Information Technology

Information Technology has accelerated the healthcare industry with its Healthcare IT solutions. They helped several businesses recognize organizational goals and automate processes by following the principles of effectiveness, usability, customer related and a lucid communication. Healthcare Information Systems has significantly changed the way we carry out our day to day activities. Hospital management softwares play a major role in simplifying various hospitals processes. Healthcare analytics & big data solutions incorporate several crucial features that help in the smooth running of the day to day operations of a hospital. They are aimed at managing all the aspects of a hospital and cover specific areas such as reception, inpatients, outpatients and so on.


Ageing populations the rise of chronic diseases and the growing demand for quality standards and services are realities that are shaping the healthcare landscape in cities around the world today Delivering value to expanded groups has taken on new importance for healthcare providers amidst cost and ..

Transformation of Healthcare

How technology redefines one of the oldest industries in the world



As the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry drive towards developing effective medicines and delivering total solutions for patients they are trying to leverage new business modes and technologies from other industries to meet changing needs across geographies patients providers and regulators AI ..


In this interview author shares his perspectives on how we have moved from the facetoface age to the information age of healthcare and shares practical advice on how healthcare organisations can use simple and uncomplicated technology solutions to improve patientcare delivery in an increasingly digi..



With digital enablement of the various processes and care deliveryrelated tools no medical practitioner may choose to remain immune from it This article discusses the digital transformation of healthcare accrues various benefits to the medical profession and the professionals..

Digitalisation as a Step Up in Early Life Nutrition

Providing nutrition tailored to the specific needs in early life can be complex but with the use of digital technology it can greatly benefit research by improving accuracy providing new insights and tailored interventions..


Giving birth to new delivery models and fostering innovation

A 24 x 7 connected healthcare ecosystem where the care receivers and their care providers and receivers are able to be in touch anytime anywhere is changing the way services are being delivered and health is being managed remotely This article discusses how this is being made possible and the variou..

Technology Enabled Remote Healthcare

A story from India

In this wellillustrated article Prof Ganapathy demonstrates how technology enabled remote healthcare has become a reality in India Creating a passionate team to administer and implement well thought out operating procedures is the key to success Man management change management is more important tha..

Electronic Health Record System from the Perspective of Data Privacy

Electronic health record systems handle healthrelated ultrasensitive data of a person throughout his life along with all personal information that accurately identifies him This makes it imperative to protect the data from cyberthreats and consequent untold damages This article discusses the various..

Modern Technology

Is it helping or hindering health?

Article covers how health technology is advancing and how it is being used to treat a range of diseases and conditions greatly improving patient care whilst also allowing patients to stay at home for longer without hospital intervention On top of this technology is benefiting us in terms of data and..