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Bridging The Divde

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Issue 19



A picture of contradictions

This observation is perhaps best vindicated by the state of healthcare in India While the private healthcare continues to grow buoyed by investments from domestic and international healthcare providers the condition of stateowned healthcare institutions remains as appalling as it used to be before the private sector boom According to the Government...

Healthcare Management

Unfolding opportunities

Where does India stand with regards to the research happening in healthcare What can be done to improve the scenario Indian Council for Medical Research a Government of India agency conducts research in areas related to healthcare The quality of research being done represents a mixed picturewhile research

A need for uniformity

Where does India stand with regards to the research happening in healthcare What can be done to improve the scenario India has a very large pool of qualified scientific man power which is essential for research in healthcare It therefore follows that India now forms a hub for basic and advanced research in healthc

New paradigms

By the end of the th century very significant improvements had been made in the effectiveness of healthcare half of the added years of life were due to the second healthcare revolution The first healthcare revolution took place in the th century when public health measures such as the provision of clean clear water led to the first great leap in...

Lessons from the 'Safer Patient Initiative'

Estimates suggest that one in ten patients admitted to hospital experience an incident which puts their safety at risk These incidents may result in harm and in some circumstances death A stark reality is the fact that about half of these events could have been avoided In England alone there are over cases of hospital acquired infections per year...

Developing tools and strategies for comparative effectiveness

Despite the steady increase in public and private funding of clinical trials and health services the current research enterprise in the US is not meeting the rising demand from decision makers for studies demonstrating evidence of clinical effectiveness According to the National Library of Medicine results from over randomised clinical trials were...

Closing the gap

The Institute of Medicine IOM report documented that racial and ethnic minorities experienced higher mortality rates worse health outcomes and were less likely to receive routine procedures Such practices reduce high quality health and effective patientcentered timely and efficient management Recent national data suggest that some disparities are d...

Better outcomes, lower costs

While times and technology have changed dramatically in the last years the basic practice of medicine has remained the same through generations A doctor is still a medical problem solver armed with three primary tools knowledge experience and technology More importantly even while the tools have evolved from penicillin and Xrays to multidrug regim...

Delivering healthcare for the 21st century

The delivery of healthcare has been largely unchanged in fundamental aspects for decades Despite significant advances in science medical diagnostic tools surgical interventions and pharmacology the basic transaction has remained almost solely facetoface interaction between healthcare professionals and patients in institutional settings

Role of regulation

The regulation in ensuring safety of the patient will play a very important role The Nursing and Midwifery Council NMC was set up by the UK Parliament for the expressed purpose of safeguarding the health and wellbeing of patients and the public The Council does this by establishing and maintaining standards of education training conduct and perform...

Can they be overcome?

Increasing migration worldwide leads to formation of multiethnic societies In there were about million immigrants worldwide Ethnic and cultural diversity presents a great challenge for all healthcare providers Problems arising through this diversity are wideranging and require rethinking of already existing healthcare approaches and structures...

Reaching out to patients with heart failure

Patients with heart failure and those who care for them carry a prolonged burden of symptoms which affect all domains of life The burden is similar to those with cancer but with less access to supportive and palliative care Recent years have seen a raised awareness of this issue and services which integrate palliative care for patients with heart...

Every healthcare executive administrator and clinical staff member has heard and understands the phrase vital signs Temperature blood pressure heart rate and respiration and come to mind Vital signs are used to assess and measure the state of the patient and monitor their progress to a desired cure or outcome But what about your organisations vi

Medical Sciences

Anaesthesia concerns

The word bari is the plural of baros In Greek baros means weight burden load or heaviness From this stems Baris referring to the obese or fat heavy overweight people Obesity has reached epidemic levels within a short span of time with an alarming rise in the number o

A medical emergency

The World Health Organization WHO estimates that worldwide million people suffer a stroke each year Within the UK stroke is the third most common cause of death and the single largest cause of adult disability It is estimated that new strokes occur within the UK annually and currently there are people living in England who have had a stroke It h...

Recent developments

Heart failure afflicts per cent of the general population and per cent of the elderly

Surgical Speciality

New Techniques

Clinicians have struggled with the capricious nature of predicting surgical outcomes for hundreds of years If one wanders of the beaten track to the basement of the Louvre in Paris you will come across a black diorite plinth inscribed with hieroglyphics from the time of King Hammurabi of Babylon Figure As early as BC he was issuing edicts aimed at...


A novel strategy for healthcare

Current healthcare practices essentially rely on emergence of signs and symptoms of human pathologies prior to initiation of interventional modalities A major limitation of this approach relates to the fact that often the disease process has already taken its toll through manifestation of its complications As a result despite high costs associated...

Innovative approach towards telemedicine in primary care

Telemedicine can be defined as any transmission of medical information by means of telecommunication technology Numerous wellknown teleconsultation applications in medicine are based on the transmission of imaging data for example from computed tomography store and forward or also on

A step towards personalised radiation medicine

In radiation oncology progress has been made not only because of a combination with systemically active antineoplastic agents but also because of technical improvements and the integration of modern imaging The objective of the radiotherapy is to improve the dose distribution tailored to the borders of the target

Role of the end-users

When a hospital decides to make the switch to a Picture Archiving and Communication System PACS it is not only a huge financial decision it is also the start of a journey with an unsure outcome With PACS a whole new world of possibilities opens upboth for radiologists and referring physicians Next to th

Technology, Equipment & Devices

An exciting future

In various industries like Retail RFID has not taken off the way it was expected to What are your views on the usage of RFID in healthcare Let us first talk about RFID in retail In retail RFID can be applied to the pallet or the carton or the items in it RFID has already taken off in a big way in its application

Applications in healthcare

Initially Artificial Intelligence AI buzzword was introduced as a concept to mimic human brain and investigate the realworld concerns with a holistic human approach Scientists and researchers all over the world are very excited about advancements in innovation that have arisen from an innate desire to create newer and better technologies that facil...

Facilities & Operations

Strategies for the 21st century

Claude Bernard has introduced the concept of intensive care when arguing in favour of restoring homeostasis as a key point of diseases management Intensive care became more concrete to people in the middle of the th century when the introduction of lung iron to support respiratory function prevented death in most of victims of the poliomyelitis pan...

Methods and applications

The performance of todays business processes is strongly supported by information systems Constant adaptation of the business processes to market requirements is achieved by business process analysis and optimisation Until now it was not possible to analyse surgical and intraoperative interventions for optimisation potentials and to support thei...

Information Technology

Understanding the outcomes

Home telehealth is the use of telecommunications tools to amplify initiate or replace home health visits in person Care of patients in the home has a greater application now than at any time since healthcare arrived on horseback The merits of home healthcare have been extensively studied and validated in terms of costefficiency and improved clinica...

Strategies for successful, cost-effective implementation

Telehealth provides remote physiologic monitoring of patients with chronic illness such as diabetes mellitus or heart failure Most commonly it is provided at homes in conjunction with nurse home visits Chronically ill patients use devices that measure blood pressure weight blood oxygen or glucose levels on a daily basis Healthcare providers patient...