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Redefining Care Delivery


Healthcare Management

The Adoption, Buy In, and Change of Health Information Exchange

For those who follow news in the healthcare IT world not too many days pass without some mention of a health information exchange HIE being formed whether through a governmentbacked initiative or a private venture A lot of attention and money is bein..

Strategic Planning of Healthcare Delivery Centres

Role of operations management

Operations management is the strategic implementation of programmes techniques and tools for reducing costs and improving quality It focuses on the effective management of the resources and activities that produce and deliver goods and services of a ..

Value-based Healthcare

Valuebased healthcare is an approach to providing care that aims to restrict the growth in healthcare costs while maintaining or improving quality The United States Medicare and Medicaid programs along with a few pioneering employers and private heal..

Quantifying Value

The new economics of healthcare

Healthcare organisations are redefining value and have been forced to think in new ways about the process of care delivery..

Medical Sciences

Back Pain and Treatment Options

LBP is one of the most common pa in complaint and usually one of the hardest syndromes to treat Interventional pain management offers an opportunity to assist in the diagnosis and management of back pain..


Advances in Neuroradiology

Advances in cross sectional imaging using CT and MR have significantly changed the clinical practice of neuroradiology over the last decade Powerful imaging investigations such as functional MR MR tractography and PET CT allow detailed functional and..

Planning Secrets for Enhanced CT/ MRI Throughput

This article will explore ways to maximize MR and CT patient throughput through the use of improved facility layouts including optimizing the location number and size of support spaces..

Technology, Equipment Devices

Drivers of Healthcare Industry

Drivers of Healthcare Industry

This article speaks about growth in the healthcare delivery industry medical technology industry growing at a healthy pace of 1618 especially in few sectors like cardiology growing at high pace of 3540 percent The author says this growth is happening..

Facilities Operations

Health in the Green Economy

How carbon reduction may impact health in health sector services

In 2010 the World Health Organization launched a series of reviews of carbon mitigation strategies in five key economic sectors The health sector paper focuses on carbon mitigation measures that provide significant carbon reduction benefits as well h..

Transforming Concepts

Patient Safety

The Institute of Medicines 1999 report To Err Is Human sparked efforts to improve patient safety in the US Recent data suggest however that adverse events persist The Lucian Leape Institute at NPSF has outlined concepts that have the potential to tra..

Information Technology

Identity and Access Management

How does it benefit healthcare providers?

Many health systems turn to identity and access management technologies IAM to better address the workflow needs of providers An IAM system is only as strong and complete as the processes in place to support the system and the staff who implement the..