Surgical speciality

Surgical Speciality is a specialty of healthcare, where patients are treated for better health. Surgical speciality centres have the capability to mould a body part and efficiently make it fit. Surgical services are kind of magic that they can perform behind the science. The major concept involved here is that they can find ways to change the body problems, and bring them back to original condition. Surgical Speciality is being provided by all the hospitals these days.

Trends in Surgery of Kidney Tumours

Shift to less invasive and nephron-sparing techniques

The incidence of kidney tumours in Czech Republic is the highest in the world In it was in male and in female cases in per year Owing to this fact urologists in Czech Republic are focussed on surgery of kidney tumours At our department we treat over patients with kidney tumour surgically every year

Treatment of Gastric Cancer

Role of radiotherapy

Gastric cancer is the fourth most frequent malignancy in the world It is characterised by a high locoregional recurrence rate and poor prognosis Radical surgical dissection is the basis of cure in this disease However because most patients are at advanced stages surgery alone provides longterm survival of only per cent Randomised trials have shown...

Transection of the Liver

Overview of techniques

Over the past few decades the management of liver tumours has become a truly multidisciplinary speciality Advances in imaging medical oncology and interventional radiology have now allowed treatment with curative intent for many lesions that previously would have received palliation only However surgical resection remains the mainstay of management...

Laparoscopic Repair of Inguinal Hernia

Drug Delivery and Molecular Imaging

Minimal access surgery has been a surgical watershed which has ushered in a new era of technologyenabled surgery It has firmly established itself in the armamentarium of most surgeons With the advancement in the technology and instrumentation minimal access surgery has been successfully applied to most surgical procedures with favourable outcomes O...

Surgical PACS

Design and implementation

Model Guided Therapy MGT is a methodology complementing Image Guided Therapy IGT with additional vital patientspecific data It brings patient treatment closer to achieving more precise diagnosis more accurate assessment of prognosis and a more individualised planning execution and validation of a specific therapy MGT in its simplest instantiatio...

Advances in Cardiac Surgery

In the past decade minimally invasive surgical techniques have become prevalent in the field of cardiac surgery including minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass MIDCAB offpump coronary artery bypass OPCAB and minimal access atrial septal defect ASD closure and mitral and aortic valve surgery In addition to the development of new technolog...

Quality Assurance Programmes for Surgery

How and why in Asia?

A quality assurance programme in surgical practice is quite simply a mechanism to ensure that the patient consumer is subjected to the least threatening journey through the hospital during a period of treatment with an outcome that is deemed acceptable by international standards This process inherently incorporates data collection and outcome analy...

Bariatric Surgery

Experience with medical tourism

Exorbitant costs of healthcare in industrialised nations ease and affordability of international travel favourable currency exchange rates in the global economy rapidly improving technology and standards of care in many countries of the world and most importantly proven safety of healthcare in select foreign nations have all led to the rise of medi...

Surgical Skills Simulation

Effect on quality and safety

To give patients the best possible care healthcare providers need to combine the three Ss These are the best Systems the best Science and the best Skills The outline of this is seen in figure Best Science incorporates concepts such as evidencebased care the use of randomised control trial data metaanalyses cochrane collaborations the development t...

Surgical Response to Mass Casualty Incidents

The Israeli Experience

The frequency of recorded Mass Casualty Incidents MCIs has increased over the past years with almost billion people being affected by disasters during the past years alone Approximately half of all natural disasters occur in Asia even though it comprises only of the total world area In the second half of the last century approximately of all d

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