Diagnostics represents one of the most lucrative markets in the world. However, the market has developed strongly in enhancing disease prevalence and rising consumer awareness. This has given rise to Medical Diagnostic instruments manufacturers in the market. Healthcare diagnostic services are highly competitive and became price-driven business referral payments to doctors. Imaging & diagnostic services are key profit drivers in the Pharma industry. Medical Diagnostic equipment is an integral part of diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy. India has the potential of becoming an international hub for providing medical diagnostic services.

Deep Learning in Medical Imaging

New Artificial Intelligence AI and deep learning techniques can help medical imaging technicians spot anomalies and diagnose conditions in a fraction of the time previously needed and generally with more accurate results AI increasingly enables human capabilities like understanding planning and perc..

Diagnostics Industry

Shaping the transformation of the healthcare industry

Long considered the silent champion of healthcare In Vitro Diagnostics IVDs influence over 6070 per cent of clinical decisionmaking while accounting for just 23 per cent of total healthcare spending But changes in the healthcare environment are driving demand for improved healthcare delivery and sus..

Make in India for the world

The way forward for Indian IVD industry

Indias leading invitro diagnostic company has been manufacturing and supplying diagnostic solutions for over 35 years now Transasia BioMedicals Ltd has fortified its presence being recognised as Indias top manufacturer and exporter of diagnostic instruments and reagents in over 100 countries Infact ..

Asian Diagnostics Market

Emerging opportunities

Advances in nanotechnology and genomics have enhanced the role of diagnostics in the healthcare market allowing more tests to be performed at the pointofcare and facilitating the shift towards personalized medicine..

Diagnostics for the Developing World

Challenges and constraints

In view of limited funding for healthcare there is a great need and potential for simple high quality and affordable diagnostic products in the developing world At present Immunochromatographybased Rapid Diagnostic Tests are able to meet their requirement to some extent Innovative molecular diagnost..


New and evolving roles

Echocardiography plays a key role in the diagnosis of many cardiac conditions and in the assessment of response to therapies Despite the emergence of new advanced diagnostic tools such as cardiac computer tomography and cardiac magnetic resonance echocardiography still plays an important role in pat..

Rapid Diagnostics

Fighting emerging diseases

Hospitals must learn to incorporate new technologies for diagnosis for the simple reason that vaccination drug treatment and other containment efforts cannot be maximised unless emerging diseases are quickly identified..

Globalised Healthcare

What lies ahead

With the increasing complexity of globalisation escalating cost of healthcare and rapid advances in technologyboth equipment and ITthe challenges and choices facing the practising physician managers and leaders are daunting The effects of these changes on patient care may be even more difficult to d..

Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Tapping the potential

Pointofcare diagnostics are a potentially profitable growth area for the healthcare industry However there are several issues to be overcome before any pointofcare instrumentation can be successfully commercialised..

Oral-based Diagnostics

Oral diseases and beyond

With modern proteomic and genomic techniques it is possible to finetune diagnostics of oral diseases and monitor other diseases by oral diagnostics..