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How Can Healthcare Facilities Face Water Issues?

The Answer Comes From Newster Group

The Italian company is ready to launch a new technology for the reuse of sewage waste water and offers a wide range of possibilities thanks to customised products..

When the Tyre Hits the Road: AI in Healthcare

Prognosis is the cornerstone of patient care as it helps practitioners evaluate decide and initiate effective treatment However Prognosis demands fast and detailed results that can only be provided by medical expertise and accurate screening methods both often not available This is the big problem A..

Decision Making in Healthcare Technology Management

One task of clinical engineering is to make a decision in basic aspects like healthcare technology management Different stages of medical equipment including acquisition maintenance and replacement require decision making Therefore various approaches are presented to guide clinical engineers how to ..

Wound Irrigation Solution Developments

Call for Standardisation of Practices and Innovation Efforts

Prevention of surgical site infection SSI remains a key focus area for wound irrigation solution manufacturers However wound irrigation procedures lack standardisation and guidelines from major medical groups There have been clamors for standardisation this practice and investing in developing innov..

Overcoming IT Security Challenges Facing Healthcare in Asia Pacific


Healthcare Facility Trends in the West

Percolate to Asian settings

Healthcare Delivery in the west and Asia has strong parallels specially in the private sector A tectonic shift is visible in the Healthcare sector in the US due to various factors These may resonate with Asian healthcare settings It is pertinent to look at trends such as Resilient design Ambulatory ..

High BMI? -Bariatric Surgery is the solution

Bariatric surgery is the surgical method of weight loss As per Dr Lakshmi this involves the bypassing of the major portion of the stomach and the intestines While often confused with liposuction bariatric surgery is helpful in aiding patients who have developed health complications due to obesity ..

Rebooting Healthcare Delivery

It is time we addressed the real issues in healthcare delivery Every country is struggling with issues like shortage of doctors decreasing mortality rates from undiagnosed infections ensuring right emergency medical attention to rural population etc We have seen that the Iwilldoit all model doesnt w..

Nursing - The backbone of healthcare delivery in the quest for universal access

Nursing professionals play a vital role in all aspects of healthcare be it nationwide health campaigns such as polio eradication midwife services and community education or serving the patients at an illequipped healthcare facility in rural India With their commitment and care nurses have establishe..

INVEST IN Eco-sustainable Technologies for a safe processing of healthcare waste

Newster Group is an Italy based company that is able to offer the most technologically advanced equipment to solve the problems of the potentially dangerous materials that every day in every part of the world are produced in medical facilities and need to be treated Solid healthcare waste waste wat..