This section presents upcoming and ongoing healthcare construction and redevelopment projects in Asia.

Redland Hospital Plans for the Expansion

Redland plans for US$25 million 28bed ward and the US$62m stage 1 expansion of the hospital The expansion will be located in Australia The project features the construction of a ward that is built outside and fully equipped with essential services including plumbing, medical gases, and clinical lighting

Lehigh Valley Health Network and Universal Health Services to Construct New Behavioural Health Hospital

Lehigh Valley Health Network and Universal Health Services together plan to construct a new hospital The new behavioural health hospital will be located in Pennsylvania, USA The new hospital covers an area of 97,000squarefoot The new facility designed with the latest innovative evidencebased care elements

TriStar Summit Medical Centre Invests US$64 mn for New Hospital

TriStar Summit Medical Centre plans to construct new tower The threestorey tower will be located in Davidson and Wilson counties, USA The threestorey tower project is laid with 119,504 square feet to expand critical care capacity and enhance the existing visitors lobby and cafeteria space

Mercy Health and Lifepoint Behavioural Health Plan to Open New Hospital

Mercy Health partners with Lifepoint Behavioural Health to construct a new inpatient Behavioural health hospital The new hospital will be located in Mahoning Valley, USA The hospital is construted with an are covering 75,000squarefoot, along with 72bed hospital, including inpatient services for adults struggling with depression, anxiety

Lakewood Ranch Medical Center Plans Exapnsion in Lakewood Ranch, USA

Lakewood Ranch Medical Center LWRMC invests US$120 miilion to construct new patinet tower This will be an addition to the Lakewood Ranch campus The project includes addition of new fivestory building along with a 60bed patient tower

University of Florida Health Constructs New Hospital in Ocala, USA

UF Health plans to open a new neighbourhood hospital to bring warm patient care The new hospital constructed over a 150,000squarefoot features 10 emergency department rooms

Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) Plans New Hospital in Macungie, USA

Lehigh Valley Hospital LVH plans to open a new hospital to meet the growing demand for accessible, convenient emergency and inpatient care

UCHealth Medical Center Invests US$280 million to Open New Patient Tower

UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies MCR plans to open new patient tower in Colorado, USA The new project will be constructed on the north side of the hospital,featuring a comprehensive cancer center

St. Tammany Health System Invests US$75 million for New Surgery Center

St Tammany Health System plans to invets US$75 milion to open new surgery center at Louisiana, USA The new surgical center will be constructed adjacent to the existing Paul D Cordes Outpatient Pavilion

King’s Daughters Medical Center Plans New Emergency Department

Kings Daughters Medical Center plans to open emergency department to meet the growing needs of community in the future The new imaging department consists of cardiac imaging, MRI, nuclear medicine, ultrasound and XRay are all arranged adjacent to the new emergency

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