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This section brings to you the latest innovations, inventions and breakthrough technologies that are transforming the healthcare scenario.

Novel OverC™ Multi-Cancer Detection Blood Test Discovered for Multiple Cancers

Burning Rock discovered novel OverC MultiCancer Detection Blood Test MCDBT for multiple cancer types such as esophageal liver lung ovarian and pancreatic cancers OverC MCDBT detects early multiple cancer types among adults aged years old at average risk for cancer

First-of-its-Kind TriNetra™-Glio Discovered to Diagnose Brain Tumours

Datar Cancer Genetics discovered the firstofitskind TriNetraGlio a blood test to diagnose brain tumours TriNetra GlioLiquid Biopsy is designed to detect cells released from the blood of a brain tumour which is extremely rare

First-of-its-Kind CorVista® System Developed for Suspected Pulmonary Hypertension

CorVista Health developed novel CorVista System the first noninvasive pointofcare diagnostic solution to treat patients with suspected pulmonary hypertension CorVista System is a noninvasive pointofcare solution which collects patients cardiac and hemodynamic signals and applies machine learning

First-of-its-Kind EndoStim System Discovered for the Treatment of Drug Refractory GERD

EndoStim discovers firstofitskind EndoStim System for the treatment of drug refractory gastroesophageal reflux disease GERDEndoStim System is represented as a new treatment potential in development for drug refractory GERD

Novel Breakthrough Brain Implant Technology Developed to Treat Neurological Disorders

Axoft developed novel brainmachine interface BMIfor the treatment of longterm neurological disorders The novel gliosisfree implants has the ability to reside in the central nervous system for the longterm without causing harm In addition these implants

Breakthrough SirPlux Duo Drug-Coated Balloon (DCB) Developed for Small Vessel Coronary Artery Disease

Advanced NanoTherapies Inc developed breakthrough SirPlux Duo DrugCoated Balloon for the treatment of small vessel coronary Arteries It is applicable for coronary artery disease in vessels less than mm Small vessel disease SVD known as atherosclerosis within small

Novel SPECIFIC REVEAL® Rapid AST System Discovered for Blood Infections

BioMrieux discovers novel SPECIFIC REVEAL Rapid Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test AST System SPECIFIC REVEAL provides innovative diagnostics to support antimicrobial stewardship Currently there are no alternative treatments available and over currently cleared alternatives

First-of-its-Kind Spectral Detector Angio CT Solution Developed for Interventional Procedures

Philips developed worlds first spectral detector angio CT solution for interventional oncology The Spectral CT system combined with Image Guided Therapy System Azurion with FlexArm proves to be an fully integrated interventional suite solution Moreover the Spectral CT offers remarkable

Novel Deep Brain Stimulation System Developed to Manage Depression

Abbott developed novel Deep Brain Stimulation DBS system for the treatment of severe depression a major form of depressive disorder The DBS system acts as the personalized adjustable therapy consisting of thin wires or leads implanted into targeted areas of the brain

First-of-its-Kind Non-Invasive Blood Test Introduced for NASH Diagnosis Problem

Metadeq Inc introduced firstofitskind noninvasive blood test for the diagnosis of Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis NASH The noninvasive blood test makes use of two novel circulating proteins to diagnose the exact stages of Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis

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