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Medical Tourism

Enhancing patient satisfaction


Healthcare Management

Reforming Healthcare Delivery in the Commercial Market

Over the years CalPERS has implemented numerous strategies to help reduce cost increases without jeopardising coverage and quality We know that in order to make systemic changes there has to be reform and improvement of the prevailing models of healt..

Quality in International Patient Management

For the well-being of patients

The medical tourism and tourism medicine market is an increasing but also challenging market Patients have particular needs when undergoing treatment abroad Pre onsite and posttreatment take place in different countries and need to be managed to assu..

Medical Sciences

Facing the Future

The growing burden of adult congenital heart diseaseOver the years, CalPERS has implemented numerousThe field of complex congenital heart disease has evolved greatly, allowing more patients to survive into adulthood. Their healthcare issues are multi

The field of complex congenital heart disease has evolved greatly allowing more patients to survive into adulthood Their healthcare issues are multifaceted mandating a multidisciplinary approach Forward planning and resource allocation for manpower a..

Long-term Conditions

The challenge and the technological opportunity

The healthcare systems in most countries will be rendered unsustainable by the rise in people with longterm conditions like having not just a single disease but multiple conditions Current strategies will make healthcare unsustainable in all those co..


Radiology Facility Design Standards

Cookie cutters and football pitches

This article identifies one of the major challenges in managing growth and modernisation of radiology facilities that of appropriate design and construction Particularly with the wide variety of contracting options without specific facility design st..

Technology, Equipment Devices

The Dose Makes the Poison!

Can we apply Paracelsus’ paradigm to technology-driven medical therapies?

The success of medical therapies depends on drug dosage The dose of medical devices however is complex because their contribution must be seen under a systems approach concept Hemodialysis represents an ideal model for the dosage of medical systems b..

Can ICT Make a Difference in Providing Healthcare?

This article reviews the necessity for digital health to be incorporated into the healthcare delivery system to achieve the necessary radical transformation The challenges in executing this and the necessity to address WiiiFM What is in it For Me is ..

Information Technology


Improving opportunities for better care

Mobile technologies are making a significant contribution to addressing the enormous challenges of healthcare provision worldwide As the market for mobile healthcare solutions reaches the next stage in its development greater consideration is being g..

Medical Technology Innovations

Enhancing healthcare delivery

Globally nations are struggling to meet healthcare costs This is a challenge that we need to meet without compromising on the sustenance of the business The medical technology industry has been thriving on innovations While the focus has been on bett..

Can Banks Offer Digital Keys for Healthcare?

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Current Issue Archives Can Banks Offer Digital Keys for Healthcare In the quest to implement electronic health records healthcare stakeholders have uncovered an obvious but unanswered challengehow to implement patient identi..