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Current Issue - Issue 62

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Issue 62 | 2023

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Issue 62



The role of AI and data tools

In an era defined by rapid technological evolution the healthcare industry stands at the cusp of a transformational journey

Medical Sciences

Triggered primarily by lifestyle changes diabetes is assuming menacing proportions

Tackling the ‘Silent Threat’ and building stronger communities through public-private partnerships in Thailand

The worlds population of people aged and over is growing faster than all other age groups with complex and wideranging implications

A Risk Factor for Adverse Cardiovascular Outcomes

A large number of different cutoffs have been used in the literature to define an exaggerated BPRTS In the majority of the studies

Moving towards healing and hop

Cancer a formidable enemy has plagued humanity for centuries and continues to pose significant challenges to health and healthcare systems

Ischemic stroke ie a brain vessel occluded by a blood clot is the leading cause of disability and one of the leading causes of deaths worldwide

A costly problem for healthcare systems

Annually more than million surgical procedures are performed worldwide

Surgical Speciality

Unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence and robotics

Cerebrovascular surgery encompasses a range of specialised procedures performed by neurosurgeons to address blood vessel conditions affecting the brain

Accurate preoperative assessment plays a crucial role in identifying highrisk patients and implementing appropriate management strategies

Technology, Equipment & Devices

Orthopaedic treatment has traversed a long way in the past years

Pioneering precision and patient outcomes in joint replacement surgeries

The integration of robotics into healthcare has revolutionised numerous medical fields from rehabilitation robots

Facilities & Operations

The Indian health sector

Climate change is by now a reality that has hit many countries hard more so in recent years

Are we there yet?

A recent study from McKinsey Company entitled Reimagining the nursing workload Finding time to close the workforce gap got my immediate attention

Information Technology

In the midst of the Covid pandemic medical teleconsultations using advanced technologies have emerged as a pivotal tool in primary healthcare facilitating communication between general practitioners GPs and patients

Digital transformation is now one of the hottest buzzwords in Chinas healthcare industry owing to the twin engine Digital China and Healthy China policy

A comprehensive approach to finding the right fit

In todays landscape telehealth has become a familiar term among both clinicians and patients However its exact definition may vary

Harnessing data and AI for improved patient care

Health is most probably the number one priority when we think about ourselves our families friends and our loved ones


When Medical Imaging Becomes a Piece of Art

It is not just about art however it is about bringing creativity and humanity together in the field of medical imaging science