Surgical Speciality

Surgical Speciality is a specialty of healthcare, where patients are treated for better health. Surgical speciality centres have the capability to mould a body part and efficiently make it fit. Surgical services are kind of magic that they can perform behind the science. The major concept involved here is that they can find ways to change the body problems, and bring them back to original condition. Surgical Speciality is being provided by all the hospitals these days.

Trends in Surgery of Kidney Tumours

Shift to less invasive and nephron-sparing techniques

Indications for nephron sparing surgery are expanding In approach to partial nephrectomy open surgery is still the gold standard Laparoscopic approach is applied only in carefully selected patients This method is more challenging with a higher percentage of complications however it is expanding..

Treatment of Gastric Cancer

Role of radiotherapy

Radical surgery is the cornerstone in the treatment of gastric cancer but results in high locoregional recurrence rates and poor survival Therefore further improvement is sought in pre and postoperative multimodality approaches Highprecision modern radiotherapy in particular when combined with chemo..

Transection of the Liver

Overview of techniques

Over the past 50 years the postoperative mortality from liver resection has fallen from 33 to 15 per cent Whilst this is multifaceted one key ingredient is our ability to transect liver parenchyma in a bloodless fashion The emerging new techniques for liver transection not only improve survival rate..

Laparoscopic Repair of Inguinal Hernia

Drug Delivery and Molecular Imaging

A large series of randomised controlled trials conducted all around the world have confirmed clearly the advantages of endoscopic inguinal hernia repair compared to the open technique in terms of operative complication discomfort analgesic use and return to work..

Surgical PACS

Design and implementation

The OR and imagebased interventional suites are the most costintensive sectors in the hospital therefore the optimisation of workflow processes has become of particular concern to healthcare providers The understanding and management of workflows should become an integral part in the planning and im..

Advances in Cardiac Surgery

The combination of new intracardiac imaging technology and tooltracking systems with the dexterity and stability of robotic instruments will enable safe and reliable offpump intracardiac repair including Atrial Septal Defect ASD closure and the repair of mitral valve insufficiency..

Quality Assurance Programmes for Surgery

How and why in Asia?

It is inevitable that the concept of quality assurance in surgery will expand worldwide and encompass other surgical disciplines the process will be driven by patients professionals and healthcare providers alike..

Bariatric Surgery

Experience with medical tourism

Medical tourism for obesity surgery is still in its infancy and needs to be taken care of..

Surgical Skills Simulation

Effect on quality and safety

There is an increasing evidence emerging that simulation in surgical training is effective However the problem remains that if all patients had completely errorfree technical aspects to their admission approximately 97 of medical errors and bad outcomes would still occur..

Surgical Response to Mass Casualty Incidents

The Israeli Experience

When a Mass Casuality Incident occurs the establishment of a defined system with central control is critical for the orderly evacuation and transfer of patients through a cascade of treatment from resuscitation and damage control to definitive care and eventually to rehabilitation..