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Articles on key issues related to the Healthcare Industry from the heads of leading Hospital and Healthcare companies and healthcare industry experts. This section focuses on current and emerging issues in areas such as healthcare management, medical sciences, surgical speciality, diagnostics, technology, equipment & devices, facilities and operations management and information technology.

From Telehealth to Telecare

Giving Virtual Care the Personal Touch
When Covid hit healthcare providers around the world transitioned quickly to deliver medical consultations remotely Using phone video conferencing software and electronic medical records EMRs healthcare providers were able to address the immediate needs of patients without requiring inperson consult...

The TIGER Trial Introduces a Novel Tool for Physicians

Targeting improved outcomes for acute ischemic stroke patients
Patients experiencing acute ischemic stroke AIS are at risk for rapid and permanent loss of brain tissue Thus all currently available AIS treatment therapies aim to restore blood flow rapidly and effectively in the brain To restore blood flow occluded blood vessels must be recanalised either by ph...

APAC MedTech Companies must overcome Data Challenges to Maximise Growth Opportunity

By the size of the APAC MedTech industry is expected to climb by a year to US billion according to the Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association But despite this growth opportunity APAC MedTech companies face a number of challenges To start with COVID has changed the rules Rapid deployment of te...

Secondary Prophylaxis of Stroke from a Multidisciplinary Perspective

As reported by the Stroke Alliance For Europe SAFE summary the number of people aged or over is estimated to increase by per cent and aged or over by per cent between and across the EU member states Consequently the number of people with disabilities related to stroke will probably increase

Predicting In-hospital Outcomes of CSA-AKI

By Integrating New Biomarkers
As a type unique operationrelated AKI CSAAKI is closely bond to poor inhospital outcomes including progressed renal dysfunction A considerable number of patients experienced a subsequent deteriorating renal function and required Renal Replacement Therapies RRT For these patients the Intensive Care U...

With Healthy Data, AI and Machine Learning are Set for Success

While the impacts of artificial Intelligence AI and machine learning may be most noticeable in consumer digital services like social media and online shopping it is quite breathtaking to see how quickly it is now being taken up by the healthcare industry Machine learning a keypart of AI where compu...

How Can Healthcare Businesses Improve Long Term Revenue ROI with Digital Transformation - A blueprint

As digital advancements in the healthcare sector continue to rise healthcare providers may find it difficult to keep up Deciding which technological advancements to adopt and which solutions to implement is challenging Embracing digital transformation requires flexibility as businesses need to let g...

Trans-carotid TAVI

The French alternative
TAVI is now a daily practice for the treatment of aortic stenosis The question today is to choose the best approach for each patient All the competences of the heart team must be used to obtain the best results Anatomical characteristics like iliofemoral stenosis or abdominal aortic aneurysms requir...

Hospital-based Laboratory Services

At the forefront of consumer healthcare
Diagnostic techniques have evolved tremendously over the years and continue to be considered among the key aspects of medical operations making clinical laboratory services an integral part of the modern medical infrastructure The earliest known medical diagnoses made by humans were dependent on inf...

Boosting Healthcare Access in Asia through Patient-focused Digital Health

The COVID pandemic has brought to light a widening gap outside health facilities in Asia and worldwide As healthcare facilities face unprecedented challenges to accommodate the surge of COVID patients patients with chronic diseases and treatments face difficulties in continuing their treatments The...

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