Diagnostics represents one of the most lucrative markets in the world. However, the market has developed strongly in enhancing disease prevalence and rising consumer awareness. This has given rise to Medical Diagnostic instruments manufacturers in the market. Healthcare diagnostic services are highly competitive and became price-driven business referral payments to doctors. Imaging & diagnostic services are key profit drivers in the Pharma industry. Medical Diagnostic equipment is an integral part of diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy. India has the potential of becoming an international hub for providing medical diagnostic services.

Deep Learning in Medical Imaging

No field has seen the extensive and successful application of Artificial Intelligence AI to realworld problems more than those of imaging and computer vision Deep learning a subset of machine learning is now a significant component in a wide number of visio

Diagnostics Industry

Shaping the transformation of the healthcare industry

How do you see the medical diagnostics industry evolving over the next years The transformation were witnessing in the healthcare industry today is unparalleled and sets the tone for the evolution we will witness over the next decade I see three major drivers that will shape the future of our industry The first is the role and relev

Make in India for the world

The way forward for Indian IVD industry

Asian Diagnostics Market

Emerging opportunities

What are your views on the Asian diagnostics market How has it evolved over the past decade Asias ageing population is expected to double by increasing the number of people likely to require medical treatment Rising average life expectancies along with more affluent populations is expected to boost expenditure on healthcare tr

Diagnostics for the Developing World

Challenges and constraints

The healthcare challenges faced by the developing countries are vastly different from those in the developed nations Owing to the high poverty levels there is a great dependency on the state for healthcare the delivery of which has at best been mediocre and highly mismanaged With very limited budgets available for healthcare the


New and evolving roles

Noninvasive imaging of the heart continues to evolve and improve Cardiovascular ultrasound or echocardiography continues to play a key role in the diagnosis and assessment of response to therapy of many cardiac conditions The advantages of echocardiography are that it is a safe noninvasive test without radiation exposure and is a relatively inexpen...

Rapid Diagnostics

Fighting emerging diseases

Despite impressive advances in the field of antimicrobials and vaccination the world is still facing the threat of emerging diseases A new disease makes headlines almost every year Are we witnessing more diseases now than any time in the past From the plague to the influenza pandemic infectious diseases have always play

Globalised Healthcare

What lies ahead

Good health for all populations is a recognised international goal There have been broad gains in life expectancy over the past century but the health inequalities between the rich and the poor still persist The prospects for future health depend increasingly on the relatively complicated process of globalisation Health is not only a benefit of dev...

Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Tapping the potential

Pointofcare diagnosticseither for home use or for a nearpatient environment such as the general practitioners surgeryare a potentially profitable growth area for the healthcare industry However there are several issues to be overcome before any pointofcare instrumentation can be successfully commercialised These include the demonstration of clinica...

Oral-based Diagnostics

Oral diseases and beyond

In October the New York Academy of Sciences organised a conference in Atlanta on Oralbased Diagnostics dealing with the diagnostic potential of saliva and its constituents Although blood is still the gold standard for diagnostics of diseases and drugs oral diagnostics has the same and may be an even larger diagnostic potential Principally all sub

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