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Data Standards for Medical Devices

A New Milestone


Healthcare Management

The Way Out

To Solve the Facility-Related Challenges

To solve healthcare facilityrelated problems planners need a new planning paradigm and leadership concerned with displacing old structures with new providing citizens with accessible useful health information achieving high patient satisfaction and w..

Medical Sciences

Breast Cancer.

Past, Present and Future

While a cure has not yet been found public perception surrounding breast cancer has changed dramatically Once a disease that women felt ashamed to discuss breast cancer now has lost much of its stigma providing the opportunity for politicians and hea..

Technology, Equipment Devices

Data Standards for Medical Devices

Why you should care

Standard identifiers are an important component to achieving better visibility into the role of products in delivering better value in healthcare..

Facilities Operations

Health in the Green Economy

How Carbon Reduction May Impact Health in Health Sector Services

In 2010 the World Health Organization launched a series of reviews of carbon mitigation strategies in five key economic sectors The health sector paper focuses on carbon mitigation measures that provide significant carbon reduction benefits as well h..

Using Lean in Healthcare Facility Planning and Design

A lean design process incorporates overlapping phases of the architectural process resulting in designs that are developed quicker more operationally efficient and with the elimination of waste..

Information Technology

Integrating Telemedicine into the Healthcare System

Right Care, Right Place, Right Time

Telemedicine and HIT are rapidly being integrated into healthcare systems around the world These tools of ICT will become a standard of care for providing healthcare services increasing access decreasing unnecessary variations in care and lead to bet..