Techno Trends

This section brings to you the latest innovations, inventions and breakthrough technologies that are transforming the healthcare scenario.

Shockwave's Coronary IVL System Treats Complex Calcified Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

The breakthrough device Shockwave C IVL catheter designed to fracture calcium in coronary arteries using pulsating sonic pressure waves which facilitates the delivery of stents and expansion to improve blood flow to the heart

World's First Heart Failure Neuromodulation Device Treats Patients with Heart Failure

CVRxs neuromodulation device BAROSTIM NEO designed to trigger the bodys main cardiovascular reflex to treat patients suffering from chronic heart failure It electrically stimulates the baroreceptors of the carotid artery to reduce heart failure symptoms in advanced heart failure patients

Zimmer Biomet Develops Spinal Tether Device

The US Food and Drug Administration has given its approval for the first spinal tether device TetherVertebral Body Tethering VBT System developed by

Breakthrough Interatrial Shunt Treats Patients with Symptomatic Heart Failure

The minimally invasive implanted device VWaves Interatrial Shunt has been developed to treat patients with symptomatic Heart Failure HF The device creates a passageway connecting the hearts two atria

Ascyrus Medical Aortic Dissection Stent Device Developed to Treat Acute Type A Dissections

Ascyrus Medical has developed the Aortic Dissection Stent AMDS device that is used to treat acute Type A dissections a lifethreatening condition that requires urgent repair

Microfluidic Device Launched to Treat Sepsis within Minutes

A novel sensor device designed by MIT researchers known as Microfluidic device launched to treat sepsis in minutes MIT scientists have developed a compact experimental diagnostic device

The World’s First Thin Strut Sirolimus to Treat Stent Thrombosis in Coronary Artery Disease

MeRes BRS the worlds first thin strut sirolimuseluting bioresorbable vascular scaffold shows very longterm positive safety with consistency low MACE rates and efficacy outcomes for patients with coronary artery disease

Breakthrough Device Life Foam™ Treats Hemostatic and Wounds

Gele has launched a breakthrough device Life FoamTM to treat hemostatic and wounds Life Foam can rapidly provide temporary control of bleeding from noncompressible abdominal wounds that are not amenable to tourniquet application in trauma and battlefield conditions

MagicTouch Sirolimus Coated Balloon Launched to Treat Coronary ISR

A breakthrough device sirolimus drugcoated balloon DCB for treating of coronary instent restenosis ISR has been launched

A First of its Kind Breakthrough Device to Aid in Concussion Diagnosis and Prognosis

BRAINBox solutions launched first of its kind breakthrough device to aid in the diagnosis and prognosis of mild Traumatic Brain Injury TBI The BRAINBox TBI test is multimodality quantitative test that combines injuryrelated lifeblood protein biomarkers with computerised neurological assessments