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Emerging trends in medical innovation for 2017

Brian Wyatt, SVP, Global Head of Medical Technology & Healthcare, Cyient

Information technology and digital health opportunities

Peter Gross, MD is Chair, Board of Managers, Hackensack Alliance ACO

How to Understand What Hospitals, Physicians and Patients Want and Need from Connected Devices

Gurrit K Sethi, CEO of Canta Health

Integrated cardiology workflow

Fernando Erazo, Senior Director, Head of Philips Hospital to Home in Asia Pacific


SB Bhattacharyya, Member, National EHR Standardisation Committee, MoH&FW, GoI, India Member, Health Informatics Sectional Committee

Intermittent hypoxic therapy (IHT)

Alexey Platonenko , Inventor, ReOxy

Digital Health Opportunities: Patient Populations and Markets Around the World

Amit Varma, Managing Partner, Quadria Capital