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Digitalising Healthcare in Asia-Pacific

What kind of healthcare trends do you see in the AsiaPacific region In AsiaPacific an estimated billion people are expected to be above years old by the year This region is home to more than per cent of the global population and they account for nearly twothirds of the global disease burden from major chronic respiratory diseases Ri


Servicing healthcare companies

Please elaborate on the most important factors that you look up to while providing investment services to healthcare companies First focusing on companies that have the potential to become market leaders and these companies typically exhibit scalability market differentiation and strong growth potential Second investing in businesses with stron...

Building the Future of Private Hospitals

Many countries across Asia are experiencing demographic changes that are likely to have a significant impact on future opportunities for private hospitals and clinics Population demographics are rapidly ageing for some countries accelerating demand for acute and emergency care This has forced some Governments to play catchup building capacity af...

VACUETTE® Super-T Disposable Tourniquet

More hygiene in daily routine

As a safety products company Greiner BioOne support hygiene and safety in routine healthcare The use of the VACUETTESuperT is a significant step in the right direction Studies indicate that it is poor hygiene and the handling of equipment such as tourniquets acting as fomites that is more likely the cause of crosscontamination as opposed to crossco...

The Importance of Good Capillary Blood Sampling

Katja Lemburg, EKF Diagnostics

Capillary blood fingerstick sampling is increasingly being used worldwide due to the growing availability of pointofcare POC testing Figure With anaemia affecting approximately per cent of the global population and a high prevalence in developing countries haemoglobin Hb is the most frequently performed test in POC haematology POC haemoglobin...


Delivering solutions for the future of medtech

Innovative medical technology is an increasingly important driver for delivering efficiencies in the global healthcare system Through advances in medical technology precision engineering micromanufacturing processes and IT medical devices and solutions have become more sophisticated accurate and effective

AI As a Multi-faceted Instrument in Healthcare

Machines are getting smarter This is good news for the healthcare sector Especially for radiologists faced with shrinking workforces and rapidly increasing workload this could provide answers After the c

Carpeting in Hospitals

Design from the floor upwards

In recent years the medical profession has been adopting evidencebased medicine that uses research finding to guide best practice rather than simply accept expert opinion the traditional and the ageold route towards clinical decisions The same is true in hospital design where architects and interior designers have come to recognise that a health...

Get Smarter

Transformation in Document Management

Access Documents ondemand improve efficiency From patients admission through diagnosis procedures medical prescription every event in a hospital is accounted in forms Health record management an administrative task has no direct handson patient care Implies improvement in overall efficiency Fuji Xerox Healthcare Portal S

Connecting diagnostics, connecting information, connecting the dots Over

Over the past few years Inverness Medical has steadily expanded and we have added new products and healthcare services to our portfolio resulting in a multitude of well known brands including BinaxNOW Clearview Determine and Triage In order to realign with our strategy to bring healthcare closer to the physician and patient the company has decided...

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