Research Insights

This section focusses on the cutting-edge research and findings in the various disciplines of healthcare around the world.

Cardiac and renal function interactions in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction: A mathematical modeling analysis

Congestive heart failure is characterized by suppressed cardiac output and arterial filling pressure leading to renal retention of salt and water contributing to further volume overload Mathematical modeling provides a means to investigate the integrated function

Disparities in United States hospitalizations for serious infections in patients with and without opioid use disorder: A nationwide observational study

Patients with opioid use disorder OUD who are hospitalized for serious infections requiring prolonged intravenous antibiotics may face barriers to discharge which could prolong hospital length of stay LOS and increase financial burden

Psychological and pharmacological interventions for posttraumatic stress disorder and comorbid mental health problems following complex traumatic events

Complex traumatic events associated with armed conflict forcible displacement childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence are increasingly prevalent People exposed to complex traumatic events are at risk of not only posttraumatic stress disorder

Age and the association between apolipoprotein E genotype and Alzheimer disease: A cerebrospinal fluid biomarker–based case–control study

The allele of apolipoprotein E APOE gene and increasing age are two of the most important known risk factors for developing Alzheimer disease AD The diagnosis of AD based on clinical symptoms alone is known to have poor specificity

Projections of incident atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and incident type 2 diabetes across evolving statin treatment guidelines and recommendations: A modelling study

Experimental and observational research has suggested the potential for increased type diabetes TD risk among populations taking statins for the primary prevention of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease ASCVD However few studies have directly compared

A clinical algorithm for same-day HIV treatment initiation in settings with high TB symptom prevalence in South Africa: The SLATE II individually randomized clinical trial

Many countries encourage sameday initiation of antiretroviral therapy ART but evidence on eligibility for sameday initiation how best to implement it and its impact on outcomes remains scarce Building on the Simplified Algorithm for Treatment Eligibility

Factors associated with implant survival following total hip replacement surgery

Nearly people underwent total hip replacement THR in the United Kingdom in and most can expect it to last at least years However some THRs fail and require revision surgery which results in worse outcomes for the patient and is costly to the health service

Gabapentin in pregnancy and the risk of adverse neonatal and maternal outcomes: A population-based cohort study nested in the US Medicaid Analytic eXtract dataset

Despite the widespread use only sparse information is available on the safety of gabapentin during pregnancy We sought to evaluate the association between gabapentin exposure during pregnancy and risk of adverse neonatal and maternal outcomes

COVID-19 prevention and treatment: A critical analysis of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine clinical pharmacology

Chloroquine chlorodiethylaminomethylbutylamino quinoline is a aminoquinoline compound discovered in Germany in as part of a research programme to develop new antimalarial drugs Hydroxychloroquine

A multiple risk factor program is associated with decreased risk of cardiovascular disease in 70-year-olds: A cohort study from Sweden

In individuals below years of age primary prevention programs have not been successful in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease CVD and death However no large study to our knowledge has previously evaluated the effects of prevention programs in individuals