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This section brings to you the latest innovations, inventions and breakthrough technologies that are transforming the healthcare scenario.

Beta Bionics Launch Wearable Device to Control Blood-Sugar Levels

A pocketsized wearable investigational medical device iLet Bionic Pancreas System has been launched by Beta Bionics to autonomously control bloodsugar levels The device leverages Artificial Intelligence AI and machine learning to deliver insulin and glucagon analogues for treating type diabetes

Artificial Neurons Developed to Cure Chronic Diseases

The scientists at the University of Bath have developed artificial neurons on silicon chips that work just like the real thing This is the firstofitskind achievement with enormous scope for medical devices to cure chronic diseases such as heart failure Alzheimers and other diseases of neuronal degeneration

RightEye Vision System to Diagnose Parkinson's Disease

A new diagnostic and an investigational eyetracking technology for Parkinsons disease RightEye Vision System has been launched by RightEye The RightEye Vision System uses advanced eyetracking technologyobjective eye movement to help in the assessment of Parkinsons disease

Merit Medical Systems Launches Endovascular Graft System

An endovascular stent graft system under the name Merit WRAPSODY has been launched by Merit Medical Systems The WRAPSODY system is a flexible selfexpanding endoprosthesis

AI Medical's Endoscopic AI System to Treat Gastric Cancer

AI Medical Service has launched a new endoscopic Artificial Intelligence AI system that uses the companys AI programmes to analyse endoscopy images for potential diagnosis of gastric cancer The AI technology aims to improve endoscopic specialists diagnosis of gastrointestinal issues in the esophagus stomach and intestines

Novoheart, AstraZeneca to Develop New Model of Heart Failure

Novoheart in collaboration with AstraZeneca is developing a firstofitskind human heartinajar model of heart failure The first humanspecific invitro functional model of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction HFpEF will be created HFpEF is a common condition especially among the elderly and in women

Fully Implantable LVAD Developed to Treat Patients with Advanced HF

A new fully implantable Left Ventricular Assist Device LVAD has been developed by Medtronics for patients suffering from advanced heart failure The LVAD system includes an implanted heart pump that increases the amount of blood circulating through the body

New Catheter Device Launched by Surmodics Sundance

Surmodics Sundance has launched a new catheter device Sundance SirolimusCoated Balloon SCB under the Agencys Breakthrough Devices Program The device has been designed to improve the endovascular revascularisation options for BelowtheKnee BTK arterial lesions

World’s First Portable Carbohydrate Monitoring System Launched in Japan

Kyocera Corporation has launched its first smart portable carbohydrate monitoring system in Japan The innovative device named the Grand Prix RunnerUp was unveiled The new system can monitor carbohydrate intake and is also small enough to slip into the pocket

Corvia Medical's IASD to Treat Heart Failure

Corvia Medical has launched a new Interatrial Shunt Device IASD to treat heart failure IASD is a transcatheter device to treat Heart Failure with P reserved HFpEF and Midrange Ejection FractionHFmrEF

Medtronic Develops Stent Graft to Treat Thoracoabdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Medtronics has developed a new and valiant stent graft system for minimally invasive repair of Thoracoabdominal Aortic Aneurysm TAAA A TAAA causes swelling of the aorta which extends from the chest into the abdomen

First Heart Attack Alerting Technology Launched in Australia

Hydrix Limited in partnership with Angel Medical Systems AngelMed has unveiled its plans to launch Guardian the first heart attack alerting technology in Australia Guardian is an implanted cardiac monitoring device to notify patients in case of an imminent Acute Coronary Syndrome ACS event such as heart attacks and unstable angina

KCL Researchers Launch New Technique for Fetal Therapy and Surgery

A new technique called Guided Instrumentation for Fetal Therapy and Surgery GIFTSurg is being launched by a team of researchers at Kings College London School of Biomedical Engineering Imaging Sciences

Garwood Medical Devices to Treat Biofilm Infections On Knee Implants

Garwood Medical Devices has launched a new device BioPrax for eliminating biofilm infections on prosthetic knee implants BioPrax is a minimally invasive and costeffective tool that is designed to deliver a lowvoltage electrical treatment to the surface of a knee implant and kill bacteria associated with the biofilm infections

Fresenius Medical Launches New Hemodialysis System to Prevent Blood Clotting

A new hemodialysis system has been launched by Fresenius Medical Care North America FMCNA which is designed to prevent blood clotting without the use of blood thinner medication The device includes an antithrombogenic polymer named Endexo which is added during the manufacturing of dialyzers and bloodlines

Breakthrough Wireless Cardiac Pacing System Developed to Treat Heart Failure

EBR Systems has developed a wireless cardiac pacing system the Wireless Stimulation Endocardially WiSE for the treatment of heart failure WiSE improves the pumping ability of heart by synchronising the left and right ventricles to distribute blood to the lungs and body more effectively

New Bronchoscopic Device Launched To Treat Chronic Bronchitis

A new bronchoscopic device has been launched by Gala Therapeutics to treat patients with Chronic Bronchitis The device RheOxTM delivers nonthermal energy to the airways to reduce mucusproducing cells in patients with Chronic Bronchitis in a minimally invasive procedure called Bronchial RheoplastyTM

Breakthrough Test Treats Patients with Colorectal Cancer

Prescient Metabiomics has launched a new noninvasive colorectal cancer diagnostic test LifeKit Prevent Colorectal Neoplasia designed to deploy patented metagenomics technologies The test also identifies microbial DNA and RNA biomarkers associated with the new abnormal growth of tissue in the gastrointestinal tract

Shockwave's Coronary IVL System Treats Complex Calcified Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

The breakthrough device Shockwave C IVL catheter designed to fracture calcium in coronary arteries using pulsating sonic pressure waves which facilitates the delivery of stents and expansion to improve blood flow to the heart

World's First Heart Failure Neuromodulation Device Treats Patients with Heart Failure

CVRxs neuromodulation device BAROSTIM NEO designed to trigger the bodys main cardiovascular reflex to treat patients suffering from chronic heart failure It electrically stimulates the baroreceptors of the carotid artery to reduce heart failure symptoms in advanced heart failure patients