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This section brings to you the latest innovations, inventions and breakthrough technologies that are transforming the healthcare scenario.

Novel Deep Brain Stimulation System Developed to Manage Depression

Abbott developed novel Deep Brain Stimulation DBS system for the treatment of severe depression a major form of depressive disorder The DBS system acts as the personalized adjustable therapy consisting of thin wires or leads implanted into targeted areas of the brain

First-of-its-Kind Non-Invasive Blood Test Introduced for NASH Diagnosis Problem

Metadeq Inc introduced firstofitskind noninvasive blood test for the diagnosis of Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis NASH The noninvasive blood test makes use of two novel circulating proteins to diagnose the exact stages of Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis

Breakthrough Ultrasound Technology Developed for Breast Imaging

QT Imaging Inc developed breakthrough transmission ultrasound as a new medical imaging technology for breast imaging The first FDA cleared QT Breast Scanner is applicable for whole breast imaging and will also be used for medical screening and diagnosis

Breakthrough Pelvic Fixation and Fusion Technology Developed for iFuse Bedrock Granite implant system (Granite)

SIBONE Inc developed breakthrough fusion technology iFuse Bedrock Granite implant system Graniteprovides sacroiliac fusion and sacropelvic fixation and acts as an foundational element for segmental spinal fusion The new device designed with granite will helps to meet the specific demands

Novel CONNEQT Pulse Developed for Monitoring Arterial Health

CardieX developed novel CONNEQT Pulse for monitoring dual blood pressure and arterial health CONNEQT Pulse the new digital and device ecosystem designed with SphygmoCor central blood pressure technology helps both consumers and clinicians Apart from the traditional blood pressure monitoring

Breakthrough Sunflower Rx™ Device Discovered for Alzheimer's disease

JustLight discovered breakthrough medical device Sunflower Rx for the treatment of Alzheimers disease Sunflower Rx makes use of smart photobiomodulation PBM for treating Alzheimers disease Photobiomodulation treatment energesises

Novel At-home Collection Device Developed for Diabetes Risk Testing

Labcorp developed novel athome collection kit for diabetes test It measures HbAc hemoglobin Ac from a small blood sample The test makes use of dried blood technology to acquire average blood sugar levels of the body over time The individuals can monitor health status on a regular basis from the comfort of their home with the prick of few drops of b...

Novel Swift Medical’s Ray 1 Hardware Device Developed for Skin and Wound Conditions

Swift Medical introduces novel hardware device for monitoring and treating skin and wound conditions The Swift Ray helps in early detection of deep tissue injuries and prevention of pressure injuries identification of wound infections The device best fits in the palm of a clinician or patients hand by providing medical imaging reach anywhere from...

Breakthrough Polymotion® Hip Resurfacing System Developed for Hip Reconstruction

Exactech discovered breakthrough Polymotion Hip Resurfacing System The new hip resurfacing device will support the unmet medical need of relatively younger active hip arthritis patients The Polymotion hip resurfacing development will help more patients get back to all the loved activities

First-of –its-Kind Biology-Guided Radiotherapy* (BgRT) Developed for Lung Cancer

RefleXion Medical Inc discovered firstofitskind biologyguided radiotherapy BgRT for the treatment of lung tumors It is the first and only technology which uses injected radiotracers to obtain active signals called emissions from each tumor to guide treatment delivery

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