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HealthCare Management

Quality in International Patient Management

For the well-being of patients

International patient management for expatriates residents and business travellers receiving healthcare services abroad and the processing of medical tourists are issues significantly raised in the past decades These patient categories are characterised by unique requirements and needs when undergoing treatment outside of their own country Pre onsi...

Reforming Healthcare Delivery in the Commercial Market

As one of the largest healthcare purchasers in the country the California Public Employees Retirement System CalPERS is on the front line of finding better more costeffective ways of providing quality healthcare for its members CalPERS provides healthcare benefits to active and retired members and their families more than million covered lives at...

Medical Sciences

Long-term Conditions

The challenge and the technological opportunity

Over the next years most healthcare systems worldwide face a tsunami of need from people with longterm conditions diabetes chronic airways disease circulatory diseases There will be a rise of per cent by the mathematics is inescapable The majority of people will not have a single disease but multiple morbidity see Figure In England now this gro...

Facing the Future

The growing burden of adult congenital heart diseaseOver the years, CalPERS has implemented numerousThe field of complex congenital heart disease has evolved greatly, allowing more patients t

According to the World Health Organization WHO a wellfunctioning healthcare system requires a robust financing mechanism a welltrained workforce and importantly reliable information on which to base decisions and policies The knowledge of adult prevalence of congenital heart disease can estimate the need for specialised services As the field of con...


Radiology Facility Design Standards

Cookie cutters and football pitches

We have designed hundreds if not thousands of imaging suites For each one we seek to identify the unique technical operational and clinical demands that each facility will need to supportThere are similarities among many of them but no two are identical We absolutely shun cookie cutter rigidity in design but that doesnt mean that we dont operate on...

Technology, Equipment Devices

Can ICT Make a Difference in Providing Healthcare?

Eighty per cent of Indias specialist doctors live in urban India million Indians living in rural India have to travel to km for secondary care While we have outstanding medical centres of excellence the great majority of Indians cannot access them With an increasing population rise in life expectancy higher purchasing power due to rising incom

The Dose Makes the Poison!

Can we apply Paracelsus’ paradigm to technology-driven medical therapies?

Medicinal drugs are administered according to medical needs A practising physician defines the dose of a pain killer an ACEinhibitor or an antibiotic to be compliant with a therapeutic outcome The condition for approval of medicinal drugs also implies clinical investigations in which for instance Phase II trials serve to find the optimal drug d

Information Technology

Can Banks Offer Digital Keys for Healthcare?

In HIMSS Medical Banking Project outlined a health Information Technology IT strategy linking banking and healthcare platforms to form new interorganiSational systems that streamline administrative costs in healthcare Commercial banks responded by accelerating investment in treasury management operations where the idea has driven demonstrable impa...

Medical Technology Innovations

Enhancing healthcare delivery

With the convergence of many scientific and technology breakthroughs the pace of medical invention is accelerating inspiring hope for better clinical outcomes with less invasive procedures and shorter recovery times all in lower cost settings thereby creating tremendous value These changes can drive demand for new lower cost diagnosis monitoring an...


Improving opportunities for better care

Being the current major trend is mHealths promise to change the practice of medicine being met One of the biggest challenges facing societies worldwide is how to make highquality healthcare afforable and accessible for all As the population expands in developing countries and ages in developed countries the world is spending an inc