Healthcare Management

This section covers the managerial aspects in the Healthcare industry.

China’s Private Hospitals

Set for Growth

Changing demographics and lifestyles in China are the reasons behind emerging opportunities for foreign companies to operate hospitals clinics and care homes in the country And the need is now widening to include primary care rehabilitation and elder care The range of incentives for foreign investor..

A Guide to Guard

Exploring different approaches for engaging physician leaders to deliver cost-effective and high quality care

The evolution of our healthcare system from a volumebased to a valuebased model is driving provider organisations to adopt patientcentric outcomesbased success metrics for operational processes in both acute and nonacute settings Within this new paradigm physician leadership is an essential componen..

Managing Change

An essential element of healthcare success

No surgeon would ever enter the operating room without a refined understanding of the relevant anatomy and physiology Yet one of the most compelling reasons for the chronically high failure rates of change initiatives is a limited appreciation for the fact that the focus and skills necessary to oper..

Are Healthcare Professionals Prepared to Succeed?


Innovation within recruitment and talent development should gain greater momentum widening its remit to drive change improvement and forward thinking..

Evidence-based Medicine and Outcomes Analysis

An evaluation

Evidencebased medicine is fast overtaking experiencebased medicine in the field of healthcare delivery Outcomes analysis allows the assessment of the quality of care delivered and matches them against the resource costs It is becoming increasingly imperative for the various stakeholders involved in ..

ACO Movement in the United States?

The movement to grow Accountable Care Organisations ACOs in the United States is now more than 600member strong As we move from an economic system based on feeforservice and volume to one based on paying for quality and value many changes will take place The changes are expanded culture of quality a..

Planning for Healthcare Demand and Growth in Southeast Asia

Asian healthcare is the new centre of gravity with the global healthcare growth Growth is primarily driven by robust fundamentals such as large rapidly growing ageing population increasing affluence rising middleclass and increasing incidence of chronic diseases However a large demandsupply gap and ..

How Information Therapy can Heal the Indian Healthcare System

The Indian healthcare system is sick what can we do to heal it In fact even the term healthcare system itself is a misnomer In reality what we have in India is a medley of doctors who are used to providing episodic care to people when they fall ill Healthcare is fragmented and disorganised and ther..

The Future of Healthcare

It’s Connected, Personal and Team-based

Health systems in Asia are overly reliant on acute and specialist care while rapidly ageing and complex chronic patients require greater care beyond the hospital Integrated and predictive care models will help engage patients earlier and more consistently through their healthcare journeys technolog..

From Drawers to Digital

Evolving health ecosystem in India

This article will include the evolution the current state the issues and challenges and foresight into where Indian healthcare segment can be at the current pace and where it ideally should be 10 years down the line It will also include how Health IT which includes HIS SMAC and virtual health teleme..