Information Technology

Use of Information Technology in the healthcare industry.

Designing Hospital Information Systems

An overview

This is an overview of how to design a hospital information system highlighting the fact that implementing an IT system invariably means a dramatic change in the way the various business processes are run Broad discussions on requirements management and change management are followed by an overview ..

Universal Interface for Electronic Medical Records for Developing Countries

Electronic Medical Records EMR have transformed the way information is managed in healthcare However developing countries face major challenges in the development of EMRs to suit their specific requirements Thanks to the proliferation of mobile phones developing countries can have universal interfac..

The Future of Wearables

Fitness trackers health and activity monitoring wearables are increasingly prevalent yet focus primarily on data capture Design and materials approaches that merge precise data capture with clinically relevant reporting and positive user experiences are more likely to succeed Here are key performanc..

Smart Health for Smart Communities

That healthcare is essential even for sustenance is well known Formation of a smart village presupposes healthy individuals in the smart community Smart healthcare is eminently feasible cost effective and must be integrated with other smart facilities Behavioural modification among all stakeholders ..

Impact of 5G Telematics

New technologies such as wearable wireless medical devices are transforming the way healthcare is delivered As these devices become more powerful and numerous the daunting challenge is whether the existing communications infrastructure can meet the requirements of the changing landscape 5G technolog..

How Hospitals Define Value through Health IT

A review of value based on quality improvement

How do hospitals define value related to quality improvement The Electronic Medical Record Adoption ModelSM EMRAM is an eightstep process hospitals can use to analyse their organisations level of EMR adoption chart accomplishments and benchmark against other healthcare organisations across the count..

Hospital-based Health Technology Assessment

A promising approach to evaluate new technologies for healthcare providers

Providers across the world are under tremendous pressure to manage their budget and deliver better services The cost containment measures in place do not guarantee a superior treatment outcome to patients Approaches assessing both costs and outcomes at providers levels start emerging as a new method..

Around the Connected Health World

Todays health technology world is fast moving and exciting but still full of wasteful reinventing the wheel and not invented here attitudes Collaborations alliances and above all effective communications are the weapons needed to overcome the obstacles..

New Zealand Keeps Finger on the Pulse of Healthcare IT Solutions


Healthcare demands are set to grow significantly in AsiaPacific as the region experiences both a flourishing economy and ageing population..

Emerging Technology Trends in Asian Healthcare Organisations

Emerging technologies will come together in unprecedented ways to create efficiency and sustainability in healthcare Mobility solutions will be the key technology in Asia with a high adoption rate of smartphones and tablets Cloud will provide the essential infrastructure required for data access at ..