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Approaching the Unreached through Mobile Medical Units

Indias healthcare system could be bettered with an increase in expenditure on healthcare human resources and innovative interventions Currently rural areas in India have limited access to healthcare facilities In order to combat this Mobile Medical Units MMUs were introduced Factors which need to co..

Trials, guidelines and other new developments: How AF management will change in 2017

With the conclusion of numerous major trials and the potential approval of a multiNOAC reversal agent this coming year is set to completely change the stroke management landscape..

Goal Specificity and Change Management

Healthcare organisations are spending significant amount of resources towards improving processes and adapting new technologies to improve patient care and overall organisational efficiency While executing these change initiatives management experiences many implementations related challenges in ter..

Cervical Cancer

The fifth most common cancer in humans is also the most common cause of cancer deaths in developing countries Annually about 74000 of 132000 newly diagnosed cases result in deaths Visible causes are sexual contact early in life multiple sex partners smoking and consumption of birth control pills It..

The Prescription For A Revolution In Healthcare


Is Dialysis the next big opportunity in Indian Healthcare?


Expanding Healthcare Delivery in India: From Hospitals to Home

Technological advances are influencing our lives in unprecedented ways Be it shopping apparel in the comfort of home or getting groceries delivered at doorsteps or finding a yoga instructor old means of availing goods and services are evolving rapidly A newer addition to this ondemand and at conven..

Healthcare Pressures Pushing Demand for Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement to Streamline Hospital Services and Reduce Costs

The perfect storm of rising demand for services budgetary constraints and higher customer expectations is driving healthcare managers to seek Lean Six Sigma training to improve their processes and efficiency In Australias most populous state the latest NSW New South Wales public hospital activity fi..

Power the Bench: An Enhanced Strategy for Data Integrity

One of the primary motives driving organizations to purchase Laboratory Information Management Systems LIMS electronic laboratory notebook systems ELNs and recently Lab Execution Systems LES collectively Laboratory Informatics Systems LIS is the appeal of connecting laboratory instruments to them fo..

Millennials Shine Light on a Mobile Future for Clinical Care

Studies of mobile devices and physicians show a continued growth of ownership and an increasing use at work A 2015 study showed that 98 percent of physicians own a Smartphone and 92 percent of them reported that they are useful for work Exactly how they use their devices while at work however differ..