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COVID-19 & CHANGE-20+.

Critical Future Factors for The Next Normal

David A Shore, Professor, Harvard University, University of Monterrey Business School

Cash management in ASEAN hospitals post Covid

The king is back!

Aditya Agarwal, Principal, Roland Berger

Managing Cultural Diversity in Hospital Systems in the era of Covid-19

Uche Nwabueze, Instructional Professor of Management Department of Maritime Administration Texas A&M University

Digital Transformation and Innovation in times of COVID-19 instead

Ian Chuang, Chief Medical Officer, Elsevier

AI and Patient Experience

R B Smarta, Managing Director, Interlink Marketing Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

How technology and innovation will play a significant role in re-defining food safety and regulations

Kent Bradley, Chairman, Herbalife Nutrition AdvisoryBoard

Virtual Healthcare

Gurrit K Sethi, CEO, Canta Health

Telehealth in the BC* and AC** era: A story from India

(* Before Covid-19, ** After Covid-19)

Krishna Ganapathy, Cofounder, Telemedicine Society of India

Technologies involved in the prevention of Covid 19

MSMINU, Assistant Professor, Dept of Computer Science & Engineering,SRM Institute of Science and Technology

Mental Health in COVID-19: An e-health service to provide tele-mental health support in pandemic

Nazia Akter, General Manager & Head of Business Solution, Synesis IT Ltd

Rupayan Chowdhury-Group CEO, Synesis IT Ltd.

Tanjir Soron – Head of Mental Health, Synesis IT Ltd.