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This section brings to you the latest innovations, inventions and breakthrough technologies that are transforming the healthcare scenario.

First-of –its-Kind Biology-Guided Radiotherapy* (BgRT) Developed for Lung Cancer

RefleXion Medical Inc discovered firstofitskind biologyguided radiotherapy BgRT for the treatment of lung tumors It is the first and only technology which uses injected radiotracers to obtain active signals called emissions from each tumor to guide treatment delivery

Novel VUNO Med®-DeepECG™ Software Discovered for Heart Failure Patients

VUNO inc discovered novel artificial intelligencebased electrocardiogram ECG analysis software VUNO MedDeepECG With the help of deep learning the software can analyse ECG data to zero in on heart failure myocardial infarction and arrhythmia

Insightec Discovered Novel Treatment for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)

Insightec discovered breakthrough NSCLC brain mets study and FDA approval for two investigational device exemptions IDE for the Exablate Neuro system Liquid biopsy is a new way of treatment for noninvasive cancer subtyping treatment selection monitoring residual disease early detection of treatment

Terumo Discovered Breakthrough RelayBranch Thoracic Stent-Graft System

Terumo Aortic discovered breakthrough RelayBranch Thoracic StentGraft System The system is applicable for patients with thoracic aortic arch pathologies which requires treatment that includes coverage of the innominate and left common carotid arteries

Noninvasix Discovered Breakthrough Non-Invasive Monitoring Technology for Sepsis

Noninvasix discovered LIVOx Central Venous Oxygenation Monitor for the constant noninvasive realtime or spot monitoring of central venous oxygen saturation ScvO in adults with high risk of septic shock Noninvasive measuring of ScvO will open new paths to more efficient diagnosis

Novel Diadem's AlzoSure® Blood Test Discovered for the Prediction of Alzheimer's Disease

Diadem US Inc discovered novel blood test named Diadems AlzoSurefor the treatment of early prediction of Alzheimers Disease This is the first kind of blood test which can predict likely progression to Alzheimers Disease up to six years in advance

Sensydia Discovered Breakthrough Therapy for Cardiac Performance System (CPS)

Sensydia discovered breakthrough designation for Cardiac Performance System CPS Cardiac Performance System CPSTM being a noninvasive cardiac monitoring device is safer and fast to detect critical heart performance The device without the need of inhopsital catherisation procedures

Breakthrough Digital Therapeutic, BNT200 Developed for Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Blue Note Therapeutics developed BNT a prescription digital therapeutic for the treatment of patients with acute myeloid leukemia AML BNT is a device intented to treat adults with acute myeloid leukemia having anxiety and depressive symptoms

Wearable Vein Dilation Device Discovered to Treat End-Stage Renal Disease

Fist Assist Devices LLC discovered novel fist assist model FA device for the treatment of patients with EndStage Renal Disease ESRD FA device is a wearable intermittent pneumatic compression device indicated for presurgical vein dilation which promotes

Endosound, Inc Discovered Breakthrough EndoSound Vision Ultrasound System

Endosound Inc discovered breakthrough innovative EndoSound Vision Ultrasound System The addon endosound vision system consisting of a reusable transducer compact ultrasound beamformer and a disposable mounting kit fastens the upper gastrointestinal GI video endoscope

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