Medical sciences

With the advent of Medical Sciences, we have commenced living a better and longer life. It is known fact that Medical Sciences and Health care are one of the crucial necessities of our life. Modern Medical Science and technology contemplates on searching for internal causes of illness such as germs and viruses inside the human body. While tests, laboratory experiments are popular in modern Medical Sciences Asia, the human bodies are treated as material objects. More attention needs to be paid while considering it. Today, science and technology play a crucial role in the healthcare industry and has the power of curing almost any disease, except a few that are still incurable.

Cardiac Transplantation in the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Population

Heart transplantation has become an effective therapy for patients with end stage heart failure The success rate has now been translated to a median survival of close to eleven years Considering patients with end stage heart failure have a mortality that is close to per cent at one year this is a fabulous achievement from science and medicine


In all the discussions regarding vaccinationto have one or two or nonetheres a critical component missing our innate human capacity to heal ourselves our natural immunity


Improving patient experience

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally and accounts for nearly million lives in Asia according to a report in This indicates that there is a pressing need to provide good quality cancer care in Asia

Sacubitril Valsartan in HFrEF

An observational series in ambulatory patients with HFrEF

In this retrospective case series transition from angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor or angiotensin receptor blocker to sacubitrilvalsartan was associated with an early and significant decrease in pulmonary artery pressure

Respiratory Care

Insights on access and affordability

COVID has created awareness of ventilators and the importance of respiratory care The people who battled COVID and survived will need to continue to manage their respiratory care regardless of whether they receive a vaccination Recovering lung function and maintaining lung health is a lifelong journey after COVID

Remote Patient Monitoring Steadies Clinical Outcomes, Aims for Optimal Patient Comfort

As we hope for a drop in the COVID contraction rate we are also witnessing a steady growth in the demand for remote patient monitoring devices Especially now at a time when doing anything remotely has become the new normal thanks to the pandemic that has made us almost immobile over the last few months

Challenges Faced in the Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke

A recent CERENOVUS study led by Leonard Yeo revealed that achieving firstpass success in mechanical thrombectomy improves functional outcomes for patients and lowers the cost of treating acute ischemic stroke in Asia Pacific Against a backdrop of increasing burden of stroke such findings provide healthcare professionals with an opportunity to advan...


The coronavirus disease COVID pandemic has an enormous impact on social economic and healthcare networks Every sector of the healthcare system has been hit by the pandemic and must now face significant worldwide rearrangements on access to cure and clinical priorities including among the others reorganisations of cardiovascular health systems

High Heart Rate in Hypertension

What should the clinician do in patients with tachycardia?

The Resting Heart Rate RHR represents a reliable marker of autonomic nervous system tone High RHR is due to sympathoadrenergic predominance reflecting increased sympathetic discharge and reduced vagal activity a condition that is genetically determined

Infectious Diseases, Chronic Disease and Prevention

COVID has exposed the health quotient of countries and geographies the basic civic sense of the populace the healthcare infrastructure the political saga and our susceptibility to economic distress It has also exposed the pollution levels caused by urbanisation thus exposing effects on health

COVID-19 from Bench to Bedside

Why deep understanding of human physiology may help doctors deter the virus?

The novel coronavirus COVID causing Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome SARSCoV was considered responsible forthe huge number of respiratory tract infections leading to severe respiratory and systemic complications in many cases all over the world Much to the surprise of many physicians the effectiveness of conventional intensive care therapies eg me...


A shield of protection in the battle against COVID-19

As we begin Unlock in India realisation strikes that we are threequarters into the year A year that has been unlike any other in most of our lifetimes with the COVID pandemic bringing the world to a halt


COVID or the Corona Virus has in a few weeks transformed life on this normally peaceful planet This exponential disruption is not primarily because of the mortality or morbidity of the virus itself but is a consequence of the massive global measures sought to be taken to contain the possible rapid spread of the virus Response has to be almost in re...


Much as I would like to be talking thinking about Corona the Beer in the present tense it is Corona the Virus that is taking up much mind space As we hear of the numbers swinging up one sees hears and feels a sense of fear anger on presence and absence of responsibility to the various causes as well as the spread of it


A modern Pandora’s box

Over the past week terms like social distancing and self quarantine have become common parlance Apprehension is escalating about COVID and mandates to cancel events work from home schools being closed staying away from congregations and so on have gained momentum It is frightening for all as families worry about loved ones around the world brood ab...


Significant drivers affecting emergency and hospital design

The current outbreak of COVID has given all countries a jolt and made them think about their healthcare facilities in a new light Most countries are struggling with a lack of isolation wards and adequate decontamination facilities It is the need of the hour for health professionals operators government departments to implement disaster preparedness...

Prevention of Infectious and Chronic Diseases

An indispensable investment

The world has developed an expanded global health system for the protection of known and unknown infectious disease threats and to promote human health However the system continues to be challenged by emerging and reemerging infectious disease threats These threats vary in terms of severity and probability with the consequences for morbidity and mo...


From physiology to clinical setting

The huge progress in cardiovascular science and physiology has contributed to the development of highly advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies in cardiology for last three decades


Obesity is a complex disorder and a major health risk factor linked to cardiovascular disease stroke cancer hypertension diabetes and mortality

Anticoagulation of Patients with Atrial Fibrillation and High Bleeding Risk

In the era of new oral (non-vitamin K antagonists) anticoagulants

NonValvular Atrial fibrillation NVAF is known to be the most common sustained cardiac arrhythmia worldwide and is recognised to increase the risk of major ischemic stroke by fivefold Oral anticoagulants are used to reduce this risk


Amyloid transthyretin ATTR cardiac amyloidosis is increasingly recognised as a cause of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction HFpEF


The cost of sleep debt is much heavier than one may comprehend Sleep is a restorative process which plays a very crucial role in our physical mental and emotional health It has profound consequences on ones overall health and well being

Cardiovascular AI Risk Score Programme

Clinical AI for all

Cardiovascular diseases have grown to epidemic proportions in developing countries such as India where lifestyle patterns have changed significantly due to growing urbanisation dietary habits reduced physical activity and associated psychological stress

Leading Infectious Diseases among Under-5 Children in Developing Countries

Global child mortality has decreased substantially since due to vaccinations adequate nutrition and health education however mortality and morbidity remain high among the developing countries

Clinical Breast Examination

Clinical breast examination is one part of whats called the triple test for breast cancer The triple test involves some form of imaging such as mammography or MRI biopsy as another arm and Clinical Breast Examination CBE CBE is used by health professionals such as general practitioners breast surgeons and breastcare nurses trained to recognise diff...

Quality Primary Care for Disease Prevention and Management

The universallyaccessible primary care is a fundamental component of an effective health system as per the Declaration of AlmaAta Global comparisons among different countries have repeatedly indicated that healthcare systems with a strong primary care sector evidently achieve better health outcomes and cost savings than underdeveloped primary care...



We caught up with Professor Sylvia Haas the grand doyenne of Novel Oral Anticoagulants NOACs after one of her presentations at the APSC Congress in Taipei Prof Haas has been involved in the research and development of direct factor Xa inhibitor NOACs for more than years In that time she has been a codeveloper of several NOACs including rivaraxoba...


Obesity terminology and its existence as a disease has been surrounded by controversy in the fraternity Though the recognition of obesity as a disease is increasing variable acknowledgment in health policies continues to exist across the globe The recognition of obesity as a disease is important and has been long debated The conventional Biostat...

Why is Crowdfunded Medical Aid so Popular and Successful in China?

A new innovation in China allows users to get up to CNY in medical aid if they are diagnosed with one of serious diseases like cancer heart attack etc by paying only about CNY US per year Crowdfunded medical aid is based on the philosophy of one for all all for one It is a new type of internet insurance platform that aims to help critically ill...

Measuring the Health-Related Life Quality of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

The simultaneous assessments of medical care quality and outcomes are equally essential However routine measurement of patients Quality of Life QOL requires intensive attention QOL instruments measure individuals own views of his wellbeing The core components of QOL are physical psychologicalemotional functional and workoccupational QOL has been co...

Diabesity (Diabetes & Obesity)

Newer surgical options shaping up!

Obesity is a major global economic problem It is a complex disorder and a major health risk factor linked to cardiovascular disease stroke cancer hypertension diabetes and mortality Large scale developmental activities and urbanisation in India have brought significant changes in lifestyle and dietary habits in the growing population According to W...

The Prospects of Cancer Care in Asia

Integrated services

Asia is the worlds most diverse and populous continent billion of the worlds billion people live there and the population will increase to billion by with China and India alone accounting for per cent of the worldwide population As a consequence of continuing socioeconomic development and increasing control of communicable diseases life ex...

Trends in Indian Cancer Market

The physiology of each organ in the human body is different Cancer diagnosis produces varying impact on a cancer patients lifeemotional social and financial Cancer is not just a disease Its a disease that can become resistant to almost anything India is slated to become the country with the maximum populace of individuals below the age of years by...

The Global Advancement of Diabetes Management

It is hard to believe that years ago diagnosis of diabetes meant death Since the discovery of insulin in the mortality rate has decreased but people with diabetes have suffered from longterm complications leading to blindness kidney failure amputation and heart attack With time the focus on the management of diabetes has shifted from keeping pati...

Head and Neck Cancer

Symptoms, early detection and prevention

Head and Neck Cancer refer to tumours that develop in the region of mouth throat larynx nose and sinuses The symptoms of Head and Neck cancer may include a lump or a sore throat or a mouth ulcer that does not get healed difficulty in swallowing or change in the voice There may also be neck swelling unusual bleeding facial swelling or difficulty in...

Risk Factors for Development of Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease CVD is the number one killer in the world Globally about million people die every year due to CVD More than threefourths of the deaths occur in developing countries Sustainable Development Goals SDGs target is to reduce premature mortality through prevention and treatment of noncommunicable diseases by In the World Congres...

New Approaches for the Development of Diagnostic Systems for Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer PCa is one of the most common malignancies of men The incidence rates are especially high in developed countries which have the oldest population profiles and therefore increased risk of prostate cancer around in prostate cancers cases are diagnosed in men over the age of The diagnostic incidence of prostate cancer across the US F...

Risk Assessment and Early Detection Key to Timely Treatment of Breast Cancer

As the incidence of breast cancer sees a sharp increase creating awareness about the disease and diagnosing it on time can make the difference between life and death for many women Among all the ailments that affect women breast cancer seems to be the most dreaded mostly because of the stigma attached to the disease and the apparent increase in...

Intermittent Hypoxia Therapy

A non-invasive treatment

IHT is not well known in the west how long has it been used in Russia How many people have undergone IHT so far There are references to crude attempts at treatments that seem similar to intermittent hypooxidating back to the middle ages However modern scientific study of intermittent hypoxia therapy also known as periodic hypoxia interval hypox...

Managing Diabetes Better

Diabetacare Clinico-Technology Solution

The prevalence of diabetes is rising globally About million people live with diabetes in India and the World Health Organization estimates that an additional million remain ignorant of their condition This means that nearly in Indians suffers from this condition but is either unaware of it or is slipping through the treatment cracks with inadeq...

Targeting Angiogenesis

An unmet need in gastric cancer

Targeted therapy for disrupting tumour blood circulation antiangiogenesis has finally found its place under the sun in advanced gastric cancer Despite the declining incidence of gastric cancer worldwide statistics from the International Agency for Research on Cancer GLOBOCAN showed that nevertheless close to a million new cases are diagnosed...

Chemical Allergy in Healthcare

Next to healthy intact skin medical gloves are the first line of defence against infectious pathogens providing a protective barrier for both the healthcare provider and the patient The World Health Organization WHO the US Occupational Health and Safety Administrations OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard the European Agency for Safety and Health at W...

Treatment of Stroke

Acting on the symptoms

A stroke has been defined as a focal or at times global neurological impairment of sudden onset lasting more than hours or leading to death and of presumed vascular origin However this definition has as a result of timedependent treatment and management become redundant Stroke is the third m

Heart failure management

Monitoring with implantable devices

Longterm management of patients with Congestive Heart Failure CHF is a growing burden on healthcare systems throughout the world today Management of patients with CHF is confounded by the observation that signs and symptoms in many of these patients are not wellcorrelated with actual disease status Hemodynamic monitorin

Advanced Colorectal Cancer

Improving the survival rate

Life expectancy has increased dramatically over the last hundred years In the western society it is years for men and years for women The demographics of these changes have important consequences for healthcare professionals in oncology Magnitude of the problem Colorectal Cancer CRC is one of t

Convergence in the Life Sciences Industry

Combination products show the way

Traditionally the medical devices and pharmaceutical sectors have represented two different facets of the life sciences industry Both the sectors have charted their own paths to growth on a similar terrain Therefore convergence between the two never quite went beyond basic drug delivery instruments such as injections That was of course before th

Personalised Medicine

Future architecture

Cancer is a molecularly heterogeneous disease Simply put not all cancers even when derived from an organ site such as colon or lung are alike Despite this recently determined finding treatments are assigned to tumour types primarily based on their site of origin Thus while there may be many different molecular subtypes of lung cancer all adenocarci...

Personalised Medicine

An idea whose time is approaching

In half a century advances in cardiology have revolutionised the approach and treatment of the oncedeadly diseases In the last years we have cut the cardiac mortality rate in North America by half Cardiovascular disease remains the No killer however and by it will have earned that dubious distinction worldwide

Genetic Testing - All set for growth

What are your thoughts on the growth potential of the sector We believe this sector has tremendous growth potential and is poised to explode over the next five to ten years Technology and the world wide coordination of efforts to push discovery in genetics has exacerbated the growth of opportunity in this se

Genetic Testing - The ethics side

Christopher McLeod president of Connecticutbased Life Sciences was quoted as saying Its the dawn of a new era when you can look at not just all the genes but all the genetic information that an individual has Were just on the cusp of making that economically feasible Is the hype associated with Genetictesting justified

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