Information technology

Information Technology has accelerated the healthcare industry with its Healthcare IT solutions. They helped several businesses recognize organizational goals and automate processes by following the principles of effectiveness, usability, customer related and a lucid communication. Healthcare Information Systems has significantly changed the way we carry out our day to day activities. Hospital management softwares play a major role in simplifying various hospitals processes. Healthcare analytics & big data solutions incorporate several crucial features that help in the smooth running of the day to day operations of a hospital. They are aimed at managing all the aspects of a hospital and cover specific areas such as reception, inpatients, outpatients and so on.


Healthcare digital transformation is rapidly taking its hold on the industry The primary focus is to provide patient satisfaction


Herzhoff shares some interesting parallels and lessons drawn from the popular organising consultant Marie Kondo


Here is how

Value patient outcomes and quality are key watchwords for the healthcare sector today Stakeholders of this ecosystem are on a continuous drive to discover innovative and costeffective ways to make this environment more patientcentric secure and efficient

Commercialisation of Digital Health

Many market research reports estimate the global digital health market in to be worth around US to US billion Supposing these estimates are correct the size of digital health market was between per cent to per cent of the size of the global pharmaceutical market US billion in that same year



Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontier with these words the United Nations UN spells out a fundamental human right to information in Article of the Universal Declar...


Artificial intelligence AI and analytics are providing clinicians and researchers with actionable insights from early detection to endoflifecare and by changing the way research is done and diagnoses are made However unlocking the data treasure trove is not a simple exercise for any healthcare organisation


As the global population ages the healthcare systems of every country face significant challenges to meet the needs of this demographic By million of the projected increase of one billion people will be aged and above by according to the United Nations UN In countries like China and India there are even greater challenges due to the sheer numbe...

Transformation of Healthcare

How technology redefines one of the oldest industries in the world

Since healthcare is one of the few industries that are crucial for all people worldwide no wonder it sees huge spending and even bigger investment As Deloitte estimated in the global annual healthcare spending may reach US trillion And in the first half of US billion were poured into the healthcare startups by venture capitalists as per Forbes


Pharmaceutical industry is in the midst of a renaissance in leveraging latest technologies and evolving operating and delivery models to transform itself Expectations to meet the demands of patients providers physicians and rapidly changing regulatory compliance needs globally are driving the industry to adopt some of the technological advances mad...


How has consumer behaviour changed in the last years in terms of engaging and communicating with healthcare organisations Communication as a whole is changing Consumers now expect a frictionless and fast experience regardless of the organisation they might be engaging with The introduction of mobile phones especially smartphones have changed th...



Digital transformation of healthcare has been happening for quite some time now With the advent of Computerised Tomography CT scan and Ultrasound Scanning closely followed by Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI scan and Positron Emission Tomography PET scan the practise of radiodiagnostics was transformed from collecting Xray images to visualising inter...

Digitalisation as a Step Up in Early Life Nutrition

With the global increase in smartphone and Internet penetration online health information as well as investment and development of digital healthcare technologies the techenabled healthcare TEC sector is growing at an exponential rate In Asia the value o


Giving birth to new delivery models and fostering innovation

Get connected and stay connected is the new mantra for a new age As applied to healthcare digital health is the new paradigm that has the society extremely excited about it and rightfully so The ubiquitous relativelyaffordable and eversopowerful smartphone from a computing perspective has led to a situation where almost every individual is never fa...

Technology Enabled Remote Healthcare

A story from India

Making Geography History Making Distance Meaningless A Hospital in your Pocket Costeffective needbased healthcare to everyone anytime anywhere are all these hyperboles a fertile imagination working overtime and hype Is Remo

Electronic Health Record System from the Perspective of Data Privacy

During the course of any clinical encounter a person discloses ultrasensitive healthrelated information to his provider to enable the latter to address his healthrelated problems better faster and hopefully cheaper Information that he would otherwise rather keep well under wraps Ethics demands all providers treat all information that their patients...

Modern Technology

Is it helping or hindering health?

We live in an exciting technological time Every day technology accelerates and evolves changing the way we live and interact Such advances have affected the way we communicate work and travel



Indias healthcare market is one of the fastest growing witnessing an overwhelming growth of nearly per cent in the recent years and rightly so The market value of Health Information Technology is pegged at USillion and expected to grow one and half times by The disruption in the sector is driven by technology innovations including IT biomedical r...

Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare

The term AI or Artificial Intelligence was first introduced by Mcarthy in I personally feel that the A in AI should stand for Augmenting Amplifying Accelerating and Assisting and in an Ambient milieu What is artificial in AI AI is after all an extension a by product of the Natural Intelligence which Homo Sapiens are endowed with Augmented intell...

Use of Telehealth Technology to Increase

ED Capacity during Times of Surge

Emergency departments by nature exist to take care of those that are critically ill and demand attention of an immediate nature to lessen mortality They require personnel with special skills to be able to discharge their required functions most effectively For a number of reasons such personnel are not available in sufficient numbers at the best...

Top Challenges Facing IoT/ IoH

How we can overcome them?

There are significant issues faced by healthcare systems around the world including ageing populations chronic disease spiralling costs and a desire to shift care from tertiary to primary settings The field of the Internet of Things IoT Internet of Health IoH or Connected Health offer great promise for addressing these issues The basic principle of...

Dawn of the Future

IoT-driven medical devices service enterprises

Industries across segments are moving from selling products to selling services even wind turbines locomotives and jet engines are now sold as services The emergence of the Internet of Things IoT has now enabled medical devices companies to create a new business model premised on services personalization and other innovations IoT where physical...

Data Security and Analytics

Shaping the future of healthcare

The healthcare industry has been undergoing tremendous change thanks to the ever advancing innovation in computing technologies According to a recent report released by Springboard Research the growth in healthcare IT market in India has been the highest in Asia A few studies also forecast Indian medical technology market to grow from US billion in...

HealthTech Innovation

Optimising telehealth services

Telehealth combines communications tools and health IT thus enabling healthcare delivery to bridge distance and time and provide high quality care irrespective of where the patient is located Through anytime anywhere providertopatient and providertoprovider connections telehealth improves outcomes lowers costs and supports care coordination Thes...

EHR Interoperability

Why, what and how

Electronic Health Record EHR is a lifelong record of all the clinical encounters investigation results and reports etc that a particular person has throughout life All of these clinical documents need to be lined up and merged together into a single continuous document to help provide that persons healthrelated life journey Thus there is a need to...

Providing High-Quality, Physician-Led Team-based Care

Hear from the experts

Is teambased care new Does it need to be physicianled What benefits can this care model bring How to ensure high quality with a team comprising physicians nurse practitioners administrators and others Well teambased care is not new Its origins could be traced to sources including the Chronic Care Model in the s It is a strategic redistribution o...

Harnessing Big Data Analytics to Deliver Optimal Care

With the advent of electronics age in healthcare humungous amounts of data of varied types from verifiable sources is continuously getting generated in everincreasing volume By analysing this big data for that is what it exactly is the practice of preventive medicine and ensuring continued wellness is now moving from the academic world of debates a...

Patient-Physician Communication by Using Mobile Technology in Developing Countries

PatientPhysician communication is one of the foremost important part in patient care given the godlike stature of physicians in many countries This is critical for every physician to deliver a highquality healthcare Patient health outcomes depend on effective communication with the physician Many physicians encourage open communication and complete...

Leveraging Information Technology in the Healthcare BPO Industry

A recent Accenture report says that nearly per cent of health systems in the US will have selfscheduling by the start of That there will arise the need to focus on training machines just as much as training employees in the next years will be yet another impact of technology in the healthcare industry predict experts What does this mean exactly...

AI in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence AI is going to heavily affect how we will research diagnose and cure diseases in the very near future The adoption of machine learning tools and algorithms by physicians and researchers will be of incredible benefit for the whole community It will allow prompter and more accurate diagnoses help doctors navigate the plethora...

Connected Devices

The new panacea?

Emergence of connected health has changed the way healthcare is delivered to patients today extending treatment from an inpatient setting to continuing care outside hospitals and clinics Having worked for startups in spaces like diabetic clinics and standalone dialysis centres I have been a direct witness to this transformation The advent of chron...

Digital Health Opportunities

The healthcare ecosystem is witnessing a paradigm shift in the way the services are being delivered and consumed This is driven by the pressing need to have an inclusive high quality costeffective and decentralised model of healthcare delivery While these needs lead to creating ambitious targets for our society and government the enterprising side...

Telehealth and Telehomecare

Caring remotely

Telemedicine has been around for quite a while but has largely been unable to fulfil on its various promises with only the videoconferencing and remote consultation seeing the light of day amongst the many functionalities that it successfully is able to execute With the advent of faster Internet speeds at very affordable rates coupled with ready av...

Emerging Technologies in Healthcare

The Role of Technology in Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Where do you think the Indian healthcare system is headingand what needs to be done India has the secondhighest number of hospitals worldwide excluding private hospitals and clinics as well as nursing homes However the country ranks low in terms of life expectancy The Economic Times also noted tha

Preparing and Engaging Nurses in the Informatics Revolution

There is no question we are living in a time of exponential growth of technology Many Asia Pacific APACcountries are investing heavily in Health Information Technology HIT which has significant impact on the healthcare workforce In APAC like other regions in the world the nursing profession comprises the largest workforce delivering patient care so...

Physicians in China

Furthering Digital Landscape

As traditional methods of targeting doctors become less effective and online usage within the healthcare community grows it is becoming increasingly important for pharmaceutical stakeholders to understand exactly how doctors consume information and communicate digitally Digital Life Physician conducted by Kantar Health and DX

Mobile Image Access Saves Time

Improving provider workflow and patient care

In todays healthcare environment the ability for providers to exchange and share imaging is becoming increasingly critical on many fronts Electronic access to images improves provider workflow clinical operations and patient care through time savings and efficiencies When providers access images with mobile devices these benefits increase Mobile de...

Technology and Improved Health Outcomes

The friendship begins

It is no secret that healthcare services around the world are facing systemic challenges caused by demographic change and lifestylerelated conditions While a considerable effort has gone into understanding the origins of these problems comparatively little progress has been made in harnessing the power of technology to help provide solutions There...

Designing Hospital Information Systems

An overview

A Hospital Information System HIS basically is a synonym for information management system at use in hospitals Hospitals generate a wealth of data round the clock days a year all of which needs to be well managed to ensure efficient functioning Patients visit such establishments for outpatient care in an emergency or get admitted for either a shor...

Universal Interface for Electronic Medical Records for Developing Countries

The WHO Collaborating Centre on eHealth at UNSWAustralia is working towards in the development of EMRs allowing the developing countries easy access to universal interface to an EMR anytime anywhere In Bangladesh the work involved Bangladesh University for Health Sciences BUHS and its partners APuHC has been leading research in eHealth Healthcare u

The Future of Wearables

Think of fitness wearables as New Years resolutions Acquiring one is an act of optimism This will be the year I get more active more physically fit you think more in tune with me more in control For many people the act of acquiring a fitness tracker symbolises taking decisive action to improve their future Yet like many New Years re

Smart Health for Smart Communities

That healthcare is absolutely essential even for sustenance is well known Water management energy management building automation transportation every single item in the formation of a smart city presupposes healthy individuals in the smart community Attention to smart healthcare in is therefore not a luxury but an absolute

Impact of 5G Telematics

All around the globe eHealth has been a buzzword over the past years or so Although according to European studies the pick up rate of ehealth in Europe is moderate demographic data in most countries are speaking a clear language and it is unlikely that well established care models with hospitals as their centrepieces will be economically viable an...

How Hospitals Define Value through Health IT

A review of value based on quality improvement

The vision of improving health with information technology has been the focus of Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society HIMSS since its establishment in Now as a missiondriven notforprofit and global enterprise HIMSS continues to focus on leveraging healthcare information technology IT to improve patient outcomes reduce costs and

Hospital-based Health Technology Assessment

A promising approach to evaluate new technologies for healthcare providers

In todays healthcare environment providers face significant challenges to address both payers requirements and demographic changes Pressure from both payers and healthcare authorities increases to improve hospital efficiency and value delivered to patients At the same time ageing populations and increasing burden of noncommunicable diseases are cha...

New Zealand Keeps Finger on the Pulse of Healthcare IT Solutions


AsiaPacific is home to more than million people over the age of and the size of group in the region is projected to double from per cent in to per cent of the total population by according to the UN estimates This will inevitably result in a greater number of medical conditions related to senior citizens and a much greater demand for spe

Emerging Technology Trends in Asian Healthcare Organisations

Over the past couple of years there seems to have been a distinct change in the kind of questions healthcare IT executives have been asking us at IDC Health Insights Previously the questions were invariably about which clinical or administration solution provider

The Future of Healthcare

New innovative technologies delivering more measurable outcomes

The global healthcare sector is on the cusp of a tipping point and this is more acutely evident in SouthEast Asia as the region grapples with key issues such as a rapidly aging population a chronic NonCommunicable Diseases NCDs epidemic and a steady rise in healthcare cost to name a few

eHealth Revolution - The transformation and strategies

The introduction of the Diagnosis Related Groups DRGs in ushered in serious disruptions in healthcare industry and had been attributed by different authors to cause closure of many hospitals and many consolidations and mergers Garner CB JacobsenWells J The healthcare industry today is impacted probably on a more serious scale by many different d...

Leveraging Authentic Health Information

Key to patient empowerment

In the s a patient admitted into hospital with a suspected myocardial infarction would be in bed for six weeks He was looked after and monitored by the concerned nurses After six weeks he would either be discharged all cured or succumb whilst in his bed and die No further follow up tests and no medication was needed What is the current scenari