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Articles on key issues related to the Healthcare Industry from the heads of leading Hospital and Healthcare companies and healthcare industry experts. This section focuses on current and emerging issues in areas such as healthcare management, medical sciences, surgical speciality, diagnostics, technology, equipment & devices, facilities and operations management and information technology.

Essential Measures to be Taken during COVID 19 Spread

COVID spread has changed our daytoday routine to a great extent Instead of consuming healthy and nutrientdense whole foods many of us had minimised exposure that can increase the temptation to consume junk food eat snacks rich in sodium lowquality meals providing instant gratification to taste buds

Hospital-based Laboratory Services

At the forefront of consumer healthcare
Diagnostic techniques have evolved tremendously over the years and continue to be considered among the key aspects of medical operations making clinical laboratory services an integral part of the modern medical infrastructure The earliest known medical diagnoses made by humans were dependent on inf...

Boosting Healthcare Access in Asia through Patient-focused Digital Health

The COVID pandemic has brought to light a widening gap outside health facilities in Asia and worldwide As healthcare facilities face unprecedented challenges to accommodate the surge of COVID patients patients with chronic diseases and treatments face difficulties in continuing their treatments The...

Early Outcome of Mitral Valve Repair in Patients with Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation

Multicenter experience
We performed a retrospective observational cohort study on prospectively collected data on consecutive CABG patients with IMR undergoing MVr between Echocardiogram findings operative procedures and outcomes were analyzed

Redefining Non-Invasive Monitoring of Liver Transplant Rejection in Children

Despite the improvements in immunosuppressive therapy incidence of Acute Rejection AR remains as high as per cent during the first year after surgery in this clinical setting and liver biopsy remains the reference standard for its diagnosis Dr Salsano has put big effort into investigating the role...

Automated FFR Assessment

Artificial intelligence in the catheterisation laboratory
Coronary physiological assessment has become the gold standard for myocardial ischemia testing It has been shown to improve outcome and reduce revascularisation in patients with chronic coronary artery disease along with guiding complete revascularisation and reduction in the combined outcome of dea...

Empowering Hospitals with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Making healthcare smarter
Remote Patient Monitoring RPM has opened up a promising avenue in healthcare Talking about Indian hospitals we mostly experience the brunt of skyrocketing healthcare expenses inadequate accessibility to healthcare crunch of health workers inappropriate infrastructure

Are We Ready to Ship Billions of COVID Vaccines Worldwide?

Theres no denying it has been a year of immense difficulty and disruptionMany now look forward to and the muchanticipated prospect of COVID vaccines as the gateway to global recovery Naturally as one of the the worlds leading logistics companies FedEx has an important role to play in vaccine shipm...

Flexible Technology

The key to a responsive healthcare offering
Healthcare technology is a vast and rapidly growing sector that enables organisations in the industry to improve virtually all aspects of the healthcare system There are significant possibilities for continued innovation and optimisation enabled by a wealth of technological capabilitiesOne of the mo...

Clinical Risk Assessment Tools

Better Outcome with Oral Anticoagulants
Venous ThrombosisVT comprising Deep Vein Thrombosis DVT and Pulmonary Embolism PE has an incidence of approximately per annually in adult populations The risk of recurrence is high Oral anticoagulants OACs play a vital role in the secondary prevention of VT in such patients

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