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Severe competition in the healthcare has forced healthcare providers to look for modern technology, equipment & devices to provide superior healthcare facility. Medical device industry is a multi-billion dollar industry whose outlook is supposed to rise in years ahead. These devices diagnose and treat a multitude of patient infirmity and work much better than drugs. Hospital care is rising and the medical device industry is being looked to provide low cost technology for home healthcare. Now, the industry seeks Healthcare medical devices that can be used by individuals with unskilled healthcare experience. Need for modern technology, equipment & devices can be leveraged through Medical device equipment, medical equipment manufacturers to afford better-quality healthcare solutions.


Reshaping the Future of Health through MedTech Innovation

The COVID pandemic without a doubt is the single most notable event in our recent history It has put healthcare front and centre on the agenda for governments healthcare companies and patients


Unveiling new possibilities in the treatment of atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation AF is a growing epidemic that affects over million people in the Asia Pacific alone This number is only expected to increase reaching as high as million by due to ageing populations and increased incidence of lifestylerelated risk factors such as obesity physical inactivity and hypertension


Improving health outcomes

Medical devices play a critical role in diagnosis treatment and rehabilitation of disease and illness According to estimates over medical devices are in use on a daily basis in healthcare facilities all over the world Some of them are simple while others are quite complex and combine more than pone technology The global market of medical devices i...



Highrisk patients who require respiratory support or monitoring are found not only in highacuity areas Identifying the patients who are vulnerable to deterioration is critical to patient safety measures that emphasise timely interventions over costly emergency rescues Ubiquitous data in a predetermined clinical workday demands streamlined workflow...

Medical Device IP strategies

With access to healthcare being a major challenge in countries like India networks like BETiC at IIT Bombay startups and enterprises have been combining engineering principles to medical science to create innovations and breakthroughs in medical technologies

Can Thailand become a MedTech Innovator instead of a MedTech Customer?

Thailand is well poised for building and sustaining a startup culture encouraged by the governments Thailand vision which has seen entire sectors of the economy being rebuilt with new technology and overseas investment



As healthcare shifts towards personalisation and digitalisation diagnostics allow individuals to receive vital information with increased accuracy specificity and speed


United States, Europe, Japan, China and India

Requirements for the regulation of development propagation and approval of medical devices are of great competitive interest which assures that it should be of good quality safety and efficacy in order to protect improve and monitor public health After the development and before the distribution of medical devices into the market it is supposed to...

Medical Equipment Management

Medical equipment plays an important role in healthcare delivery It ranges from small and simple devices such as sphygmomanometer to complex and big devices such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI machines This ranking is as a result of differences in utilised technologies and intended applications

Regulation vs. Innovation

Are we getting it right?

Although prescription drugs comprise a relatively small percentage of overall healthcare expenditures they nonetheless represent the primary pointofcontact between the majority of the population and the healthcare system While per cent of Americans fill a prescription in any given year only per cent typically experience a hospital stay Worldwide...

Industry 4.0

Manufacturing and the future of medical things

The Industry I revolution is already redefining how we manufacture things today It sets out the concepts for how companies can achieve faster innovation and increase efficiencies across the value chain But in the world of medical device manufacturing which is burdened with regulatory compliance and is still largely dependent on paperbased processe...

Are We Close to a Global Ban on Powdered Medical Gloves?

Gloves are the most common type of Personal Protective Equipment PPE Gloves are considered a barrier protecting both healthcare worker and patient from the transfer of harmful microorganisms Powder has been used as a lubricant in the manufacture of medical gloves in order to facilitate donning and to avoid blocking of the glove Nowadays the more wi...

Emerging Trends in Medical Innovation for 2017

The past few years have been transformative in the world of medical innovation with the use of personal and portable devices and advances in integrating these with personal healthcare and information technology systems In we have witnessed tremendous growth in portable and mobile devices Looking forward to we will likely expand on this growth wit...

Preventing Medical Errors with Proven Bar-Code Technology

A US television commercial for Berlitz language courses begins with a senior officer briefing a draftee on how to man the station before leaving him on his own No sooner had the officer left than a desperate call crackled over the radio May day May day Hello Can you hear us We are sinking WE ARE SINKING

Medical Device Research at a Regional Health System

The Mercy experience

Mercys research department develops information from electronic information systems to support quality improvement and operational efficiencies that generate revenue A major research effort was a Unique Device Identifier UDI project which resulted in operational efficiencies and a database that is being used for comparative effectiveness and safety...


Biotechnology & biomedical perspective of disruptive potential

Nanotechnology or the science of the small has become the buzzword of academic and industrial circles which has diversified across various verticals such as healthcare aerospace defense materials and many more The beginnings of nanotechnology could be attributed to Sir Richard Feynman who in his landmark lecture titled There is Plenty of Room at th...

Devices for the Failing Heart

The future is here

Mechanical Circulatory Support MCS is an important adjunct to the management of patients with severe heart failure Because the number of donor hearts available for transplantation is limited the use of MCS is growing as a valid alternative to save the lives of patients who are facing death There is substantial eviden

Partnerships and Innovation

The growth factors

How important will be strategic alliances and partnerships for the growth of Indian pharmaceutical market Alliances and partnerships will be very important because of two reasons The Indian market has already entered into the patent era and Indian companies still have very lean product pipeline as of now Dev

Medical Devices

Going the generic way

Over the last two decades technical improvements in the development of medical devices have helped create a thriving US billionayear global industry The expansion of innovative and original medical device manufacturing techniques has yielded remarkable biotechnological progress that has prolonged the life expectancy for patients a

Life Sciences Industry

Converging for better care

What are the forces driving this convergence Many factors are driving and influencing convergence in todays life sciences industry Recent scientific advances and improvements in enabling technologies have opened new avenues for convergence among drugs diagnostics and devices Aging populations and

Partnerships and Innovation

The growth factors

How important will be strategic alliances and partnerships for the growth of Indian pharmaceutical market Alliances and partnerships will be very important because of two reasons The Indian market has already entered into the patent era and Indian companies still have very lean product pipeline as of now Dev

Networking Implanted Medical Devices

Ensuring effectiveness and security

Over the past fifty years implanted medical devices have undergone at least four major technologydriven paradigm shiftsmajor changes in worldview for designers users and recipients of such devices The first was the miniaturisation of electronics and batteries that allowed devices to be implanted entirely within the body


What lies ahead?

How different are Biosimilars from traditional generics in terms of manufacturing and approval The differences between traditional generics and biosimilars are really quite fundamental Biologicals are orders of magnitude more complex both in structure and in terms of impurity profile compared to small molecules As

CyberKnife Radiosurgery

An emerging surgical revolution

Surgery on the human body is almost as old as history Evidence has been unearthed of surgery having been performed in ancient Egypt Greece India and China Throughout the millennia surgical procedures have evolved into effective and precise therapeutic interventions However the history of the surgical experience for patients is marked by pain blood...

Medical Devices Meet Consumer Electronics

Revolution in healthcare delivery

A revolution in healthcare delivery is on its way Advanced semiconductor technology is transforming the medical services market by enabling a new generation of technology solutions that leverage the economies of scale of consumer electronics while delivering the robustness and medical compliance normally associated with expensive capital equipment...

Medical Products Manufacturing in India

Getting ready for growth

What made you choose India to build your medical equipment park over other Asian countries India over the last five years has been growing in the areas of Electronic Component manufacturing Mechanical Fabrication Biotechnology Pharmaceuticals and Information Technology These industries in one way or the other provide inputs to medical

Medical Device Market

Mega trends in Asia

Despite the fact that Asia has per cent of the world population providing large market potential Asian healthcare expenditure constitutes only per cent of the global healthcare expenditure In the total global healthcare expenditure was at US trillion With a growth rate of per cent as shown in Figure the total healthcare expenditure of Asi

Small is Beautiful

Nanotechnology for medical devices

Many of us might know Isaac Asimovs science fiction novel Fantastic voyage from Here a submarine has been scaled down to the size of a microbe and including a miniaturised crew has been injected into the blood stream of a scientist These scientists were able to successfully remove a blood clot in the brain of a famous physicist and by

Devices Containing Membranes

Better membrane, improved outcomes

The ability to separate molecular species in a solute using a membrane was first described by Thomas Graham in and today the process is widely used in a variety of industrial and clinical applications In the latter commonly used applications are plasma separation oxygenation and the augmentation of renal function Haemodialysis In plasma separation...

Ventilation Monitoring - Non-invasive is the way

Growing use of noninvasive ventilation growing numbers of procedures carried out under conscious sedation and growing awareness of the adverse effects of sleep apnoea are only three of various trends in modern medicine that call for continuous monitoring of ventilation preferably continuous noninvasive monitoring of ventilation

Partnerships and Innovation

The growth factors

How important will be strategic alliances and partnerships for the growth of Indian pharmaceutical market Alliances and partnerships will be very important because of two reasons The Indian market has already entered into the patent era and Indian companies still have very lean product pipeline as of no

Medical Glove Manufacture - Going powder free

Glove manufacturing has changed dramatically in the last years with the advent of powder free gloves technology This technology was developed due to the issues arising with the use of powder in gloves as well as the changing needs of the endusers such as the need for double gloving and intraoperative donning Powder free gl

Patient-Centric Modalities

Strategies for better implementation

In recent times there has been a trend towards adoption of patientcentric modalities as a costeffective way These modalities address the needs of various groups of the population including the ageing population segment a large percentage of which are affected by chronic conditions that are the leading causes of illness disability and death Patientc...

The Dose Makes the Poison!

Can we apply Paracelsus’ paradigm to technology-driven medical therapies?

Medicinal drugs are administered according to medical needs A practising physician defines the dose of a pain killer an ACEinhibitor or an antibiotic to be compliant with a therapeutic outcome The condition for approval of medicinal drugs also implies clinical investigations in which for instance Phase II trials serve to find the optimal drug d

Can ICT Make a Difference in Providing Healthcare?

Eighty per cent of Indias specialist doctors live in urban India million Indians living in rural India have to travel to km for secondary care While we have outstanding medical centres of excellence the great majority of Indians cannot access them With an increasing population rise in life expectancy higher purchasing power due to rising incom


New opportunities for healthcare improvement

The aim of this paper is to present results obtained in the context of the Medical data acquisition processing and collection for e health solutions joint research project for investigation design organisation and future expansion of a hospital information system


Poised for growth in India

Deploying mHealth that is relatively absent worldwide is today obvious in India for million living in suburban and rural India who have direct access to only of Indias depleted healthcare personnel mHealth is more relevant in the Global South than conventional eHealth There are at least active mHealth pilot pr

Artificial Intelligence

Applications in healthcare

Initially Artificial Intelligence AI buzzword was introduced as a concept to mimic human brain and investigate the realworld concerns with a holistic human approach Scientists and researchers all over the world are very excited about advancements in innovation that have arisen from an innate desire to create newer and better technologies that facil...

RFID for Medical Devices

An exciting future

In various industries like Retail RFID has not taken off the way it was expected to What are your views on the usage of RFID in healthcare Let us first talk about RFID in retail In retail RFID can be applied to the pallet or the carton or the items in it RFID has already taken off in a big way in its application

Risks Associated with Medical Devices and Mobile Medical Devices

Mobility is having an impact on consumer and business markets at a much faster pace than the introduction of the World Wide Web There is a surge in the proliferation of mobile devices and platforms and it is changing how people share and access information in todays alwayson connected world In lockstep mobility is intersecting with cloud computing...

Data Standards for Medical Devices

Why you should care

Despite the vast differences in healthcare systems around the world there is a universal need for better visibility into data that can help determine what contributes to better quality care at a more affordable cost

Orthopedic Medical Devices

Emerging technologies and trends

Research is looking beyond using implants screws metallic cages to incorporating biologic bone substitutes with regenerative potential to address orthopedic conditions

Drivers of Healthcare Industry

Drivers of Healthcare Industry

What technological developments do you see having the greatest impact on the Industry Riding on the back of unprecedented growth in the healthcare delivery industry medical technology industry has been growing at a healthy pace of percent Yearon Year and few sectors like cardiology are even growing at very high pace of percent

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