Healthcare Management

Healthcare management has huge demand these days as it really helps in managing a hospital or a medical office. The scope of Healthcare Management systems is increasing by each day and it is true for the entire world. Healthcare Management solutions are more than one factor that contributes to the increasing demand in the healthcare sector. Some of these solutions include improved awareness about Healthcare Management services, health policies and enhancement in the demand for world class health care facilities in Hospital management Asia. In an ever-changing world, healthcare management is essential to compete in the industry in providing better care to patients.

The High Reliability Challenge in healthcare, continuing the journey

The healthcare industry has embarked upon several initiatives to raise standards of clinical outcomes quality and patient safety yet a lot more is needed to ensure the absolute best for the patient An exemplary case in point the aviation industrys repute for safety has been built over decades of per..

Assessments and the Crucial Role it can Play while Preparing Future Leaders in the Healthcare Space

What parameters would help identify successful leaders ie assessing leaders internally from Hospital administrators to COO of an organisation or from technical expertise to hospital administration Are leaders ready to take on newer roles How Assessment can help identify this and how it is extremely..

The Growing Trend of Open Innovation

Approaches is Stimulating Health Innovation

Collaborations between academia industry and government are increasingly creating the kinds of fertile environments where health innovation can sprout and flourish..

Rising to the Health Equity Challenge

Health Equity is not only poorly understood but poorly managed in most organisations and countries The difference between equity and equality needs to clear The leaders path to address these basic issues for Staff those we serve and the community is not complex it is just very hard..

Managing and Delivering Healthcare

Looking forward to challenges

The growing demand for the quality healthcare and the absence of delivery mechanisms pose a great challenge the key growth inhibitor includes fastest growing population and informal costs Healthcare industry should be able to carry out planning monitoring and controlling the delivery system in affor..

Recruiting Medical Staff

It is the culture not the money

It is the Culture not the Money The competition to recruit and the great advantage to permanently retain the best medical staff is not accomplished by money or flashy perks It takes clarity of purpose lived values and real communication The payoff is efficiency quality and growth..

Reactive, Acute Care to Proactive and Preventive Care

By engaging patients

Healthcare systems around the world are recognising the need to move from feeforservice to valuebased healthcare This requires a focus on raising the quality of care as the driver towards value rather than pure cost reduction as well as engaging the patient It requires a shift in understanding that ..

Nurses are Expected to Embrace Technology

Who is there to address their woes?

Historically developed under the British rule nursing was one of the first profession to develop in India This noble profession has witnessed tremendous evolution strides in all spheres including technology medicine and medical equipment From being considered as an art based human subject it has evo..

National Health Policy

A welcome move in the healthcare industry

The revision in the national health policy is a landmark event as this has been revised in India after 14 years The policy highlights the increased spend in healthcare which will go up to 25 per cent of GDP hopefully in the next 5 to 10 years The policy also recognises that there are certain types o..

Healthcare Business Models in Southeast Asia

Evolution is vital

Healthcare facilities in Southeast Asia are facing a triple threat of more insurance claims a slowdown in medical tourism and increased competition A uniform slide in thirdquarter earnings of major facilities providers last year was the clearest indicator yet that they must initiate business model ..