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Susanne Wellauer, Senior Manager, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Vertical Industry

You've been in the industry for several decades, could you please highlight some of the noteworthy changes that the industry has undergone? What were the game changers for the industry players?

We’ve definitely noted industry-wide changes in recent years. Digitalization has become more than just a buzzword; technological developments are now occurring throughout the freight industry. Shifts to eAWBs as well as continued investment into developing the right solutions, such as APIs and web services, show that we are increasingly living in a digital world and that the air cargo industry is part of this.

The cargo and freight industry is always racing against time, how crucial is this when it comes to Pharma/Healthcare logistics and fulfillment?

Time-critical shipments are an important and core part of pharma logistics. Pharmaceuticals often require quick shipping and rapid logistics throughout the world. Medicines, vaccines or clinical trials all count on speedy and agile shipping times and methods to ensure that these goods arrive in time. And this translates into results. Often, an on-time arrival can mean saving lives.

For Swiss WorldCargo, this means that we must continue to invest in the right products and technologies that ensure that we can meet the critical needs and quick deadlines our customers require.

How, over the years, has Swiss WorldCargo grown to fulfil client’s expectations which are categorically time bound?

Investment in the right products and technologies is key for fulfilling our customers’expectations. Swiss WorldCargo continuesto do this, as we strive to findthe right innovations that can meet demanding and even challenging needs within a time-critical supply chain. Our company has specialized itself as a niche charrier, which has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

A big part of this is our temperature-sensitive product portfolio. Swiss WorldCargo currently has several solutions for demanding shipments:

SWISS Celsius Active: For transport of active temperaturecontrolled temperatures in ranges of -20 °C to+20 °C
SWISS Celsius Passive: Offers a choice between the four official IATA temperature ranges: controlled frozen (FRO -20 °C), controlled cool (COL + 2 °C to +8 °C), controlled room temperature (CRT +15 °C to 25 °C) and controlled extended room temperature
SWISS Celsius Passive Solutions: Temperature ranges between -60 °C and+25 °C according to the customer’s needs

In addition to this, a focus on quality is central to Swiss WorldCargo’s service offering. We continue to look at ways we can offer quality services while helping to meet complex global shipping needs, including pursuing accreditations and certifications that promote our capabilities as a market leader.

Swiss WorldCargo was awarded IATA’s CEIV certification – do you see it as a milestone for future business growth and market penetration? Does such certification SWC's brand?

Receiving this CEIV certification was certainly a big milestone for us! It was an honor to receive this designation, as it states that we have remained committed to pursuing the highest quality in global pharma shipments.

Swiss WorldCargo is known for being a reliable, quality-driven and focused brand. This certification is a strong reinforcement of this, and states clearly that we will continue to be able to play an important role in healthcare logistics worldwide, and that we will remain a key provider for carrying out sensitive global shipments.

What regional markets is Swiss WorldCargo presently focused on? How do you see the Healthcare Where does it aspires to go from here?

We focus onall global markets. Swiss WorldCargo operates a wide-ranging network of over 130 destinations, to destinations in Asia, North and South America, Africa and within Europe. With our Boeing 777-300ER, we are well-positioned service long-haul routes to important international business centers, including Singapore, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Sao Paulo. With our Airbus A340-300 and A330-300 we can reach a variety of destinations including New York, Miami, Boston, Chicago, Montreal, Bombay, Delhi, Tokyo, Johannesburg, and many others.

Through a partnership with our sister airline Edelweiss, Swiss WorldCargo is also responsible for handling freight to a variety of intercontinental destinations. Finally, Road Feeder Services (RFS) complement our network and allow us to truck to destinations that may not be served by a direct flight.

How different are Pharma cargo requirements from other forms of logistics? What kind of product mix and service spectrum has Swiss cargo developed to cater to a wide customer base?

Pharma shipments are some of the most care-intensive. They frequently require speed and temperature control, as well as flawless communication across the supply chain. As a result, Swiss WorldCargo has developed a pharma product portfolio that meets the needs of our customers in providing the right solutions. Additionally, our Swiss xPresso product covers the element of speed – with this we can ensure that our products benefit from industry-leading transit times, including an option for 60 minute transit times at our hub in Zurich.

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Author Bio

Susanne Wellauer

Susanne Wellauer, Senior Manager of Vertical Industry Pharmaceutical and Healthcare at Swiss WorldCargo, began her career at Swissair in 1996 as Cargo Expert in Basel. Since then, she has held several sales and marketing positions at Swisscargo and Swiss WorldCargo, based in Switzerland. Before being appointed to her current role in 2014, Susanne was the Cargo Manager for the Basel region. Now, she monitors the industry needs and trends on a global scale and liaises closely with cold chain experts at freight forwarding companies, as well as at major pharma and healthcare companies. Email:

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