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HealthCare Management

Healthcare management has huge demand these days as it really helps in managing a hospital or a medical office. The scope of Healthcare Management systems is increasing by each day and it is true for the entire world. Healthcare Management solutions are more than one factor that contributes to the increasing demand in the healthcare sector. Some of these solutions include improved awareness about Healthcare Management services, health policies and enhancement in the demand for world class health care facilities in Hospital management Asia. In an ever-changing world, healthcare management is essential to compete in the industry in providing better care to patients.

Health of Healthcare Professionals

I have worked in healthcare for over two decades I started from the shop floor working my way up

Competency-based Medical Education

Medical education is metamorphosing into objectivity and every detail needs to be captured and replicated

The Effects of Employee Mental Health on Organisational Health

Poor employee mental health costs India Inc around US billion yearly



Healthcare has always been seen as delivered by doctors in a brick and mortar setting where the patient reaches the structure in times of sickness

Prioritising the Mental Health and Well-being of Healthcare Workers

How to improve your mental health while sitting at the workplace

The COVID pandemic has had tremendous effect on health systems in the majority of the worlds nations particularly in regard to the mental health and wellbeing of healthcare professionals working at the forefront of the pandemic response on a regular basis Prior to the pandemic topics related to the emotional and mental health of healthcare professi...


In Asia the ageing population is expected to increase to per cent by from per cent in

Building Sustainable Healthcare Access in 2023 and Beyond

How should Asia prepare?

The disruption caused by COVID has created a rallying cry to build sustainable healthcare access for the people

Approach to Healthcare and to the Delivery of Services

Present and future trends

This is a vast topic which normally cannotbe encompassed

Factors to consider for a successful roll-out of diversity and inclusion initiatives

Building an effective diversity and inclusion strategy starts with considering talent management

Making Healthcare Truly Inclusive by Improving Diversity

Workplace discrimination remains a fundamental problem in society and healthcare institutions are no exception

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