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Report Medical Device Adverse Event

A Beginner’s Guide
After several horrific cases associated with malfunctioning of medical devices like infants burnt to death due to short circuits in incubators or hip implants causing pain and blood poisoning the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare MoHFW Government of India GoI has commenced Materiovigilance Progr...

Improve Brain Health to Prevent Alzheimer

The largest and one of the most complex organs of the human body is the brain Made up of billion nerves that constantly communicate with each other this pound organ controls all functions of the body From interpreting information to emoting feelings to showcasing the creative side of a person this s...

Promoting Mental Health and Well-Being

The Mental Health First Aid Training Model
Mental health and wellbeing have been cited as the number three global health issue Mantzios Nathe The World Health Organization World Mental Health Surveys Initiative quantifies both epidemiology of global mental disorders and existing treatment gaps Scott et al Adolescent mental health is an e...

New Strategy to Prevent Acute Myocardial Infarction by Public Education

Acute Myocardial Infarction MI is still a worldwide leading cause of death even in this era of optimal medical therapy including the use of statins However the mechanism for its onset has not been adequately clarified Furthermore the inhospital mortality of those patients has decreased significantly...

The Video Technology Changing the Healthcare Industry

Driven by factors like ageing populations unhealthy diets and increasing rates of diseases like diabetes demand for healthcare is increasing rapidly across the region As a result total healthcare spending by the ASEAN nations

Leading Leadership

Five life lessons for the leaders of tomorrow
Its as true today as it was when I started leaders who are prepared to embrace change and evolve themselves and their organisation are the ones destined to succeed Business has evolved immensely in the past years Ive been workingwith fundamental shifts in the way we work and organise throughout th...

Medical Gases and Vacuum Systems in Hospitals

Medical gases are used for patients healthcare in different ways In the early of s healthcare providers recognised the hazards of using heavy high pressure cylinders of medical gases Instead medical gases and vacuum systems are provided by medical gases pipeline system MGPS

The Physician Integration Journey

This article aims to explore strategies for effective physician integration within hospitals and health systems The article provides definitional context to physician integration rationale for physician integration various models for integration and examples of application for practitioners consider...

Mock-up in The Design Stage - FPS’s particular attention

Designing a containment system is a long and elaborate process There are many variables and infinite solutions tailored to the customer For this reason the Mockup activity is fundamental to defining the system details simulating the operations and identifying any ergonomic problems Taking care of th...

How Can Healthcare Facilities Face Water Issues?

The Answer Comes From Newster Group
The Italian company is ready to launch a new technology for the reuse of sewage waste water and offers a wide range of possibilities thanks to customised products