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Information Technology

Connectivity in Healthcare a Foundation for Quality Care

Leveraging the 12 best practices for health IT to improve care and reduce costs

The worldwide healthcare landscape is more complex and multidimensional than ever Over the past five years acronyms federal mandates and funding streams have bombarded decision makers in a number of healthcarerelated industries From core operational infrastructure systems to billing scheduling electronic medical records use and administration healt...


Climbing the Adoption Curve

After receiving more than one thousand public comments to its Notice of Proposed Rule Making the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services CMS is crafting the final rule for Stage of meaningful use of the Electronic Health Record EHR While we wait for CMSs final rule it is worth considering EHR adoption in the USA and those forwardlooking n...

How ‘Meaningful Use’ and Health IT Collaboration are Enabling the Evolution of Healthcare

As America embarks on improving healthcare Health IT must be the bedrock for this transformation While political debates rage over what a better healthcare system should look like all proposed improvements will require a broad interoperable Health IT system that allows healthcare providers to share patient data in a reliable and secure way and to u...

Data Exchange and Analytics

The adoption of Electronic Health Records EHRs ushers in several improvements for practising clinicians Charts are readily accessible illegible documentation is reduced and clinical decision support improves patient safety While these all improve individual care digital data are rarely used to their potential for population health Two factors cause...

Accessing Health Data

Striking a balance between security and usability

Many healthcare administrators clinicians and analysts consider information security to be realm of Information Technology IT professionals working behind the scenes to protect computer networks and servers from unauthorised access by nefarious outsiders This common but narrow view belies both the many ways in which sensitive healthrelated informat...

Personal Connected Health

The technology revolution in healthcare

The Internet personal computers smartphones and other electronic devices make information sharing and communication easy instant secure and widely available It is now common to use the Internet for banking making retail purchases managing investments booking travel or reading a newspaper Virtually any activity that involves interaction with a custo...

How an ICT–based System to Monitor Gait Can Make a Difference in Asia

Maintaining mobility is important to both individuals and healthcare providers as it is a fundamental aspect of living a healthy active lifestyle Gait analysis is recognised as a clinically useful tool for identifying problems with mobility yet clinical use is still not routine This is due to limitations with existing technologies namely length of...

Evolving and Enabling Standards for Mobile Health Adoption

Mobile health or mHealth has the potential to change the practice of medicine by increasing access and improving quality of care while decreasing costs Yet lack of regulatory standards is limiting the rate and breadth of worldwide adoption According to Emerging mHealth Paths for growth an mHealth study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit E...

Clinician Role Changes Delivering Patient – Centered Workflow

In the design of successful Healthcare Information Technology HIT implementations patients matter Although the importance of addressing the workflow needs of clinicians cannot be overstated focusing on patient needs helps ensure newly designed workflows leverage the full capabilities of information technology tools In addition this delivers the cli...

Liquid Data

Fuel for Collaboration on the Road to Innovation in Healthcare

In the global economy healthcare challenges and issues rise to the top irrespective of the country or region The lack of medical availability to significant numbers of citizens escalating costs and growing influence by governments further exacerbated by the desire for consumer control and access has created a serious crisis A

Vendor Neutral Archives

Solving the Challenges of Medical Information Management

At GE Healthcare IT we define VNA is a level model for medical information management that meets a hospitals requirements to store information in a cost effective way consolidate access to patient data provide service continuity preserve investments and comply with data protection regulations while supporting the wider objective of improving patie...

Can Animation Software Help Find Cures for Cancer and HIV?

While D animation and visual effects have traditionally been associated with the movie and gaming industries the same software used to create blockbuster games and movies is now moving beyond the silver screen into the research laboratories of the leading players in the healthcare pharmaceuticals and life sciences industries Ent

Make Big Data Economical and Actionable for Faster and Better Healthcare

In todays Healthcare and Life Science HLS environment healthcare big data is everywhere For example most physicians now provide consultation and diagnosis by reviewing a patients history in Electronic Medical Records EMR radiologists make treatment decisions with medical images such as xrays ultrasounds Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI and Com