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This section brings to you the latest innovations, inventions and breakthrough technologies that are transforming the healthcare scenario.

ONWARD Medical Developed Novel ARC-EX Platform for Bladder Control

ONWARD Medical developed a novel ARCEX platform for bladder control alleviation of spasticity and blood pressure regulation for people with Spinal cord injury SCI The ARC Therapy delivered by implantable ARCIM or external ARCEX systems is designed to deliver targeted programmed spinal cord stimulation to restore movement and other functions in peop...

Opticyte Developed Breakthrough Cell O2 Patient Monitor

Opticyte developed breakthrough cell O patient monitor for realtime continuous monitoring of patients who are at high risk of organ failure The Cellular O Patient Monitor with the help of noninvasive optical spectroscopy technology measures and detects systemic low oxygen

OncobiotaLUNG - A Novel Liquid Biopsy Assay Discovered

Micronoma discoveres novel OncobiotaLUNG A novel liquid biopsy test for the detection of lung carcinoma The OncobiotaLUNG test is the first blood microbiomeguided liquid biopsy with proven effectiveness for detecting cancer in early stages

First-of-its-Kind RenalGuard Therapy® Device Discovered for Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)

CardioRenal Systems discovered firstofitskind RenalGuard Therapy device to prevent Acute Kidney Injury AKI in patients at high risk for Cardiac Surgery Associated AKI CSAAKI RenalGuard Therapy helps to reduce the prevalence of CSAAKI the length and cost of hospitalisation

Novel LifeGel™ Absorbable Surgical Hemostat Developed for Surgical Procedures

Medcura developed novel LifeGel Absorbable Surgical Hemostat to control bleeding during surgical procedures LifeGel is the first and only haemostatic agent indicated for use in surgical procedures except in ophthalmic and urological as an adjunctive haemostatic device

Novel OverC™ Multi-Cancer Detection Blood Test Discovered for Multiple Cancers

Burning Rock discovered novel OverC MultiCancer Detection Blood Test MCDBT for multiple cancer types such as esophageal liver lung ovarian and pancreatic cancers OverC MCDBT detects early multiple cancer types among adults aged years old at average risk for cancer

First-of-its-Kind TriNetra™-Glio Discovered to Diagnose Brain Tumours

Datar Cancer Genetics discovered the firstofitskind TriNetraGlio a blood test to diagnose brain tumours TriNetra GlioLiquid Biopsy is designed to detect cells released from the blood of a brain tumour which is extremely rare

First-of-its-Kind CorVista® System Developed for Suspected Pulmonary Hypertension

CorVista Health developed novel CorVista System the first noninvasive pointofcare diagnostic solution to treat patients with suspected pulmonary hypertension CorVista System is a noninvasive pointofcare solution which collects patients cardiac and hemodynamic signals and applies machine learning

First-of-its-Kind EndoStim System Discovered for the Treatment of Drug Refractory GERD

EndoStim discovers firstofitskind EndoStim System for the treatment of drug refractory gastroesophageal reflux disease GERDEndoStim System is represented as a new treatment potential in development for drug refractory GERD

Novel Breakthrough Brain Implant Technology Developed to Treat Neurological Disorders

Axoft developed novel brainmachine interface BMIfor the treatment of longterm neurological disorders The novel gliosisfree implants has the ability to reside in the central nervous system for the longterm without causing harm In addition these implants

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