Healthcare management

Healthcare management has huge demand these days as it really helps in managing a hospital or a medical office. The scope of Healthcare Management systems is increasing by each day and it is true for the entire world. Healthcare Management solutions are more than one factor that contributes to the increasing demand in the healthcare sector. Some of these solutions include improved awareness about Healthcare Management services, health policies and enhancement in the demand for world class health care facilities in Hospital management Asia. In an ever-changing world, healthcare management is essential to compete in the industry in providing better care to patients.


Critical future factors for the next normal

We have certainly seen examples of both the successes and failures intrinsic in the management of the coronavirus crisis When history books are written the headlines will include the fact that COVID was the disruption few adequately planned for



Artificial intelligence is playing a major role in the development of various new kinds of products to help the people in the pandemic


In an increasingly diverse world hospital systems must be fundamentally aware of cultural differences and strategise ways to overcome challenges posed by the lack of people integration and respect of cultural differences and appreciate that the meltingpot era is over


We are seeing more emphasis placed on valuedriven care across emerging ASEAN and particularly in Singapore Clinicians are increasingly focused on delivering better value in addition to positive healthcare outcomes What this means for healthcare equipment providers is the need to demonstrate our clinical value through efficiencies that improve the p...


Emerging role of technology

Food and foodrelated safety has come to the fore because of the current pandemic Healthcare institutions and hospitals dealing with children and the elderly who are at a much higher risk need to provide more vigilance and scrutiny in the services they deliver


The king is back!

As markets in AsiaPacific gradually reopen and a sense of normalcy returns various analysts expect private hospitals to have a strong performance from second half of relying on pent up demand of patients for elective and chronic treatments


Doctor-patient relationship in the times of a pandemic

We have often heard of the adage A good physician treats the disease the great physician treats the patient who has the diseaseThe relationship patients have with their doctor involves a great amount of trust and vulnerability and like any relationship this too deepens with time


Universal Health coverage UHC is the platform that seeks to overcome inequality in tackling the service provision gap and financial gap that populations face The role of ICT to build the essential building blocks of UHC has been accepted However there are many areas that require further research and evaluation

How Conflict Between Medical Professionals Impacts Patients

In the United States the total financial blow of dealing with workplace conflict is estimated to be at US billion in paid hours or hours per week for each involved employee This is based on a May study commissioned by the CPP to analyse workers attitudes about conflict fulltime employees in nine countries around Europe and the Americas were surv...



Longevity has been one of the greatest benefits of advances in medicine and better prevention strategies across the world Globally population of people over years is increasing at a faster rate than any other population group More and more people are living longer albeit with comorbidities This means that the need for health and care services for...

Lean and Service

Go hand-in-hand

Lean is not mean In fact lean must mean an intended service one with a welldefined service level to meet the expectations of any person or for that matter any process A process is made to ensure the replication of a set of expected results In fact one can build up expectations for our brands and ensure that they are maintained by lean methods


A healthcare provider can today virtually appear on a screen and most often make a reasonable diagnosis and give proper advice reviewing available investigations

Decentralisation of Southeast Asia's Healthcare Ecosystem

Following the money

For decades hospitals in Southeast Asia functioned as the central hub for patients to receive healthcare Patients needing diagnosis and treatment from the mild to the severe converge together at the hospital In a trustbased industry like healthcare hospitals are the paragon


Often patients must travel a long distance to access healthcare services that may not be available close to their place of residence


An overview

The term hack generally signifies writing a computer programme for enjoyment while thon is taken from the word Marathon denoting a specific clearly defined difficult timerestricted objective involving concentrated effort


Smart is an oftenused word today with varied and interlinked meanings

Blockchain in Healthcare

Keeping patient data safe and secure

For the reader who is not accustomed to blockchain technology here is one of the most complete definitions provided by Deloitte


An overview

Advances in neurosciences are redefining and enhancing our understanding of how we make decisions in general and how consumers make decisions from a marketing perspective


The reality

Employment opportunities in the healthcare industry and in particular in the nursing field are expected to grow over the next ten years


Feeforservice is on its last legs in the United States


The symphony

Communication and Information CI forms the base of care delivery and many times the outcomes of situations

Advancing the Role of Entrepreneurship

Healthcare in developing countries

The United Nations UN has recognised the need for a holistic approach of sustainable development where health environment and social wellbeing are being targeted together through the new global Sustainable Development Goals SDGs In the healthcare sector Universal Health Coverage UHC is the platform that seeks to overcome inequality in tackling the...

The Science of Healthcare Delivery

Construct and its impact on service delivery

There are many aspects to healthcare delivery the spread aided by market factors government policy and regulations the enablers like IT digitisation connected health etc the support ecosystem like pharma and device etc and the delivery construct at the organisational level


Globally healthcare systems are under pressure to improve quality and patient outcomes using evidencebased interventions Many healthcare organisations are turning to industrial improvement approaches such as the lean management system S model Six sigma etc to enhance quality and safety

The Science of Healthcare Delivery

The Science of Healthcare Delivery can spiral the ecosystem to elevate the health index of citizens ensuring lower spend on curative This science has the ability to transcend the challenges through the supplication of basic needs through the layers of the pyramid of the existing systems also sideways to help better the generic civic amenities avail...


Healthcare administrators are responsible for the overall management of a hospital starting from managing finances and handling the daily operations Here the priorities keep on changing constantly Improving Care management would help hospitals to improve their financial performance if they strengthen customer loyalty build reputation and brand and...


Recently we had the opportunity to listen to a very senior paediatrician in Bangalore India talk about the kind of technologies which will empower clinicians It was inspiring to see an expert with such a vast experience talk about technology thats needed to make his diagnosis more objective and to improve patient care We were able to discuss and co...

Patient Experience

The past, the present, and the future

The term patient experience is subjective to the factors not directly associated with the quality of processes The measurement of patient experience is complicated by numerous terms and usages that have been applied Therefore patient experience is seen as a central out

Virtual Patient Advocates

To Be . . . or Not to Be?

As a speaker and consultant on ways for medical personnel to be more effective communicators with their patients I am often described by people as a patient advocate That I am not its not because I dont believe patient advocacy but it simply wasnt my experien

Space Medicine as a Speciality

Improbable yes; impossible no

The recent announcement by ISRO Indian Space Research Organisation that India would be embarking on a Human Space Programme Gaganyaan scheduled for launch in December has excited hard core telehealth evangelists in India India will now be the fourth country in the world after Russia USA and China to launch a manned space flight Monitoring in real...


Better hires, better outcomes

Radical transformation is underway in healthcare The industry is grappling with massive changes in areas such as regulation competition delivery consumerism technology operations The accelerated speed of change leaves little room for hiring missteps And in healthcare poor hiring decisions endanger not only the business but also the patients F...


In relation to patient safety

The healthcare system in India provides great discrepancy in quality To maintain the quality of healthcare system and to protect the health and safety of patients comprehensive vigilance is required Materiovigilance and haemovigilance programs have evolved to reduce the likelihood of recurrence of the harmful incidents thereby improving the quality...


Does Malaysia Healthcare have what it takes?

What are the major initiatives required to become a Number One Global Medical Travel Destination Firstly we focus on creating awareness of Malaysia Healthcares worldclass quality accessible and affordable service offerings through our branding campaigns and marketing initiatives both locally and internationally explained Sherene Azli CE

Steps to Establishing Effective and Long-Lasting Patient Family Advisory Councils

In our valuebased system of healthcare its more imperative today than ever before to involve patients and family members in their own care A Patient Family Advisory Council PFAC can offer hospitals and h


The challenges of a changing world

Primary healthcare is the first level of contact of individuals and communities with the healthcare system The AlmaAta Declaration Health For All is broadly accepted to be a precise statement of the principles of primary healthcare With a few exceptions it was observed that a number of countries adopted targets and expressed their commitments to pr...

Less is More

Your brand plan isn’t fit for purpose. Here’s how to fix it, easily.

In life science companies the brand plan is ubiquitous important and expensive Every brand has one it drives success or causes failure and brand teams invest huge amounts of time and money in the annual ritual of writing and executing this essential document And yet the brand plan itself if often an object of ridicule Once written it rarely beco...

High Reliability in Healthcare

Creating the culture and mindset for patient safety

As the world moved into the safety record of commercial aviation in was big news was the safest year for commercial flight ever with one fatal accident for every million flights While may have been a bit of an outlier there is a clear trend of decreasing fatality in commercial aviation fatality risk dropped per cent from to This safety reco...

Pain and the Patient Environment

A US perspective

From the earliest beliefs in death being divine to the use of prayer and rituals to ward off evil spirits to the beginnings of science and medicine being codified by research scientific discovery and now to evidencebased practice pain remains difficult to comprehend and manage For hundreds of years the medical community believed th Century Frenc...

The High Reliability Challenge in healthcare, continuing the journey

The contemporary healthcare ecosystem is a complex entity It is driven by huge expectations limited by scarce resources and rampant with comorbidities and complexities Combine this with an ageing population multiple interpersonal relationships within hospitals and less than optimal usage of information technology and you have an environment that is...

Assessments and the Crucial Role it can Play while Preparing Future Leaders in the Healthcare Space

Healthcare has become one of Indias largest sectors both in terms of revenue employment The total industry size is expected to touch USD billion by The hospital segment is highly fragmented with per cent of the hospitals being established and operated by doctors trusts and the balance are being managed by corporate hospitals chains The age old...

The Growing Trend of Open Innovation

Approaches is Stimulating Health Innovation

Singapores thriving entrepreneurial startup environment is a case in point Singapores government has recognised the value of innovative thought leadership and entrepreneurial experimentation and has set about providing the infrastructure and support needed to foster them with a variety of accelerator and incubator spaces National University of S...

Rising to the Health Equity Challenge

Health equity is a hot topic It is a common issue rolled out by leaders when describing their vision for their highperforming healthcare institutions It receives thoughtful nods clear verbal support and declarations of it being a priority But if they are pressed to describe specific progress they are makingor even what exactly they include in their...

Managing and Delivering Healthcare

Looking forward to challenges

The growing demand for the quality healthcare and the absence of delivery mechanisms pose a great challenge the key growth inhibitor includes fastest growing population and informal costs Healthcare industry should be able to carry out planning monitoring and controlling the delivery system in affordable cost In response new service models delivery...

Recruiting Medical Staff

It is the culture not the money

Engagement starts before the first day of work The competition to recruit and the great advantage to permanently retain the best clinicians is not accomplished by money or flashy perks It takes clarity of purpose lived values and real communication The payoff is efficiency quality and growth The shortage of high quality medical staff can be a cr...

Reactive, Acute Care to Proactive and Preventive Care

By engaging patients

Healthcare systems around the world are recognising the shift from reactive acute care to proactive and preventive care This comes at a time when countries are facing the challenges of an ageing population which in turn has an impact on the healthcare system with potentially unsustainable rise in healthcare spending Japan Korea Australia and Singap...

Nurses are Expected to Embrace Technology

Who is there to address their woes?

Historically nursing in India had evolved under British rule The British Medical Services later known as the Indian Medical Services were the first to develop nursing as a profession in India Nursing as a profession has evolved over the years from being an art based human approach to a technology oriented science subject The role of nurses has c...

National Health Policy

A welcome move in the healthcare industry

A health policy is a structured framework of a set of decisions and plan of action undertaken to achieve specific healthcare goals within the society These health policies help the government to implement and monitor various health services across the country to ensure basic health benefits reach citizens across all demographic and economic class W...

Healthcare Business Models in Southeast Asia

Evolution is vital

Despite an increasing demand for higher quality healthcare fuelled by an expanding middle class the private healthcare industry has lost some of its lustre Hospitals in general are seeing a triple threat of general decline of medical tourism reduced margins and an increasingly competitive environment While external demand looks promising in the lon...

Becoming World Class, with Class

Conventional wisdom and thousands of business books spend an endless amount of time talking about the keys to outgrowing outprofiting and outmaneuvering your competition Many will use this wisdom to attempt to crush those in their path resulting in occasional usually shortterm success But there is another way There is another way to be successfulno...

ACO meets Triple Aim and save $millions

The Triple Aim as described by Berwick states that the health of populations should be improved and at the same time the costs of the healthcare system should be reduced What is new in the Triple Aim is an emphasis on the experience of the patient in the healthcare systemThese three aims can take place without incurring additional costsIn fact the...