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Redefining Care Delivery

At a time when healthcare expenditures are on the rise a new concept for care delivery is taking roots valuebased healthcare or the patient health outcome per dollar spent This model of care delivery focuses on the outcome delivered by the care provider rather than just the cost of delivering it or the financial success of the stakeholders

HealthCare Management

Quantifying Value

The new economics of healthcare

During the past few years the concept of value in healthcare has changed dramatically It has evolved from considerations of profit based on volume of patients and number of procedures to an environment where profit is increasingly connected to quality outcomes The government is not only increasing reimbursement for good outcomes but refusing to pay...

Value-based Healthcare

What is valuebased healthcare and how will it impact healthcare Valuebased healthcare is an approach to providing care that aims to restrict the growth in healthcare costs while maintaining or improving quality In the US healthcare system the emphasis on paying for units of service through feeforservice plans has encouraged provide

Strategic Planning of Healthcare Delivery Centres

Role of operations management

With healthcare costs rising faster than general inflation cost containment is a theme that resonates throughout the healthcare field today and receives increasing attention of policy makers academia and industry The healthcare sector all over the world is experiencing tremendous pressure to not only control the escalating costs but also improve th...

The Adoption, Buy In, and Change of Health Information Exchange

Each year KLAS Enterprises reaches out to healthcare providers in order to collect provider feedback on a variety of healthcare IT vendors and subjects For the past

Medical Sciences

Back Pain and Treatment Options

Low back pain LBP is one of the most common pain complaints It is the second most common pain disorder after headache At least per cent of adults will have LBP at some time during their lifetime Acute low back pain is the fifth most common reason for all physician visits Although symptoms are usually acute and selflimited low back pain often recur...


Planning Secrets for Enhanced CT/ MRI Throughput

In architecture there is a well known phrase less is more which was part of a movement away from overly complex architecture to a more simplified form This same adage applies equally well to the design and operation of efficient medical imaging centres In the midst of declining resources and a worldwide recession imaging providers are struggling to...

Advances in Neuroradiology

Advances in computed tomography CT Current state of the art multidetector CT imaging provides images with a minimum isotropic spatial resolution of mm This means that the brain scans can be reconstructed in any plane without significant artifacts The brain can be scanne

Technology, Equipment Devices

Drivers of Healthcare Industry

Drivers of Healthcare Industry

What technological developments do you see having the greatest impact on the Industry Riding on the back of unprecedented growth in the healthcare delivery industry medical technology industry has been growing at a healthy pace of percent Yearon Year and few sectors like cardiology are even growing at very high pace of percent

Facilities Operations

Transforming Concepts

Patient Safety

For the patient safety movement in the US has been a year of paradox Every month brings reports of progress through new tools methods or technology With so many stakeholders working on improvements we know we must be doing better Yet recent studies suggest that medical errors continue to be a notable cause of extended hospital stays preventable re...

Health in the Green Economy

How carbon reduction may impact health in health sector services

The provision of accessible affordable and quality healthcare is directly dependent on the efficient performance of healthcare facilities Modern healthcare facilities and procedures howev

Information Technology

Identity and Access Management

How does it benefit healthcare providers?

A critical challenge to the implementation of health information technology HIT including electronic health records is providing simple efficient ways for providers to use HIT in the fastpaced workflows of healthcare As more and more health systems from Australia to Europe implement HIT projects stall and even fail because physicians nurses and oth...