CMS-compliant billing. Not only covering more than 70 common chronic conditions and post-acute care episodes, but KangarooHealth’s platform is also easily configurable to provide effective monitoring for unlimited conditions. KangarooHealth is on a mission to change the healthcare model to a fully connected care journey to drive better outcomes and reduce care costs. Visit us at www.kangaroohealth.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Katie Griff
Head of Marketing, Zephyr AI

Jan Padron
Marketing and Communications Director, KangarooHealth