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CliniVantage Healthcare Technologies launched CliniQ, a unique smart care management system for better care delivery amidst COVID-19

Fears surrounding the spread of the pandemic COVID-19 have sparked increased engagement with the digital health world. The outbreak is an example of how a country like India needs to speed up the adoption of technology in order to address the needs of the masses. With delays in testing and lack of remote care support, it is hampering our ability to accurately monitor the spread of coronavirus. In the wake of the situation, CliniVantage Healthcare Technologies is swooping in with a seemingly practical solution for the entire healthcare ecosystem. Backed by artificial intelligence, CliniVantage offers a platform that connects healthcare providers and consumers to expedite the process of patient examination.

To address the need of proactive care, CliniVantage has launched CliniQ. Complete practice management with telemedicine features that encompasses a mobile application for patients and integration of smart IoT devices. The vision is to inspire futuristic healthcare that is accessible to all. The solution has been successful in revolutionising the synergy between patients and doctors by plugging intuitive technology to provide real-time care during COVID-19.

Currently what India needs is a quality healthcare system that is affordable and accessible to most of Indian citizens. With all the possible uncertainties we don’t have a clear picture of how to mitigate the spread of pandemics like COVID 19 in vulnerable populations. At present, technology is turning out to be our best bet for enabling early detection of the disease and supporting remote monitoring. The right use of technology will enable physicians to do realtime monitoring of the health data to accelerate the treatment in time with improved effectiveness.

Mr. Nilesh Jain, Co-Founder & Managing Director, CliniVantage Healthcare Technologies, said, “The idea behind the launch of CliniQ is to bridge the gap between people, physicians, and health systems, enabling everyone, especially symptomatic patients, to stay at home and communicate with physicians through virtual channels, helping to reduce the spread of the virus to mass populations and the medical staff on the frontlines. CliniQ helps practitioners to build, scale, and optimise their practice by providing service through virtual examination.”

India's healthcare system is inadequate to provide quality infrastructure and workforce to millions of its citizens is well known. CliniQ has unified all the roles of doctor’s practice so that they can provide advanced clinical care, and bypass various redundant tasks to seamlessly communicate, exchange medical records, and information. CliniQ plans to connect patients, physicians, and specialists on one platform in order to take the second opinion which is required for the right treatment.

Keeping the patient at the center, CliniQs telemedicine suite will transform the way healthcare stakeholders interact. The solution empowers the patients and enables him to make informed decisions related to his own health. Think management of records, ease of appointment booking, easy bill payments, notification at the time of emergency and access as well as renewals of the diagnostics orders & e-prescription. The clinical data stored in the application can not only be shared between patients, physicians, and specialists but also provides an opportunity to take the second opinion for the right treatment.

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