Technology, Equipment & Devices

Severe competition in the healthcare has forced healthcare providers to look for modern technology, equipment & devices to provide superior healthcare facility. Medical device industry is a multi-billion dollar industry whose outlook is supposed to rise in years ahead. These devices diagnose and treat a multitude of patient infirmity and work much better than drugs. Hospital care is rising and the medical device industry is being looked to provide low cost technology for home healthcare. Now, the industry seeks Healthcare medical devices that can be used by individuals with unskilled healthcare experience. Need for modern technology, equipment & devices can be leveraged through Medical device equipment, medical equipment manufacturers to afford better-quality healthcare solutions.


United States, Europe, Japan, China and India

The article focuses monitoring of medical devices throughout the globethe current scenario of regulation and approval of the devices which involve different countries having their respective regulatory bodies which look after different sets of procedure for their regulation of devices which are clas..

Medical Equipment Management

Medical Equipment is a core asset for any healthcare facility To ensure medical equipment is safe and effective there is a need to understand its associated management methodology Consequently a typical life cycle approach for medical equipment management is identified and explained in terms of proc..

Regulation vs. Innovation

Are we getting it right?

There is nothing new about the decadesold conflict between regulation and innovation By definition innovation is new and uncertain and therefore risky while regulation implies control as in control of the risk from new untried products Nonetheless have we now reached the point where controlling tech..

Industry 4.0

Manufacturing and the future of medical things

The I40 revolution is already redefining how we manufacture It will help meet demand for increasingly sophisticated higher quality and rigorously regulated medical devices It delivers solutions in innovative new areas such as patientspecific devices and Lab on a Chip electronic diagnostics What does..

Are We Close to a Global Ban on Powdered Medical Gloves?

Powdered medical gloves can cause allergic reactions severe airway inflammation wound inflammation adhesions and postsurgical scar tissue formation These concerns provide the stimulus for the banning of powered gloves and the transition to the use of powderfree or synthetic gloves as the new standar..

Emerging Trends in Medical Innovation for 2017

These past few years have continued a trend for being transformative in the world of medical innovation Emerging trends of 2017 likely will be no different with established foundations for Internet of Things IoT and wearables and other diagnostics We will continue towards a growing integration of in..

Preventing Medical Errors with Proven Bar-Code Technology

Barcode technologies which have proven effective at pointsofsale in stores and during orderfulfillment in warehouses are preventing errors at pointsofcare and during medication preparations in hospitals..

Medical Device Research at a Regional Health System

The Mercy experience

Mercys research department develops information from electronic information systems to support quality improvement and operational efficiencies that generate revenue A major research effort was a Unique Device Identifier UDI project which resulted in operational efficiencies and a database that is b..


Biotechnology & biomedical perspective of disruptive potential

Nanotechnology has all the potential to become a disruptive and revolutionary technology in terms of its healthcare application However there are a few ethical concerns which need to be sorted out before its widespread use in healthcare..

Devices for the Failing Heart

The future is here

Mechanical circulatory support is an important adjunct to the management of patients with advanced heart failure Technology advances in this area have improved overall survival The challenge for clinicians is to translate the clinical evidence into selection of the most appropriate device that will ..