Medical Sciences

With the advent of Medical Sciences, we have commenced living a better and longer life. It is known fact that Medical Sciences and Health care are one of the crucial necessities of our life. Modern Medical Science and technology contemplates on searching for internal causes of illness such as germs and viruses inside the human body. While tests, laboratory experiments are popular in modern Medical Sciences Asia, the human bodies are treated as material objects. More attention needs to be paid while considering it. Today, science and technology play a crucial role in the healthcare industry and has the power of curing almost any disease, except a few that are still incurable.

Clinical Breast Examination

Clinical Breast Examination is an important tool in the screening and diagnosis of breast cancer However training healthcare providers in the confident use of the technique using patients can be problematic and timeconsuming This article gives insight into the design and development of biofidelic li..

Quality Primary Care for Disease Prevention and Management

Many people in this world are not receiving recommended healthcare Several constraints have been shown to limit the delivery of preventive services and control of diseases Comprehensive highquality management of primary care can play an important role in disease prevention and risk management..



We caught up with Professor Sylvia Haas the grand doyenne of Novel Oral Anticoagulants NOACs after one of her presentations at the APSC 2018 Congress in Taipei Prof Haas has been involved in the research and development of direct factor Xa inhibitor NOACs for more than 25 years In that time she has ..


Obesity is a global epidemic in all age groups and in both developed as well as developing countries In 1995 there were an estimated 200 million obese adults worldwide In developing countries it is estimated that over 115 million people suffer from obesityrelated problems A rapid increase in childho..

Why is Crowdfunded Medical Aid so Popular and Successful in China?

Crowdfunded medical aid a new innovation in China allows users to get medical aid if they are diagnosed with a serious disease by paying a small amount The research aims to identify the social and psychological concerns of people when adopting such innovative medical risk management products..

Measuring the Health-Related Life Quality of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

High prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease CKD among the general population is a major global concern CKD can be treated Early diagnosis and effective treatment can stop CKD progression improving patients Quality of Life QOL This article overviews the healthrelated aspects of QOL of patients with CKD..

Diabesity (Diabetes & Obesity)

Newer surgical options shaping up!

The need for optimal integration with holistic approach lifestyle modification pharmacotherapy bariatric surgery is the current road to management of obesity Bariatric surgery has gained popularity worldwide to treat the diabesity obesity diabetes twin epidemic The measure of postoperative outco..

The Prospects of Cancer Care in Asia

Integrated services

In Asia the incidence of cancer cases is estimated to increase from 61 million in 2008 to 106 million in 2030 due to ageing and growing populations lifestyle and socioeconomic changes While there has been significant innovations in cancer treatment that help prolong a patients life and their quality..

Trends in Indian Cancer Market

Cancer patients need specialist care that necessitates responsibility and is accountable for the quality of the treatment The last few decades have seen considerable efforts made in the treatment and prevention of cancer around the world but it still looms large over our lives especially in India fo..

The Global Advancement of Diabetes Management

Over the years there has been tremendous advancement in pharmaceutical science biomedical and technology to manage people with diabetes to lead a normal life This article provides a brief overview of how diabetes management has evolved over the years and how 247 monitoring of diabetes helps in manag..