This section presents upcoming and ongoing healthcare construction and redevelopment projects in Asia.

Salford Royal Invests US$81 million to Construct New Hospital

Salford Royal invested US$81 million for the construction of the new hospital The new hospital will be located at Salford Royal site The new sixstorey centre is constructed with an area covering

Vancouver Clinic Invests US$70 million to Construct New Ambulatory Surgery Center

Vancouver Clinic plans for the construction of a new Ambulatory Surgery Center The new construction will be located in Salmon Creek The construction features opening of Ambulatory Surgery Center

CARTI Plans to Construct Surgical Center on Little Rock Campus, USA

CARTI plans for the construction of a new surgical center that will be located on Little Rock Campus, Arkansas, USA The new surgical centre will be dedicated for the cancer patients of Arkansas It is designed with an area covering

Nanaimo Regional General Hospital Constructs Modern Intensive Care Unit

Nanaimo plans to modernise the Intensive Care Unit ICU at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital NRGH that is located at the south of the current emergency department

South Baldwin Regional Medical Center Invests US$186 million to Renovate and Expand

South Baldwin Regional Medical Center plans for the expansion and modernisation of the hospital The project is planned with an investment of US$186 million

UCI Plans to Build a New 800,000 sq. ft. Hospital

UCI Medical Center plans to build a new worldclass hospital to bring world class healthcare services to coastal and southern Orange County The new hospital will feature advanced healthcare services to coastal and southern Orange

Mercy Health Plans to Construct New US$156 million Hospital

Mercy Health announces plans to construct a new hospital to serve the people in Mason and Warren County The new construction is designed with an investment of US$156 million Some of the special features that the new project includes are the addition of an emergency

AdventHealth Constructs New Hospital in Palm Coast

AdventHealth announces plans to construct a new hospital with an investment of US$100 million The hospital will be located in Flagler County

Sioux Center Health Expands Living Campus with an Investment of US$ 36 mn

Sioux Center Health plans an investment of US$36 million to expand the senior living campus The project is designed to remodel the existing main entrance of the hospital and construction

Menninger Clinic Invests US$11.4 mn to Construct Outpatient Services Center

Menninger Clinic plans to open a new outpatient services centre with an investment of US$114 million near Texas Medical Centre in Houston The facility will address the mental health services in the community

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