Asian Hospital & Healthcare Management

Hundreds of healthcare organizations depend on MOVEit® products to deliver scalable, secure and compliant patient care and business services

Security & Compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance in the transfer of PHI

From healthcare billing, to insurance-eligibility inquiries and HCAHPS surveys, the business of healthcare depends on the reliable, secure and compliant transfer of Protected Health Information (PHI). The MOVEit suite of Secure File Transfer products assures encryption of data at rest and in motion, delivery to the intended recipient and detailed audit logs. MOVEit provides the features and deployment flexibility required to meet HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

IT Operations Efficiency

Meet SLAs, deliver 24x7 services and reduce operations costs

The MOVEit suite of products enables consolidation of disparate file transfer processes under a single management tool with end-to-end visibility, performance reporting and audit trails. It accelerates the development of new services and reduces on-going resource requirements with easy-to-use workflow automation. Its flexibl architecture allows you to configure an exact match to your business continuity needs from high-availability to complete failover.

Business Expansion

Drive network growth to provide world-class patient care

Profitable growth of your healthcare network requires on-boarding new healthcare service providers cost-effectively. Scalable IT operations are an essential ingredient for success. MOVEit provides the ideal business service platform to support profitable expansion and the accelerated roll-out of competitive new services such as appointment reminders and patient retrieval of medical records.

Advantages for Healthcare

  • Improved Customer experience
  • Business expansion with value added services
  • Reduced complexity
  • Effectively adhere to SLAs
  • Streamline the Medical process
  • Quickly Verify Patient Insurance Coverage
  • Improve HCAHPS Survey Processing
Fully Automated Sensitive Data Transfer