This section presents upcoming and ongoing healthcare construction and redevelopment projects in Asia.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Plans for Patient Care Expansion

St Jude Childrens Research Hospital invests US$115 billion to support research and treatment for children with catastrophic diseases globally The project consists of multiphase expansion plan for patient care and clinical laboratory research related to catastrophic

Longview Regional Medical Center Invests US$4.4 million to Expand Cardiac Services

Longview Regional Medical Center invests US$44 million to boost and expand its cardiac services at East Texas The project includes the addition of new electrophysiology lab and renovations to the entry and public spaces of the Heart and Vascular Institute

Wake Forest Baptist HealthInvests US$30 million to Open Children's Outpatient Center in Traid

Wake Forest Baptist Health plans to build new childrens outpatient center with an investment of US$30 million The new stateoftheart facility is laid covering an area of 45,000 to 50,000squarefoot The paediatric providers and services of the center will be connected directly to the Brenner

Adena Greenfield Medical Center Invests US$3 million to Expand Health Care Services

Adena Greenfield Medical Center AGMC expands health care services to serve the residents of Greenfield and the surrounding area The new project will be constructed with an area covering 8,500squarefoot and will be added to the existing medical center

Novant Health Invests US$222 million to Construct New Critical Care Tower

Novant Health plans to construct new critical care tower with an investment of US$222 million It will be located on the current site of Forsyth Medical Centers Rehabilitation Center The construction of the new tower includes phase 1 and phase 2 Phase 1, currently being under construction includes renovation of patient rooms

Salford Royal Invests US$81 million to Construct New Hospital

Salford Royal invested US$81 million for the construction of the new hospital The new hospital will be located at Salford Royal site The new sixstorey centre is constructed with an area covering

Vancouver Clinic Invests US$70 million to Construct New Ambulatory Surgery Center

Vancouver Clinic plans for the construction of a new Ambulatory Surgery Center The new construction will be located in Salmon Creek The construction features opening of Ambulatory Surgery Center

CARTI Plans to Construct Surgical Center on Little Rock Campus, USA

CARTI plans for the construction of a new surgical center that will be located on Little Rock Campus, Arkansas, USA The new surgical centre will be dedicated for the cancer patients of Arkansas It is designed with an area covering

Nanaimo Regional General Hospital Constructs Modern Intensive Care Unit

Nanaimo plans to modernise the Intensive Care Unit ICU at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital NRGH that is located at the south of the current emergency department

South Baldwin Regional Medical Center Invests US$186 million to Renovate and Expand

South Baldwin Regional Medical Center plans for the expansion and modernisation of the hospital The project is planned with an investment of US$186 million

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