List of Healthcare testimonals given, This is great, to the point and informative. The layout is also very clear unlike some that are so different icons everywhere.

quotes We are impressed by the quality and content of you magazine. We are interested in giving a full page colour ad in your magazine quotes

Caroline Watkins
Proffessor, Stroke and Older People's Care, Department of Nursing, University of Central Lancashire, UK

quotes It covers a broad range of issues - which does make it interesting to read quotes

Diego Delgado
Professor, Division of Cardiology and Transplantation, University Health Network, Canada

quotes The issue has very interesting articles of general interest quotes

Peter Lachman
Consultant Paediatrician, Great Ormond Street, Hospital for Children, NHS Trust, UK

quotes I am very pleased with the presentation and the quality of the journal. quotes

Amir Hannan
Lead, Information, Management & Technology, Glossop Primary Care Trust, Primary Care, Lead North West Strategic Health Authority, UK

quotes Just got the magazine and pouring over it. I have not seen any magazine like this in terms of content and direction. quotes

Dr Pradeep Chowbey
Chairman, Minimal Access Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Centre,, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

quotes It is overall excellent. quotes

Basri JJ Abdullah
Professor, Department of Biomedical Imaging, Faculty of Medicine,, University of Malaya, Malaysia

quotes The scope and quality of your publication is high. quotes

Sisira Edirippulige
Coordinator,e-Healthcare Programme, Centre for Online Health, , University of Queensland, Australia

quotes Special edition is very interesting. I think the focus on IT in health sector, specially in Asia is a timely need. quotes

Jeffrey Schussler
Medical Director, Baylor University Medical Center, USA

quotes The production values were very nice. quotes

Sara Rubinelli
Senior Researcher, Institute of Communication and Health, University of Lugano

quotes My overall impression about the magazine is that it is done really professionally and “sells” well the contents its present. The choice of the images is also very adequate. I think that is an important way to disseminate academic discoveries to the public. In this sense, I see you magazine as an important means to communicate between theory and practice. quotes

Beverly Jensen
Associate Professor, Communications,, UAE University, UAE