Diagnostics represents one of the most lucrative markets in the world. However, the market has developed strongly in enhancing disease prevalence and rising consumer awareness. This has given rise to Medical Diagnostic instruments manufacturers in the market. Healthcare diagnostic services are highly competitive and became price-driven business referral payments to doctors. Imaging & diagnostic services are key profit drivers in the Healthcare industry. Medical Diagnostic equipment is an integral part of diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy. India has the potential of becoming an international hub for providing medical diagnostic services.

Transformative Radiology

Roadmap to the future

Academic health centres follow the tripartite mission of advancing clinical care education and research Academic physicians have the opportunity to pursue focused excellence in clinical and translational research medical education safety and quality global health health care informatics and public advocacy

Artificial Intelligence May Help Radiologists Detect Fractures in Daily Practice

Missed fractures on standard radiographs are one of the most common causes of medical errors in the emergency department and can lead to potentially serious complications delays in diagnostic and therapeutic management and the risk of legal claims by patients


Quicker expansion to bring more value and accessibility to patients

The global cancer burden is raising an alarm for healthcare leaders worldwide Cancer claimed million lives in The International Agency for Research on Cancer IARC estimates that in people develop cancer in their lifetime and these new estimates suggest that more than million people are living within five years of a past cancer diagnosis With m...


Many aspects have certainly changed For one many procedures were postponed by healthcare professionals in line with medical guidelines and society recommendations This can delay critical diagnosis and treatment for severe diseases

Need for Stratification of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction

Shedding light on RV-PA uncoupling with echocardiography

Heart Failure HF is a critical social problem all over the world and HF with preserved Ejection Fraction HFpEF has particularly been increasing and upcoming to a bothering issue Complicated pathophysiology and multiple comorbidities with an aging population makes it rather difficult to find the best way to treat HFpEF patients and none of specific...

Recommendations for Lung Ultrasound in Internal Medicine

Lung ultrasonography is a diagnostic tool known for several decades It owes its popularity to the work of many clinicians who use this method of lung imaging on a daily basis in their medical practice with diagnostic successesLung ultrasonography is a diagnostic tool known for several decades It owes its popularity to the work of many clinicians wh...

Molecular Diagnostics

Empowering patients for better outcomes, diagnosis, and treatment

The most important aspect of Invitro Diagnostics IVDs is the role they play in delivering patient care and improving outcomes Innovations in IVDs are resulting in faster accurate testing and are allowing clinicians to target treatment more precisely and effectively improving patient pathways and enabling earlier intervention


The permissible level of Electromagnetic Radiation EMR varies between countries but residents in urban areas everywhere are subjected to EMR Most radiation is from personal devices

Deep Learning in Medical Imaging

No field has seen the extensive and successful application of Artificial Intelligence AI to realworld problems more than those of imaging and computer vision nic

Diagnostics Industry

Shaping the transformation of the healthcare industry

The transformation were witnessing in the healthcare industry today is unparalleled and sets the tone for the evolution we will witness over the next decade I see three major drivers that will shape the future of our industry

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