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Innovations and Regulations in Healthcare

Bridging the Gap


Healthcare Management

Managing and Delivering Healthcare

Looking forward to challenges

The growing demand for the quality healthcare and the absence of delivery mechanisms pose a great challenge the key growth inhibitor includes fastest growing population and informal costs Healthcare industry should be able to carry out planning monit..

Recruiting Medical Staff

It is the culture not the money

It is the Culture not the Money The competition to recruit and the great advantage to permanently retain the best medical staff is not accomplished by money or flashy perks It takes clarity of purpose lived values and real communication The payoff is..

Reactive, Acute Care to Proactive and Preventive Care

By engaging patients

Healthcare systems around the world are recognising the need to move from feeforservice to valuebased healthcare This requires a focus on raising the quality of care as the driver towards value rather than pure cost reduction as well as engaging the ..

Medical Sciences

Diabesity (Diabetes & Obesity)

Newer surgical options shaping up!

The need for optimal integration with holistic approach lifestyle modification pharmacotherapy bariatric surgery is the current road to management of obesity Bariatric surgery has gained popularity worldwide to treat the diabesity obesity diabete..

The Prospects of Cancer Care in Asia

Integrated services

In Asia the incidence of cancer cases is estimated to increase from 61 million in 2008 to 106 million in 2030 due to ageing and growing populations lifestyle and socioeconomic changes While there has been significant innovations in cancer treatment t..

Trends in Indian Cancer Market

Cancer patients need specialist care that necessitates responsibility and is accountable for the quality of the treatment The last few decades have seen considerable efforts made in the treatment and prevention of cancer around the world but it still..

Technology, Equipment Devices

Regulation vs. Innovation

Are we getting it right?

There is nothing new about the decadesold conflict between regulation and innovation By definition innovation is new and uncertain and therefore risky while regulation implies control as in control of the risk from new untried products Nonetheless ha..

Facilities Operations

Environmental Safety in Hospitals

The environment within the hospital is critical for life support Environmental concerns affect the hospital internally and externally Indeed the hospital requires a safe internal environment Externally the hospital is a contributor to the environment..

Information Technology

Top Challenges Facing IoT/ IoH

How we can overcome them?

The field of the Internet of Things IoT Internet of Health IoH or Connected Health offer great promise for addressing issues faced by healthcare systems Without a welldeveloped process at each point in the system there will be barriers to the roll ou..