Techno Trends

This section brings to you the latest innovations, inventions and breakthrough technologies that are transforming the healthcare scenario.

Roche’s New Algorithmic Score to Diagnose Early Stage Liver Cancer

A new algorithmic Elecsys GALADscore has been diagnosed by Roche to support early diagnosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma HCC The algorithmic Elecsys GALAD score is a serum biomarkerbased model that predicts the probability that patients with chronic liver disease have HCC

XaTek Launched Breakthrough and PortableBlood Clotting Sensor

ClotChip a handheld device and a lifechanging portable bloodclotting sensor has been launched by XaTek The device can assessa patients bleeding risk profile from a single drop of blood Compared to the many hours that traditional lab work currently takes ClotChip produces results in minutes

Wearable Biosensor Device to Treat Opioid Indused Respiratory Depression

Altair Medical has launched RESPMETERTM a new wearable biosensor device that can detect Opioid Indused Respiratory Depression OIRD a common and often fatal side effect of using opioid drugs

EyeYon Medical Develops Novel Implant to Treat Chronic Corneal Edema

EyeYon Medical has developed a new polymer film implant EndoArt an artificial endothelial layer that is attached to the posterior corneal surface This novel implant is used for the treatment of chronic corneal edema secondary to endothelial dysfunction

Novel Device Launched for Monitoring Kidney Damage

A novel and robust device under the name Sentinel has been launched by Serenno Medical for the automatic monitoring and detection of kidney damage in hospitalised patients In the early detection of cases of Acute Kidney Injury AKI the device works by continuously measuring urine output and volume

Temporary Spur Stent System to Treat BTK Artery Disease

A novel retrievable stent technology Temporary Spur Stent System has been launched by Reflow Medical for the treatment of belowtheknee BTK peripheral artery disease A patented retrievable stent system is included in the Temporary Spur Stent System

JenaValve TAVR System to Treat Aortic Valve Disease

JenaValve Technology has launched a new Pericardial Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement TAVR system The device is used for the treatment of severe Aortic Regurgitation AR and ARdominant mixed aortic valve disease a lifethreatening and seriously debilitating condition in patients at high risk for surgery

World's First Fully Disposable Robotic System Unveiled

Microbot Medical has unveiled LIBERTYTM the worlds first fully disposable endovascular surgical robot The device is intended for use in a variety of neurovascular cardiovascular and peripheral vascular procedures

First Hand Portable Laser Therapy System Developed

LumaCare has unveiled its first handportable lowlevel laser therapy system The LumaCare Duo The LumaCare Duo is a handheld wireless and rechargeable Cold Laser device designed for mature adults healthcare professionals and active lifestyle adults

First-in-class Technology to Detect Ear Infections

USbased PhotoniCare has developed a new firstinclass technology TOMi Scope for noninvasive imaging of the middle ear to detect ear infections and more

Novel Neurostimulation Device to Treat Neurogenic Dysphagia

UKbased Phagenesis Ltd has developed a new neurostimulation device to accelerate the removal of the breathing tubes through neurogenic dysphagia treatment The device which delivers small amounts of electrical stimulation to the pharynx PES via a dual function catheter enables improved swallowing function

Beta Bionics Launch Wearable Device to Control Blood-Sugar Levels

A pocketsized wearable investigational medical device iLet Bionic Pancreas System has been launched by Beta Bionics to autonomously control bloodsugar levels The device leverages Artificial Intelligence AI and machine learning to deliver insulin and glucagon analogues for treating type diabetes

Artificial Neurons Developed to Cure Chronic Diseases

The scientists at the University of Bath have developed artificial neurons on silicon chips that work just like the real thing This is the firstofitskind achievement with enormous scope for medical devices to cure chronic diseases such as heart failure Alzheimers and other diseases of neuronal degeneration

RightEye Vision System to Diagnose Parkinson's Disease

A new diagnostic and an investigational eyetracking technology for Parkinsons disease RightEye Vision System has been launched by RightEye The RightEye Vision System uses advanced eyetracking technologyobjective eye movement to help in the assessment of Parkinsons disease

Merit Medical Systems Launches Endovascular Graft System

An endovascular stent graft system under the name Merit WRAPSODY has been launched by Merit Medical Systems The WRAPSODY system is a flexible selfexpanding endoprosthesis

AI Medical's Endoscopic AI System to Treat Gastric Cancer

AI Medical Service has launched a new endoscopic Artificial Intelligence AI system that uses the companys AI programmes to analyse endoscopy images for potential diagnosis of gastric cancer The AI technology aims to improve endoscopic specialists diagnosis of gastrointestinal issues in the esophagus stomach and intestines

Novoheart, AstraZeneca to Develop New Model of Heart Failure

Novoheart in collaboration with AstraZeneca is developing a firstofitskind human heartinajar model of heart failure The first humanspecific invitro functional model of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction HFpEF will be created HFpEF is a common condition especially among the elderly and in women

Fully Implantable LVAD Developed to Treat Patients with Advanced HF

A new fully implantable Left Ventricular Assist Device LVAD has been developed by Medtronics for patients suffering from advanced heart failure The LVAD system includes an implanted heart pump that increases the amount of blood circulating through the body

New Catheter Device Launched by Surmodics Sundance

Surmodics Sundance has launched a new catheter device Sundance SirolimusCoated Balloon SCB under the Agencys Breakthrough Devices Program The device has been designed to improve the endovascular revascularisation options for BelowtheKnee BTK arterial lesions

World’s First Portable Carbohydrate Monitoring System Launched in Japan

Kyocera Corporation has launched its first smart portable carbohydrate monitoring system in Japan The innovative device named the Grand Prix RunnerUp was unveiled The new system can monitor carbohydrate intake and is also small enough to slip into the pocket