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Healthcare in Southeast Asia

Opportunities and challenges alike


Healthcare Management

Nurses are Expected to Embrace Technology

Who is there to address their woes?

Historically developed under the British rule nursing was one of the first profession to develop in India This noble profession has witnessed tremendous evolution strides in all spheres including technology medicine and medical equipment From being c..

National Health Policy

A welcome move in the healthcare industry

The revision in the national health policy is a landmark event as this has been revised in India after 14 years The policy highlights the increased spend in healthcare which will go up to 25 per cent of GDP hopefully in the next 5 to 10 years The pol..

Healthcare Business Models in Southeast Asia

Evolution is vital

Healthcare facilities in Southeast Asia are facing a triple threat of more insurance claims a slowdown in medical tourism and increased competition A uniform slide in thirdquarter earnings of major facilities providers last year was the clearest ind..

Becoming World Class, with Class

Conventional wisdom and thousands of business books spend an endless amount of time talking about the keys to outgrowing out profiting and out maneuvering your competition Many will use this wisdom to attempt to crush those in their path resulting i..

ACO meets Triple Aim and save $millions

Accountable Care Organizations ACOs are the new path for healthcare reform in the USA Medicares Shared Saving Program MSSP promotes it The MSSPs 33quality performance measures and emphasis on care coordination meet the Triple Aim goals Medicare share..

Medical Sciences

The Global Advancement of Diabetes Management

Over the years there has been tremendous advancement in pharmaceutical science biomedical and technology to manage people with diabetes to lead a normal life This article provides a brief overview of how diabetes management has evolved over the years..

Head and Neck Cancer

Symptoms, early detection and prevention

Head and Neck Cancer is a major health problem globally Males are affected significantly more than females with a ratio ranging from 21 to 41 The incidence rate in males exceeds 20 per 100000 in regions of France Hong Kong the Indian subcontinent Cen..

Risk Factors for Development of Cardiovascular Disease

The largest proportion of global mortality is attributed to Cardiovascular Disease CVD withmore than threefourths of CVD relateddeaths occur in lowandmiddle incomecountries The primaryrisk factors of CVD are strongly correlated with health behaviours..

Technology, Equipment Devices

Industry 4.0

Manufacturing and the future of medical things

The I40 revolution is already redefining how we manufacture It will help meet demand for increasingly sophisticated higher quality and rigorously regulated medical devices It delivers solutions in innovative new areas such as patientspecific devices ..

Information Technology

Dawn of the Future

IoT-driven medical devices service enterprises

The things in IoT can refer to a wide variety of devices including implants physiological monitors wearables capital intensive diagnostic equipment and so on The expanded sensing and communicational capabilities of these things herald the next big wa..

Data Security and Analytics

Shaping the future of healthcare

The article talks about digitisation of medical records highlighting role of Predictive Healthcare Analytics Big Data in optimising Indian and global healthcare industry It also brings out the need of IT security in the healthcare domain for data pr..

HealthTech Innovation

Optimising telehealth services

Telehealth access to patient images via technology that supports secure fast diagnosticquality image access without moving image data significantly improves patient outcomes for both acute care and nonacute care..

EHR Interoperability

Why, what and how

The ability to merge data from clinical documents like Electronic Medical Records EMR investigation results and reports medical reconciliation nursing records operative notes etc authored by different persons at various times at diverse locations usi..