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Current Issue - Issue 63

This Healthcare Magazine is the source for a plethora of unique Healthcare articles. Several notable figures in the medical industry, from top med schools and hospitals are featured in the Medical Sciences section, with their expert knowledge of the field.


Issue 63 | 2024

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Issue 63



A journey through the modern era

In the dynamic realm of healthcare technology has emerged as the driving force behind unparalleled advancements

Healthcare Management

Strategies to Combat the Nursing Shortage

In the realm of healthcare nursing professionals play a pivotal role in ensuring the wellbeing of patients

A Strategic View

The healthcare services sector has seen unprecedented growth over the last few years

Worldwide and including Asian countries healthcare institutions are facing unprecedented nursing shortage

Medical Sciences

At a moment when the world has coalesced around global goals to reduce breast cancer mortality and potentially eliminate cervical cancer

The lack of adequate donor organs for endstage heart failure HF patients has led to augmented use of mechanical circulatory support

Surgical Speciality

In recent years sports and health issues have gradually started affecting human wellbeing

Technology, Equipment & Devices

A Transformative Journey Unveiled

Wearable technologies have indeed ushered in a transformative era in healthcare transcending geographical boundaries with their pervasive presence

Facilities & Operations

This alongside collaboration among key stakeholders is key to ensuring continued access to healthcare across communities in Asia

Information Technology

AI started to be used in healthcare about to years ago although plans to use it date back to the s

Opportunities, Risks, and the Imperative of Building Trust

Artificial Intelligence AI has long played a role in healthcare aiding in tasks like radiology dictations

Transforming Pressure Injury Detection

Pressure injuries are a persistent healthcare challenge worldwide causing immense suffering to affected individuals and imposing substantial economic burdens on healthcare systems


Magnetic resonance imaging MRI is a foundation of medical imaging and plays a crucial role in the diagnosis and monitoring of various diseases

Healthcare organisations worldwide are grappling with an array of challenges

Guys and St Thomas Thoracic Robotics Surgery Virtual VPP enabled by Proximie

Our innovations have been pathbreaking From dry chemistry that delivers testing access where there is none to respiratory testing and tracking breakthroughs

Future of Healthcare in Asia-Pacific

Healthcare continues to be a key priority for many governments in the region