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The Medical Refrigeration Solutions Used By Hospitals

Preserving vaccines drugs blood tissues serum and various other biologicals at the correct temperatures is crucial to ensure their best conditions until their use in treatments and prevention measures against diseases Medical refrigeration solutions play a vital role in this task

UNIK Interconnected Solutions

Targeted for excellence

Driven by its commitment to advance radiology today and tomorrow Guerbet has designed a portfolio of interconnected diagnostic imaging solutions to enhance decisionmaking at each point of the patient journey from diagnosis to treatment and followup in order to efficiently improve patient outcomes This is UNIK

Advanced Sterilization Products Successful Journey

Delivering innovative infection prevention technologies

Every day millions of people around the world visit a healthcare facility It may be a mother giving birth a grandfather receiving routine treatment or a parent visiting a sick child What they all have in common is a desire to leave the hospital as healthy or healthier than when they arrived

MiniCollect® Capillary Blood Collection System

For your most precious samples

The capillary blood sample is becoming increasingly popular as specimen material due to its simpler and less invasive sampling procedure One of the advantages is the low blood volume Small quantities are sufficient to enable a variety of parameters to be tested

A leap in cancer care

A leap in impact

Siemens Healthineers and Varian share a vision for shaping the future of healthcare and creating a world without fear of cancer thereby strengthening its position as a holistic partner in healthcare


What’s behind the success of Guerbet?

Guerbet is known as a leader in medical imaging worldwide offering a broad range of pharmaceutical products medical devices digital and AI solutions for diagnostic and interventional imaging that improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients

The importance of Home Sleep Testing & earlier diagnosis

Ive been working in respiratory and sleep medicine for more than ten years Particularly for sleep apnea it is quite a common disease in Hong Kong but not many people are aware of it

A New World for Hospital Infection Control

ResMed talks respiratory care

COVID has put a significant strain on healthcare systems in Asia and around the world With the outbreak of the pandemic and the surge in the number of patients requiring beds for COVID response many hospitals in the region have had to shift resources away from any nonintensive ICU treatments This has led to the temporary closure of many socalled el...

Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic

We are fully committed to supporting our partners throughout the healthcare system to provide the best possible care for patients Siemens Healthineers supports healthcare providers at each stage of COVID patient care diagnosis prognosis therapy and followup


The complete surgical destination

SHL Surgeons House Private Ltd The Surgeons House is a platform to integrate surgeons with an aim to develop best group surgical practices The objective is to develop a onestop solution for patients to address their medical and surgical needs in an affordable manner coupled with quality


Siemens Healthineers responds

Even before the pandemic digital solutions had started to penetrate our daily lives Online shopping made our lives more convenient Navigation systems made our car ride more efficient by avoiding areas of increased traffic Our watches told us how we were keeping up with our fitness goals

Improving Patient Experience By engaging your employees

Healthcare organisations HCOs have long been focused on improving patient experience They have set up elaborate systems to listen to their patients and families redesigned their incentive programs to align with this commitment and organized teams to improve the experience they are providing


The future of connected healthcare

Fears surrounding the spread of the pandemic COVID have sparked increased engagement with the digital health world The outbreak is an example of how a country like India needs to speed up the adoption of technology in order to address the needs of the masses With delays in testing and lack of remote care support it is hampering our ability to accur...

Healthcare Industry Needs More than Patient Satisfaction Surveys

We all are in the business of experience Healthcare is no different Taking care of patients all day every day means we deliver experiences with patients family members providers volunteers anyone who interacts within our healthcare system

Connecting Travellers for Medical Treatment

International Assistance Group globalised approach

When you are far from home and your trusted medical service providers it can be a daunting experience finding help abroad


Strategic platform for medical technology solutions

The Asian medical market is booming According to management consulting firm McKinsey Company the company predicts that Asia will account for a third of global sales by


As global population ageing and limited medical resources become alarming issues the healthcare industry is facing many challenges and obstacles


Shaping the future of Healthcare

Stroke is a serious problem worldwide and especially in Asia where the mortality rate is higher than in Europe or North America

Appropriate Sterile Barrier Systems

Oliver Healthcare

Oliver Healthcare is the only company in the world to offer two different coating technologies this has put us in a strong position to help customers select application specific materials that allows them to get their devices to market and ensure sterility during transportation and distribution


Your strategic platform for medical technology solutions

The Asian medical market is booming According to management consulting firm McKinsey Company the company predicts that Asia will become the second highest medical technology market in the world by accounting for a third of global sales by

Swiss WorldCargo

Shipping to destinations worldwide


Fight against needlestick injuries



The regions most established medical and healthcare exhibition returns for its th edition at a much larger and expanded show floor at BITEC Bangkok featuring more than medical and healthcare innovations representing the hospital diagnostic pharmaceutical medical and rehabilitation sectors

Digitalising Healthcare in Asia-Pacific

What kind of healthcare trends do you see in the AsiaPacific region In AsiaPacific an estimated billion people are expected to be above years old by the year This region is home to more than per cent of the global population and they account for nearly twothirds of the global disease burden from major chronic respiratory diseases Ri


Servicing healthcare companies

Please elaborate on the most important factors that you look up to while providing investment services to healthcare companies First focusing on companies that have the potential to become market leaders and these companies typically exhibit scalability market differentiation and strong growth potential Second investing in businesses with stron...

Building the Future of Private Hospitals

Many countries across Asia are experiencing demographic changes that are likely to have a significant impact on future opportunities for private hospitals and clinics Population demographics are rapidly ageing for some countries accelerating demand for acute and emergency care This has forced some Governments to play catchup building capacity af...

VACUETTE® Super-T Disposable Tourniquet

More hygiene in daily routine

As a safety products company Greiner BioOne support hygiene and safety in routine healthcare The use of the VACUETTESuperT is a significant step in the right direction Studies indicate that it is poor hygiene and the handling of equipment such as tourniquets acting as fomites that is more likely the cause of crosscontamination as opposed to crossco...

The Importance of Good Capillary Blood Sampling

Katja Lemburg, EKF Diagnostics

Capillary blood fingerstick sampling is increasingly being used worldwide due to the growing availability of pointofcare POC testing Figure With anaemia affecting approximately per cent of the global population and a high prevalence in developing countries haemoglobin Hb is the most frequently performed test in POC haematology


Delivering solutions for the future of medtech

Innovative medical technology is an increasingly important driver for delivering efficiencies in the global healthcare system Through advances in medical technology precision engineering micromanufacturing processes and IT medical devices and solutions have become more sophisticated accurate and effective

AI As a Multi-faceted Instrument in Healthcare

Machines are getting smarter This is good news for the healthcare sector Especially for radiologists faced with shrinking workforces and rapidly increasing workload this could provide answers After the c

Carpeting in Hospitals

Design from the floor upwards

In recent years the medical profession has been adopting evidencebased medicine that uses research finding to guide best practice rather than simply accept expert opinion the traditional and the ageold route towards clinical decisions The same is true in hospital design where architects and interior designers have come to recognise that a health...

Get Smarter

Transformation in Document Management

Access Documents ondemand improve efficiency From patients admission through diagnosis procedures medical prescription every event in a hospital is accounted in forms Health record management an administrative task has no direct handson patient care Implies improvement in overall efficiency Fuji Xerox Healthcare Portal S

Connecting diagnostics, connecting information, connecting the dots Over

Over the past few years Inverness Medical has steadily expanded and we have added new products and healthcare services to our portfolio resulting in a multitude of well known brands including BinaxNOW Clearview Determine and Triage In order to realign with our strategy to bring healthcare closer to the physician and patient the company has decided...


It is a specialised cardiothoracic table with all world class features to make surgeries more precise convenient and time saving Some special features are a Extra low height of compared to standard height of b Steep Reverse Trendelenberg tilt for near sit up position c Specialised attachments for easy patient position

Anesthesia EMR

Moving ahead with the future of healthcare

Anesthesiology an important component in the overall wellbeing of the patient in pre and post surgery instances has often been ignored by software solution providers With the advent of ambulatory surgery centers which provide a surgery focused infrastructure it is compelling enough to spruce up and prove better solutions to simplify processes enhan...

Developing user-centric

Healthcare Applications

New concepts in software engineering design like UCD user centered design combined with the ubiquitous compute power available to all today are now forcing some of us to rethink software design from the stakeholders usage journey rather than deriving complex screen designs from underlying data access patterns that are not intuitive The designers of...

eClinician: Clinical Decision Support System

A unique differential diagnosis tool

Coresys differential diagnosis module eClinician is a valuable tool for practicing doctors Clinical decision making is a required skill for every physician based on his subject knowledge and clinical acumen which is a combination of science and art A physician should have enough knowledge and a logical mind which support his intuitive mind to deriv...

Wipro Healthcare Offers Hospital Information System in the “Pay Per Use” Mode

Offering the Software as a Service(SaaS)

Patients data in hospitals must be timely accurate and reliable as it could make the difference between life and death The benefits of Information Technology can effectively address the challenges faced by healthcare providers Wipro HealthCare IT Wipro HCIT is a dedicated Health Informatics Company and is part of Wipro Ltd which is the Worlds fi...

Healthcare Information Exchange

On the Internet

In a nation like India where population multiplies in leaps and bounds delivery of healthcare involves numerous challenges and barriers This is not just because of the lack of infrastructure and skilled resources but also because of the unavailability of the patients medical records to provide the right treatment at the right time Though India bein...

Srishti Software

Riding the Hospital Management Information Systems (HMIS) wave

The growth in medical tourism has forced the hospitals today to comply with some standards in their administration and the way they run their operations Thus they are implementing Information Technology in a big way Following its success in HMIS Srishti Software is today announcing its change to Channel Sales from the direct sales model it had b...

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