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A Natural Compound from wild ginger exhibits significant anticancer activity against various cancer types

1S1Acetoxychavicol Acetate ACA a natural compound from Alpinia conchigera a wild ginger exhibits significant anticancer activity against various cancer types Further research using ACA in vitro and in vivo has allowed an understanding on the underlying mechanism of action and revealed ACAs promising..

Health Issues Related to Work

A good number of people suffer from health issues that are caused or aggravated by their work or workplace related conditions Different jobs have different profiles and many of them put people through various health problems that are generally ignored until they become significant This article talks..

Regulation of Body Temperature and NAFLD in Global Population

The Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease NAFLD epidemic is connected to diabetes cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative diseases In the year 2050 it is expected that 30 of the world will progress to NAFLD Recent scientific research indicates that the heat shock gene malfunctions in NAFLD with def..

Photoacoustic Tomography For Vascular Imaging near Subcutaneous Tissue

Photoacoustic Tomography PAT is a new modality that can noninvasively image vascular structures of human subcutaneous tissues and breasts with high resolution In this article we preface the principle of the PAT apparatus provide examples along with images and discuss the future prospects..

Biomarkers in Heart Failure

Biomarkers are deeply incorporated into uptodated clinical guidelines for heart failure There is evidence regarding the limiting role of biomarker as predictive tool in heart failure management In fact multiple biomarker strategy appears to be much more promising than those established on single bio..

Cardiac Rehabilitation In India

A way to go

Cardiac rehabilitation is recognised as an integral component of patient care with CVS diseases Its gaining popularity over the globe in heart failure patients is new and encouraging Its utilisation in India is still under used because of many factors but the main is lack of interest of cardiologist..


Something new on the horizon

CardioOncology is the cardiac care of cancer patients With the advent of newer therapies there has been a dramatic improvement in life expectancy However as many of these treatments have cardiac side effects there has been an increase in cancer patients with a variety of heart diseases heart failure..

Effective Knowledge Management Model (KM) for Healthcare Integrating Success Factors and Knowledge Management Strategy

In the process of recognising the value and importance of Knowledge ManagementKM healthcare organisations have conducted researches on to improve healthcare delivery and sustain optimal healthcare outcomes In order for KM to be effective it is essential that KM strategies and success factors are con..

Leukaemia: A deadly intruder

The article talks about complexity of Leukemia a type of blood cancer and advancement in treatment It also brings out the need to advocate early diagnosis of the disease since burden of the disease is high in low income developing countries..

It’s Not About Hearing Loss, It’s About Preventing Hearing Failure

Approximately 15 per cent of the worlds adult population has some degree of hearing failure which could lead to further health complications such as depression dementia and personality changes The article discusses the importance of understanding and preventing hearing failure often passedoff as hea..