Virtual Hospitals

The next wave?

Imagine a scenario where the multispecialty hospitals worry less about patient walkins and focus more on offering clinical healthcare from a distance Here doctors and patients are not bound by the physical walls as hospitals make better use of digital technologies for providing virtual healthcare to patients No were not talking about an imaginary w...

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

With digital transformation the consumer rather than the technology is in the drivers seat and this matters Forbes Digital transformation has been the buzz word across industries the world over Healthcare as a sector has been relying on technology to provide better care in an efficient and effective manner Technology has revolutionised the

Deep Learning in Medical Imaging

Opportunities galore

Medical imaging plays a vital role in clinical practice Advancements in machine learning especially deep learning have contributed to a better understanding of medical images Deep learning helps in providing accurate prediction from datasets and can diagnose disease as accuratelyas expert physicians In Artificial Intelligence AI scientist Sebas...

Pain Management

Time to shift gears!

According to the Institute of Medicine of The National Academies million Americans suffer from chronic pain Pain is a critical public health issue in the United States costing the society US billion equivalent to per individual every year However it is not just an American epidemic chronic pain affects the lives of billion across the world Du...

Achieving High Reliability

The zero harm way

Despite nearly two decades of intense improvement efforts healthcare continues to be plagued by serious quality and safety problems Too many patients suffer from preventable infections falls with injury medication errors and other adverse events Mark Chassin President and CEO of The Joint Commission As

Innovations and Regulations in Healthcare

Bridging the Gap

Healthcare systems around the world have been grappling with challenges of meeting the everincreasing demand for better care Innovation and technological advancements have played a key role in improving care However innovation does not necessarily limit to new products or technologies More often than not innovation can happen around organising or e...

Healthcare in Southeast Asia

Opportunities and challenges alike

The Southeast Asias emerging countries are expected to witness tremendous growth in healthcare spending by These include Indonesia Philippines and Vietnam which are witnessing a widening reach and expansion of their healthcare systems to serve thousands of patients that have for long been deprived of proper care According to the Economist Intellig...

Artificial Intelligence

Redesigning healthcare

Evolving usage of technology in our daily lives is changing the healthcare industry to a great extent Machine learning and Artificial IntelligenceAI are already facilitating significant advancements to drive efficiencies and improve the quality of care This transformation is promising to continue its significance in the coming years Every day an...

Connected Devices -Bridging the healthcare information gap

The growth in connected medical devices and mobile medical apps can boost longterm patientengagement New data from Juniper Research suggests that the number of Internet of Things IoT connected devices would be US billion in up from US billion in The proliferation of connected devicesaccounting for US billion in and an expected US billion by in...

Augmented and Virtual Reality in Healthcare

Tools for providing better care

From Telemedicine to PHRs to EMRs to mHealth technology has for long been at forefront of providing better healthcare services to patients From digitization to mobile revolution healthcare industry has seen it all The world is slowly moving from mobile to wearable devices thanks to disruptive technologies like Virtual Reality VR and Augmented Reali...

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