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Charbel Saade

Charbel Saade

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Charbel Saade joined Guerbet from a very solid academic and clinical background. He was the Professor and Chair of Radiology at the American University of Beirut and still holds many Adjunct Professor roles worldwide. He has published more than 100 scientific papers and 80 conference abstracts in international congresses. He served as the APAC Clinical Applications and Education Manager and now taking charge of the APAC Digital Solutions and Technical Service. He is passionate about lifting the clinical and technical practice of Diagnostic Imaging for better patient outcomes.

Driven by its commitment to advance radiology today and tomorrow, Guerbet has designed a portfolio of interconnected diagnostic imaging solutions to enhance decision-making at each point of the patient journey from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up, in order to efficiently improve patient outcomes. This is UNIK.

A major global player in the diagnostic imaging market thanks to the established reputation of its contrast media products, Guerbet is much more than a mere supplier of contrast agents. Guerbet also provides a wide flexible range of injection systems, digital solutions and services.

Appreciating that their customers benefit from these products and perceive their value not only as individual items but rather as forming a combination of interconnected solutions, Guerbet has introduced the UNIK solution.

What is UNIK?

In modern imaging centres, busy healthcare professionals face daily complex challenges and needs. Some of these needs are shared, some are unique depending on the role and place in the organisation. However, the common needs usually are related to reducing costs, minimising time spent on imaging procedures, not only for patients but also for radiologists, radiographers and back-up staff. Challenges faced are the constant need to improve quality and ensure traceability and regulatory compliance. In short, the solution is to create an integrated delivery ecosystem combining contrast medium, injector, consumables, software and services to allow healthcare professionals to improve the workflow in the radiology centre by reducing the reporting and compliance burden via automation while providing meaningful insights. This common ecosystem of interconnected products allows noticeable productivity gains.

The important word is tailored. UNIK is not a collection of disparate products nor a commercial package covering aggregation of prices – it is a flexible solution designed to create value by reflecting the healthcare professional’s needs and improvement areas, targeted for excellence. UNIK concentrates on 4 pillars: high quality contrast media for MRI and for Xray, a large range of injectors and associated consumables covered by expert 360° technical support, and innovative digital solutions to ensure automatic traceability, improve efficiency, and heighten patient safety in the areas of contrast administration and radiation dose management.

UNIK brings tangible benefits to healthcare professionals, ranging from efficiency and optimisation of workflow, patient safety, traceability and control of the injected contrast media, improved clinical performance through optimal product combination and interoperability. Another tangible benefit is cost saving, which is achieved through integration, improved workflow and smart financing services.

In addition, UNIK provides the full organisation with the ability to identify areas of value creation, to improve processes and guidelines, reporting the evidence of their excellence through traceability and certifications. Necessary in the modern world of imaging, the high performances can however be challenging for each professional to maintain on their own. UNIK, within the Guerbet excellence partnership, allows the diagnostic imaging organisation to help healthcare professionals meet this challenge.

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