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Digitalising Healthcare in Asia-Pacific



Servicing healthcare companies


Building the Future of Private Hospitals


VACUETTE® Super-T Disposable Tourniquet

More hygiene in daily routine


The Importance of Good Capillary Blood Sampling

Katja Lemburg, EKF Diagnostics



Delivering solutions for the future of medtech

Mark your calendar for the 4th Manufacturing Processes for Medical Technology Exhibition and Conference from 2931 August 2018..

AI As a Multi-faceted Instrument in Healthcare

The idea has been around for decades yet few people know what Artificial Intelligence technology is really capable of Some argue that it has the power to transform care delivery and cultivate precision medicine And just maybe its already begun to do so..

Carpeting in Hospitals

Design from the floor upwards

Good design is more than providing a softer floor for healthcare workers or using different carpet colours to help patients find their way around what can be a bewildering place..

Get Smarter

Transformation in Document Management


Connecting diagnostics, connecting information, connecting the dots Over