Healthcare in Southeast Asia

Opportunities and challenges alike


Artificial Intelligence

Redesigning healthcare

Healthcare is a prime candidate for technological change AI is the most advanced and effective option for achieving the reforms Melissa Thompson Harcourt Health..

Connected Devices -Bridging the healthcare information gap


Augmented and Virtual Reality in Healthcare

Tools for providing better care


Managing Change

For successful transitions


Healthcare in Southeast Asia

Poised for growth


Healthcare Technology

The altering landscape


eHealth Revolution

New paradigm for healthcare information technology

We are moving towards a digital era where more and more things are electronic so more so than ever before the healthcare provider needs to know everything about it Kurt Long CEO FairWarning..

The adaptation continues

For healthcare providers it is important to remember that globalisation is here to stay..

Healthcare Genomics

The healthcare markets are witnessing launch of genetic tests personalised medicines therapies which in turn are influencing the clinical care and patient outcomes..