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World Hospital Congress


The Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association and Queensland Health welcomes hospital and health service leaders from around the world to Brisbane for the 42nd World Hospital Congress, 10-12 October 2018 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC), Australia.

The World Hospital Congress, under the umbrella of the International Hospital Federation, is a unique global event that brings key health leaders together annually to share views and experiences, network and develop excellence in healthcare and hospitals leadership. Through this forum multidisciplinary exchange of knowledge, expertise and experiences are facilitated, together with dialogue on best practices in leadership in hospital and healthcare management and delivery of services.

The Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association is honoured to host the 2018 IHF World Hospital Congress, see the AHHA invitation video below:

Why attend the World Hospital Congress?

  • A one-in-20-year opportunity
  • Health funding is changing - don't be left behind!
  • Healthcare systems are becoming increasingly integrated - and less fragmented. Learn from a multitude of approaches being taken around the world.
  • Technology is being increasingly applied to healthcare delivery - see how and why, and learn about potential pitfalls