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Issue 28 | 2013

  • Healthcare Management
  • Medical Sciences
  • Technology, Equipment & Devices
  • Facilities & Operations
  • Information Technology

Issue 28


Healthcare Management

To Solve the Facility-Related Challenges

To solve healthcare facilityrelated problems planners need a new planning paradigm and leadership concerned with displacing old structures with new providing citizens with accessible useful health information achieving high patient satisfaction and wrapping it up in an efficient physical environment that allows ease of wayfinding is nonthreatening...

Medical Sciences

Past, Present and Future

Breast carcinoma is among the most frequent malignant diseases in the world and is the leading cause of death among younger women in developed countries Currently in woman in these countries will have the disease in their lifetime Boyle and Ferlay Since the incidence of breast carcinoma has gradually increased at a rate of approximately per cen...

Technology, Equipment & Devices

Why you should care

Despite the vast differences in healthcare systems around the world there is a universal need for better visibility into data that can help determine what contributes to better quality care at a more affordable cost

Facilities & Operations

Healthcare organisations are currently facing major challenges including declining reimbursements competing on patient wait times and satisfaction and complying with timesensitive care standards for high quality care When designing healthcare facilities it is important to consider more than architecture and construction Taking a comprehensive view...

How Carbon Reduction May Impact Health in Health Sector Services

The provision of accessible affordable and quality healthcare is directly dependent on the efficient performance of healthcare facilities Modern healthcare facilities and procedures however require many costly and energyintensive processes in terms of the use of water lighting heating cooling and ventilation as well as waste disposal These are par...

Information Technology

Right Care, Right Place, Right Time

Using emerging innovations in Information and Communication Technologies ICT telemedicine is providing the tools to delivery healthcare at a distance regardless of the location of the patient and their providers enabling access to the right care at the right place and at the right time