Techno Trends

This section brings to you the latest innovations, inventions and breakthrough technologies that are transforming the healthcare scenario.

Global Genomics Group Announces Breakthrough Diagnostic Biomaker for Plaque Detection in the Heart

Global Genomics Group G3 a precisionmedicinebased biopharmaceutical company announced its first precision diagnostic biomarker knowPLAQUETM for the detection of atherosclerotic coronary artery disease knowPLAQUETM is a massspectrometrybased metabolomics diagnosis biomarker signature for the detecti..

Olympus Introduces Contained Tissue Extraction System, Restoring Healthcare Option for Gynecologists and Women

Olympus America Inc introduces the nextgeneration laparoscopic PK Morcellator a complete solution for laparoscopic tissue containment and extraction Nextgeneration Tissue Extraction System comprises the PneumoLiner a firstofitskind containment device cleared by the FDA for gynecologic surgery in Apr..

New Machine-Vision Image Guided Surgery (MIGS™) Uses 3D Optical Technologies

Torontobased 7D Surgical introduced MachineVision Image Guided 7D Surgical navigation system MIGS for spinal procedures The company also announced that it has received FDA 510 k and Health Canada clearance for its MIGS It uses 3D optical technologies that require only natural light as well as machi..

Mainstay Medical Announces its First Breakthrough Back Pain Device

A Dublinbased medical firm Mainstay Medical has discovered its first breakthrough back pain device ReActive8 ReActive8 helps to reduce back pain by stimulating nerves that control key muscles in the patients back This helps patients who suffer with chronic lower back pain that do not qualify for sp..

A Breakthrough Wireless Movement Monitoring with Activity Tracking Launched

Angelcare has launched baby movement monitors AC417 and AC517 to trace babys movement level These new movements video and audio monitoring systems include the wireless movement sensor pad and feature Anglecares new Activity Tracking that senses babys movement level This new wireless breakthrough te..

QardioCore - A Revolutionary Wearable ECG Monitor

USbased digital health company Qardio has launched a revolutionary wearable ECG monitor QardioCore It records continuous ECG heart rate variability heart rate repository rate temperature and sends activities to your phone QardioCore is packed with proprietary sensor technology which helps in record..

Sylys® Surgical Sealant Device Reduces Anastomotic Leaks

Cohera Medical Inc researchers designed Sylys Surgical Sealant device to help reduce Anastomotic leakage Sylys helps to increase patient outcomes by reducing the feasibility of postsurgical complications from leakage Hence it provides surgeons the best possibility for a successful procedure The dev..

Singapore Scientists Develop New Ultrasound Device using 3D Printed Lenses

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University Singapore NTU Singapore have developed a new ultrasound device using 3D printed lenses to produce sharper images It helps doctors surgeons to forecast clearer images and to have greater control and precision while performing noninvasive diagnostic pr..

When Healthcare Goes Virtual: New Therapy Techniques with Virtual Reality

A novel contrivance has taken birth in the laboratories of University College London UCL and ICREAUniversity of Barcelona This comes in the form of virtual reality therapy an innovative emergence in the world of medical technology Virtual Reality Therapy promises to aid patients who are afflicted by..

Cyborgs: Yesterday’s Fantasy, Today’s Reality

Artificial intelligence has been centre stage for decades now and the distance it has traversed is marked by relentless endeavours to make it executable as well as effective in its output Cyborgs are an integral part of this research and analysis They are now closest to becoming a sentient reality t..