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Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare

K. Ganapathy, President, Apollo TeleMedicine Networking Foundation

The High Reliability Challenge: Zero Harm in Healthcare, beginning the journey

Sageetha Reddy, Appollo

From ICU to I See You: Small Changes to Make a Big Difference in Patient Care

Nancy Michaels, President,

Healthcare Hiring Assesment

Amogh Deshmukh, MD, DDI

Putting Qualitative Patient Experience Data to Work in Designing Inpatient Care Delivery

Patrick Kneeland MD, Medical Director of Patient and Provider Experience, University of Colorado Hospital and Clinics

Use of Telehealth Technology to Increase ED Capacity During Times of Surge

SB Bhattacharyya, Member, National EHR Standardisation Committee, MoH&FW, GoI

Improving patient experience, safety & progression through Care model redesign & Lean management system

R B Smarta, Managing Director, Interlink Marketing Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Measuring The Health-Related Life Quality of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Md Moshiur Rahman, Associate Professor , Graduate School of Biomedical & Health Sciences, Hiroshima University

Surgical Safety in the Operation Theatres - Effectiveness and sustainability

Jeff Thompson, MD, CEO Emeritus, Executive Advisor, Gundersen Health System

Medical Diagnostics Industry

Little Lance, ?Managing Director, ?Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific

The Growing Trend of Open Innovation Approaches is Stimulating Health Innovation

John Battersby, Account Director, Bridges M&C Pte Ltd