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Chest Disease Detection: The Power of Deep Learning in Radiography

Moulay Akhloufi, Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Moncton


Reminiscences of a Neurosurgeon / Telehealth evangelist : Opportunities Missed and Lessons Learnt: A story over 48 years

K Ganapathy, Member Board of Directors, Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation &, Apollo Tele Health Services


Colorectal Cancer

Shikha Jain, Associate Professor, Director of Communication Strategies, University of Illinois Chicago; Lucia D. Notardonato MD, Hematology/Oncology Fellow, University of Illinois


Digital Health and Cardiac Rehabilitation - A paradigm shift

Alben Sigamani, Chief Scientific Officer,, Numen Health


Neonatal Care: A Global Crisis in Desperate Need of Innovation

Wisam Breegi, CEO of Breegi Scientific, Inc.


Mobile Healthcare Apps: the Great Disillusion?

Paulo Moreira, Editor in Chief of the International Healthcare Review


Mental Health

Gurrit K Sethi, Founder, MIINDMYMIIND


Pulmonary medicine sciences

Jaykumar Mehta, Pulmonologist, Zydus Hospitals


Artifical Intelligence in Healthcare - Machine Learning for Clinical Outcome Prediction in Cerebrovascular Disorders

Benjamin Wai Yue Lo, Neurosurgeon & ICU Specialist


How real-world evidence is increasing patient involvement in health policy shaping

Ruth Kuguru, Executive Director, Communications & Engagement, Novartis Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa; Julie Cini, CEO, Spinal Muscular Atrophy Australia Inc.


Respiratory Monitoring in the ICU: Opportunities and Challenges

Ashraf Roshdy, Associate Professor, Critical Care Medicine Department, Alexandria University


Surgeon Volume in Multi-Arterial Revascularization and Long-Term Survival

Natalia Egorova, Professor, Icahn School of Medicine Doaa Alsaleh, MD, PhD candidate in clinical research, Icahn School of Medicine


COVID-19 and the Great Resignation: How Human Resources Can Foster Employee Retention in a Post-Pandemic Workforce in Healthcare Organizations

Uche Nwabueze, Professor, Maritime Administration, Texas A&M University


Reduce Colon Cancer Risk with Exercise

Saint-Vil, Sports Medicine Department, Medical Director, Marietta Memorial Hospital


Predicting and Preventing the Next Pandemics

Prof.-Dr. Alain L. Fymat, Founding Chair, President/CEO & Institute Professor at International Institute of Medicine & Science


The Great Resignation: How Human Resources Can Foster Employee Retention in a Post-Pandemic Workforce

Taylor Lambert and Uche Nwabueze, Professor, Maritime Administration, Texas A&M University


Understanding the Growing Prevalence of Colorectal Cancer Among Young Adults in Malaysia: An Urgent Call to Action

Jenson Sow, Clinical Oncology, Aurelius Hospital Nilai


Mind the Gap: How virtual health has improved in-person patient interactions

Stanley Li, Founder and CEO, DXY


Cybersecurity risk is now patient risk

John Giantsidism, President, CyberActa

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