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Artificial Intelligence

Redesigning healthcare

Healthcare is a prime candidate for technological change AI is the most advanced and effective option for achieving the reforms Melissa Thompson Harcourt Health..

Healthcare Management

Eat or Be Eaten

Winning the merger endgame in Asian healthcare

The article asks whether Asian health providers should look at mergers and acquisitions in order to stay competitive and avoid being eaten by larger players This should be a pressing question for the Csuite in healthcare as well as private equity inv..

Medical Sciences

New Approaches for the Development of Diagnostic Systems for Prostate Cancer

Current prostate cancer diagnostic approaches fail to provide sufficient evidence for treatment decisionmaking Since many prostate cancers are slow growing or non lifethreatening over treatment of indolent disease has become a major issue for doctors..

Risk Assessment and Early Detection Key to Timely Treatment of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is most common among women worldwide Of late it has been observed that the age group of women who fall prey to this disease has reduced to 30s and 40s Women using contraceptive pills for 10 years or more are at an increased risk of gett..

Equipment Devices

Are We Close to a Global Ban on Powdered Medical Gloves?

Powdered medical gloves can cause allergic reactions severe airway inflammation wound inflammation adhesions and postsurgical scar tissue formation These concerns provide the stimulus for the banning of powered gloves and the transition to the use of..

Facilities Operations

Modelling Facility and Operations in Design of and Transition to a New Healthcare Space

Physical design and process design are inseparably connected in healthcare facilities Modelling facility and operations aids in evaluating design alternatives and in familiarising an organisation and its staff to a new space during transition This ar..

Information Technology

Providing High-Quality, Physician-Led Team-based Care

Hear from the experts

We are about to embark on a topic that invites a few questions..

Harnessing Big Data Analytics to Deliver Optimal Care

With the advent of wearable healthcare devices and remote monitors Internet of healthcare things is now a reality Using the power of big data analytics it is possible to monitor and intervene in health events to ensure maintenance of health in all it..

Patient-Physician Communication by Using Mobile Technology in Developing Countries

The positive outcomes of a successful patientphysician communication are widespread considering the health related aspects The rapid proliferation of mobile technology has facilitated the healthcare system to provide better support and establish sust..

Leveraging Information Technology in the Healthcare BPO Industry

Information technology plays a crucial role in almost all industries determining their growth and expansion The healthcare BPO industry is no stranger to this phenomenon and the evolution of IT will continue to increase the demand for more specialise..

AI in Healthcare

New software tools powered by Artificial Intelligence AI are going to be dominant components of nearfuture healthcare Soon medical practitioners and researchers will routinely adopt a wide range of machinelearning techniques in most of their daily ta..