Techno Trends

This section brings to you the latest innovations, inventions and breakthrough technologies that are transforming the healthcare scenario.

K2M Introduces World’s First 3D-Printed Expandable Corpectomy Cage with Cervical Spine Indications

K2M has introduced the world39s first 3Dprinted expandable corpectomy cage with cervical spine indications K2M enhances its complex spine and marketleading 3Dprinted product portfolios with the addition of CAPRI Cervical 3D Expandable The CAPRI Cervical 3D Expandable Cage System stabilizes the ce..

‘Converter’ by NUS Scientists - A breakthrough in Ultrafast Data Processing at Nanoscale

A research team from the National University of Singapore NUS has recently invented an innovative converter that can bind the speed and small size of plasmons for highfrequency data processing and transmission in nanoelectronics This pioneering transducer can directly convert electrical signals i..

New Artificial Pancreas Device System Reduces HbA1c & Hypoglycemia in T1DM

The Artificial Pancreas AP Device System is an arrangement of devices that nearly imitates the glucose administrative capacity of a healthy pancreas Eyal Dassau PhD from Harvard University in Cambridge Mass and colleagues developed and tested a novel adaptive AP in an uncontrolled multicenter 12w..

An Ultrathin Microfibre Sensor Developed to Monitor Healthcare and Diagnosis Real-Time

The National University of Singapore NUS research team has developed a new soft flexible and stretchable microfibre sensor for realtime healthcare monitoring and diagnosis This Microfiber sensor measures an individuals pulse waveform in realtime and the information can be used to determine ones hear..

Freestyle Libre Flash Helps to Monitor Blood Glucose Levels Daily

Abbotts Freestyle Libre Flash is a breakthrough diabetes device that helps to monitor blood glucose levels daily The device makes life considerably better and less painful for diabetics The device is a continuous glucose monitoring system that does not require adult diabetics to prick themselves ..

MyoVista®, a Breakthrough hsECG Device Available in Canada

USbased HeartSciences announced that MyoVista is a breakthrough high sensitivity electrocardiograph hsECG testing device The device helps to screen patients for cardiac diseases now available in Canada It relies on a mathematical method known as continuous wavelet transform to process ECG data in a ..

NuVasive Launches LessRay Software Technology System

NuVasive Inc NUVA has announced the commercial launch of its LessRay software technology system Per NuVasive this LessRay system is based on a propriety software algorithm and hardware components The system is designed to address overexposure to radiation in hospital Operating Rooms OR particular..

World’s First Medical Smart Watch Launched for Monitoring Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen

Taiwan Biophotonic Co tBPC announced the launch of its oCareTM Pro 100 the worlds first medical smart watch for monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen This first fingerfree wrist pulse oximeter helps to move forward in the wearable healthcare and medical devices space The oCareTM Pro 100 provides..

A First-of-its-Kind Medical Device to Treat Esophageal Atresia in Infants

USbased Cook Medicals Flourish Pediatric Esophageal Atresia Device is used to nonsurgically repair the esophagus in infants who were born with their upper esophagus disconnected from their lower esophagus and stomach esophageal atresia This device treats infants up to one year old for a birth def..

World's Smallest, Longest-Lasting Wireless MRI-Compatible Pacemaker Gets UFDA Approval

Abbott announced that it has received US Food and Drug Administration FDA approval for Magnetic Resonance MRconditional labeling for both the Assurity MRI pacemaker and the Tendril MRI pacing lead With the approval the Assurity MRI pacemaker is now the world39s smallest longestlasting wireless MR..