Techno Trends

This section brings to you the latest innovations, inventions and breakthrough technologies that are transforming the healthcare scenario.

NYGC & NYU Researchers Develop 3D-printed Microfluidic Device

The New York Genome Center NYGC and the New York University NYU researchers have developed a 3Dprinted portable and lowcost microfluidic controller The new 3D microfluidic controller provides access to singlecell sequencing It helps to demonstrate the use of the device in clinical environments..

VoCare Develops World’s First Mobile Professional Grade Medical Multi-Diagnostic Device

VoCare has developed the worlds first mobile professional grade medical multidiagnostic device Vitals360 device capable to collect 6 different health vitals The device offers vital measurements of blood glucose blood pressure pulse oximetry temperature and Electrocardiography ECG It is equippe..

Medigate Launches Dedicated Medical Device Security Platform to Counter Cyber Risk

Medigate announced the industrys first dedicated medical device security platform for health providers to secure medical devices that are connected to electronic medical records enterprise networks and servers and the internet The cloudbased security platform empowers healthcare IT and security t..

Siemens Launches World’s First Smart Phone-based Diagnostic System

Siemens Healthineers launched the worlds first smart phonebased diagnostic system Aina The Aina Blood Monitoring System enables detection and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes cardiac care It offers a broad range of tests such as HbA1c glucose hemoglobin and a lipid profile on a ..

OmegaFlex® Introduces World’s First Corrugated Medical Tubing

OmegaFlex announced MediTrac the world39s first Corrugated Medical Tubing CMT for distribution of medical gases MediTrac is made with copper alloy and includes a fireretardant jacket and axial swaged brass fittings Sized from onehalf to two inches in diameter it connects with all K L and DMV medi..

KitoTech Medical Announces microMend ™, a New, Novel Skin Closure Device

KitoTech Medical announced the launch of microMend a new novel skin closure device It is an attractive alternative to the current choices of sutures staples and glues for closing skin wounds including lacerations and surgical incisions microMend an innovative closure solution uses an array of tin..

K2M Introduces World’s First 3D-Printed Expandable Corpectomy Cage with Cervical Spine Indications

K2M has introduced the world39s first 3Dprinted expandable corpectomy cage with cervical spine indications K2M enhances its complex spine and marketleading 3Dprinted product portfolios with the addition of CAPRI Cervical 3D Expandable The CAPRI Cervical 3D Expandable Cage System stabilizes the ce..

‘Converter’ by NUS Scientists - A breakthrough in Ultrafast Data Processing at Nanoscale

A research team from the National University of Singapore NUS has recently invented an innovative converter that can bind the speed and small size of plasmons for highfrequency data processing and transmission in nanoelectronics This pioneering transducer can directly convert electrical signals i..

New Artificial Pancreas Device System Reduces HbA1c & Hypoglycemia in T1DM

The Artificial Pancreas AP Device System is an arrangement of devices that nearly imitates the glucose administrative capacity of a healthy pancreas Eyal Dassau PhD from Harvard University in Cambridge Mass and colleagues developed and tested a novel adaptive AP in an uncontrolled multicenter 12w..

An Ultrathin Microfibre Sensor Developed to Monitor Healthcare and Diagnosis Real-Time

The National University of Singapore NUS research team has developed a new soft flexible and stretchable microfibre sensor for realtime healthcare monitoring and diagnosis This Microfiber sensor measures an individuals pulse waveform in realtime and the information can be used to determine ones hear..