Medical Sciences

With the advent of Medical Sciences, we have commenced living a better and longer life. It is known fact that Medical Sciences and Health care are one of the crucial necessities of our life. Modern Medical Science and technology contemplates on searching for internal causes of illness such as germs and viruses inside the human body. While tests, laboratory experiments are popular in modern Medical Sciences Asia, the human bodies are treated as material objects. More attention needs to be paid while considering it. Today, science and technology play a crucial role in the healthcare industry and has the power of curing almost any disease, except a few that are still incurable.

New Approaches for the Development of Diagnostic Systems for Prostate Cancer

Current prostate cancer diagnostic approaches fail to provide sufficient evidence for treatment decisionmaking Since many prostate cancers are slow growing or non lifethreatening over treatment of indolent disease has become a major issue for doctors and prostate cancer patients The ongoing trend to..

Risk Assessment and Early Detection Key to Timely Treatment of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is most common among women worldwide Of late it has been observed that the age group of women who fall prey to this disease has reduced to 30s and 40s Women using contraceptive pills for 10 years or more are at an increased risk of getting breast cancer..

Intermittent Hypoxia Therapy

A non-invasive treatment

In addition to improving athletic performance Intermittent Hypoxia Therapy IHT has been found to have positive effects on conditions such as coronary heart disease cardiological disease bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease metabolic disorders obesity type II diabetes and aids i..

Managing Diabetes Better

Diabetacare Clinico-Technology Solution

Diabetacare ClinicoTechnology Solution enables efficient close monitoring and management of people living with diabetes Aim is to enhance patient care enabling healthcare providers to asynchronously communicate with their patients in a technology enabled and hightouch model minimising risk of errors..

Targeting Angiogenesis

An unmet need in gastric cancer

Gastric cancer is the fifth most common cancer in the world and the thirdleading cause of cancerrelated deaths Asia in particular has the highest incidence rates and remains a significant public health problem as it often presents itself at the advanced stages with poor prognosis The focus of resear..

Chemical Allergy in Healthcare

This article will present a review of the problem of chemical allergies associated with glove use and key considerations in the selection and use of alternative medical glove products to minimise and or prevent chemical allergies..

Advanced Colorectal Cancer

Improving the survival rate

The management of Colorectal Cancer liver metastases has evolved over the past decade as a result of using more sophisticated imaging technology effective systemic therapies including multidrug treatment regimes with advanced surgical techniques This has greatly improved response rates resectability..

Treatment of Stroke

Acting on the symptoms

Prompt recognition of suspected stroke symptoms and immediate activation of Emergency Medical Services EMS are crucial to effective prehospital stroke care early access to stroke specialist services and successful management..

Heart failure management

Monitoring with implantable devices

Implantable devices including pacemakers defibrillators and cardiac resynchronisation systems may play a role in helping monitor the progress of heart failure in an individual patient..

Convergence in the Life Sciences Industry

Combination products show the way

Driven by market forces a need for new growth avenues and an ever more conscious consumer medical device pharma and diagnostics companies are coming together to deliver innovative solutions..