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COVID-19 - Is it hinting towards multi organ failure?

The deadly malady Corona virus disease COVID out broke in Wuhan China COVID is characterised by symptoms like fever dry cough fatigue and sore throat COVID gained its popularity with the significant morbidity and mortality risk it is posing Apart from being humanity killer

Strategies for Early Detection of Lung Cancer

Reducing mortality in Taiwan
Lung cancer is still a worldwide leading cause of cancer death even in this era of lowdose CT for lung cancer screening Lung cancer mortality rate is the highest among the top ten cancers in Taiwan There is an increasing trend in nonsmoking related lung cancer in Taiwan

The Growth of Private Health Insurance in Asia

Transforming the Patient-Provider-Payer Triad
The growth of the Asian private health insurance market is one of the most striking developments in the global healthcare ecosystem and it is transforming the fundamental relationship between patients providers and insurers in many Asian countries This development occurs against the backdrop of the...

Blockchain - Exploring its potential for Malaysian Healthcare

Healthcare organisations have consistently improved their healthcare delivery through the adoption of Information Technology IT The digital transformation in healthcare through the evolution of Electronic Medical Record Systems EMRs and Electronic Health Record Systems

The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Need to find therapeutic solution
The Novel Coronavirus Disease COVID which exploded from Wuhan China has now travelled to whole world The first case of COVID was reported in the month of December WHO Coronavirus and because of its rapid spread World Health Organization WHO has declared the Novel Coronavirus Disease COVID outbreak a...

The Availability and Access to Mental Health Services for Airline Pilots

Important for Aviation Safety
After the Germanwings pilot murdersuicide crash in the French Alps on March there has been concern for individual pilots mental health Vuorio et al Germawings Accident Investigation Over a year period estimates of aircraftassisted suicides in the United States in general aviation has been shown...

Case-Mix Planning Problem and Resource Allocation in Hospitals

Issues and Challenges
Hospitals all around the world are facing increasing pressure in cost reduction Besides shortages of physicians nurses and other hospital resources further magnify the problem Such issues can be solved by the efficient and effective allocation and utilisation of the available resources and the decis...

An antidote for medical identity theft Will MFA help?

The healthcare industry is a prime target for hackers In all countries private and public organisations hold sensitive information about millions of individual patients This includes personal data such as your date of birth and address

Anti-cancer Effects of Synergistic Drugs-Bacterium Combinations

A study on Induced Breast Cancer in BALB/c Mice
The use of compounds derived from natural sources has proven to be highly effective in the development of anticancer agents One of such compounds extracted from the Malaysian ginger Alpinia conchigera SAcetoxychavicol Acetate ACA has been repeatedly shown to suppress malignant characteristics and i...

Report Medical Device Adverse Event

A Beginner’s Guide
After several horrific cases associated with malfunctioning of medical devices like infants burnt to death due to short circuits in incubators or hip implants causing pain and blood poisoning the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare MoHFW Government of India GoI has commenced Materiovigilance Progr...