Techno Trends

This section brings to you the latest innovations, inventions and breakthrough technologies that are transforming the healthcare scenario.

Scientists Design Cellular Tracking System to Understand Development of Cells

Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis scientists designed a cellular tracking system to understand the development of cells This cellular tracking system called 39flight data recorder39 will give scientists a new view of how cells develop It will assist scientists to guide cells..

Researchers Create Novel Biosensor to Track Cells Development

Researchers have created a novel lowcost biosensor to diagnose breast cancer less invasively compared to the existing needle biopsy approach The new biosensor chip is designed to identify a breast cancer biomarker called HER2 in the blood within 15 minutes It is combined with microfluidic technol..

Flint Rehab Launches MiGo, First-of-its-Kind Wearable Activity Tracker for Stroke Survivors

Flint Rehab announced the launch of MiGo a wearable activity tracker specifically designed for stroke survivors MiGo tracks upper extremity activityin addition to walking and is optimized for the movement patterns performed by individuals with stroke A smartphone app accompanies the device pro..

3D-printed Neuronal Stem Cells and Scaffold Therapy Breakthrough for Precise Treatments

3Dprinted neuronal stem cells and scaffold therapy breakthrough helps to treat spinal cord injuries It can be used for precise treatments for those with longterm spinal cord injuries 3D printing is a manufacturing process that involves the creation of a 3D object from a digital design It has a..

EXPLORER- World's First Medical Imaging Scanner Captures 3D Picture of Whole Human Body

EXPLORER the world39s first medical imaging scanner that can capture a 3D picture of the whole human body at once has produced its first scans EXPLORER is a combined positron emission tomography PET and Xray Computed Tomography CT scanner that can image the entire body at the same time It can ..

Scientists Develop Single Direct-to-tumor Drug-delivery Device to Treat Triple-negative Breast Cancer

Houston Methodist scientists have developed Single Directtotumor Drugdelivery device that treats triplenegative breast cancer This nanodevice delivers immunotherapy without side effects to treat triplenegative breast cancer It will be inserted straight into a tumor and delivers a onetime susta..

Scientists Develop 3D-printed Soft, Artificial Heart Using 3D Printing

Scientists have developed a 3Dprinted a soft artificial heart made of silicone that beats almost like a human heart ETH doctoral student Kai von PetersdorffCampen has developed a method to create products containing magnets using 3D printing Using this artificial heart damaged human hearts can..

Cambridge Researchers Develop New Technique to 'Listen' Patient's Brain During Tumour Operation

A research team of the University of Cambridge UK has developed a new technique that enables surgeons to listen to a patient39s brain activity while performing tumour surgery They have developed a method which facilitates a more accurate and personalised 39readout39 of patient39s brain networks ..

PureFlow System Treats Refractory Chronic Stable Angina

Xtreem Pulse LLC has designed breakthrough PureFlow system to treat refractory chronic stable angina PureFlow has received 510K clearance from the FDA for chronic stable angina that is refractory to optimal antianginal medical therapy and without an option for revascularisation It is intended ..

Purdue Researchers Developing Novel Biomedical Imaging System to Enhance Diagnosis of Life-threatening Diseases

Purdue University researchers are developing a novel biomedical imaging system that combines optical and ultrasound technology to enhance diagnosis of lifethreatening diseases Users can easily plan the fiber optic bundles to tune the depth using a motorised photoacoustic holder In this light is f..