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This section focusses on the cutting-edge research and findings in the various disciplines of healthcare around the world.

Safety And Outcome Of Medical Thoracoscopy As Diagnostic Tool For Pleural And Pulmonary Diseases

Abstract Background The accurate diagnosis of pleural effusion is challenging because even after thoracocentesis andor closed pleural biopsy 2540 of pleural effusion remains undiagnosed Thoracoscopy is now considered the approach of choice for diagnosis of certain kinds of pleural diseases such as..

Using Electronic Health Record Collected Clinical Variables To Predict Medical Intensive Care Unit Mortality

Abstract Background Clinical decision support systems are used to help predict patient stability and mortality in the Intensive Care Unit ICU Accurate patient information can assist clinicians with patient management and in allocating finite resources However systems currently in common use have l..

Cost-utility Analysis Of An Integrated Care Model For Multimorbid Patients Based On A Clinical Trial

Abstract Objective To conduct a costutility analysis on an integrated healthcare model comprising an assigned internist and a hospital liaison nurse for patients with multimorbidity compared to a conventional reactive healthcare system Methods A cluster randomised clinical trial was conducted Th..

Healthcare-seeking Behaviour And Management Of Type 2 Diabetes: From Ugandan Traditional Healers’ Perspective

Abstract Background Healthcareseeking behaviour has been investigated to a limited extent in persons with diabetes and the way traditional healers manage diabetes still needs exploration Aim To explore healthcareseeking behaviour and management of type 2 diabetes from the perspective of traditio..

Improved Classical Cipher For Healthcare Applications

Abstract Ehealth is rapidly picking up the gear and providing lots of services It facilitates novel solutions for the problems suffered by the aged people as well as the people affected with chronic diseases Apart from the above services it devotes much interest in personal fitness The healthcare s..

Improving Our Understanding Of Multi-tasking In Healthcare: Drawing Together The Cognitive Psychology And Healthcare Literature

Abstract Multitasking is an important skill for clinical work which has received limited research attention Its impacts on clinical work are poorly understood In contrast there is substantial multitasking research in cognitive psychology driver distraction and humancomputer interaction This review ..

Electronic Health Record-based Assessment Of Cardiovascular Health: The Stroke Prevention In Healthcare Delivery Environments (Sphere) Study

Abstract 3 of Americans have ideal cardiovascular health CVH The primary care encounter provides a setting in which to conduct patientprovider discussions of CVH We implemented a CVH risk assessment visualization and decisionmaking tool that automatically populates with electronic health record EH..

Role Of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy & Diffusion Weighted Imaging In Differentiation Of Supratentorial Brain Tumors

Abstract Purpose To evaluate the role of magnetic resonance spectroscopy diffusion weighted imaging DWI in differentiating between primary and secondary brain tumors Patients methods This prospective study was performed for 40 patients Diffusion weighted image DWI and apparent diffusion coeffi..

Challenges In Patient Safety Improvement Research In The Era Of Electronic Health Records

Abstract Electronic health record EHR data repositories contain large volumes of aggregated longitudinal clinical data that could allow patient safety researchers to identify important safety issues and conduct comprehensive evaluations of health care delivery outcomes However few health systems ha..

The Usefulness Of Diagnostic Imaging For The Assessment Of Pain Symptoms In Temporomandibular Disorders

Summary The causes of pain symptoms in the temporomandibular joint TMJ and masticatory muscle MM regions may not be determined by clinical examination alone In this review we document that pain symptoms of the TMJ and MM regions in patients with temporomandibular disorders TMDs are associated with ..