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Issue 29 | 2014

  • Healthcare Management
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Issue 29


Healthcare Management

Improved healthcare outcomes at lower cost

The US is not the only country wrestling with the problem of rising and unsustainable healthcare costs nor is its healthcare system the only one attempting to control those costs while improving the quality of care The challenges of healthcare transformation are universal as is the goal of improving outcomes at lower cost In the US total heal...

Medical Sciences

Cancer is a significant cause of mortality worldwide A critical component in the clinical management of cancer is advanced imaging modalities including PET CT and MR Imaging in oncology is essential in the diagnosis staging prognosis treatment planning treatment delivery treatmen


Rapid evolution of technologies holds out much promise

Molecular diagnostics is becoming increasingly important as an essential tool for the rapid accurate and costeffective delivery of safe and effective therapy for many diseases Its uptake is driven by i continuous innovation in underlying technologies ii constant identification of new or improved biomarkers iii steady decrease in associated costs an...

Facilities & Operations

Improving Healthcare Design

Healthcare facility design is evolving to use lean principles in more phases of the design process To date the majority of the lean principles and tools have been used during the construction process which has demonstrated to reduce waste in the schedule and save the owner money When Akron Childrens Hospital recognised the need for additional criti...

Improving healthcare design

There is a new Leaninspired trend in healthcare planning in which planners design professionals and care providers can be seen moving cardboard walls around in large warehousetype spaces to simulate highintensity healthcare areas such as the emergency department surgical suite oran imaging center These groups are most likely participating in a rapi...

Basic questions such as environmental physical mental and spiritual health and wellbeing are often overlooked in the rush to design health and hospital facilities Access If the public cannot reach a healthcare facility because of its location or lack of infrastructure it might as well not exist Easy access by foot bicycle scooter and motorcyc...

Information Technology

Where are we?

The most powerful tension within all organisations is between running the business of today and creating the business of tomorrow This tension is magnified for Information Technology IT professionals Their organisational identity is tied to the view that failure is not an option since the broader organisations current operations are wholly dependen...

Key to connected health success

As a response to pressures on healthcare and amidst mounting evidence that health technologies can help solve the healthcare crisis connected health has experienced a wave of growth that is projected to continue Theres no doubt that connected health can improve the quality and efficiency of clinical care but if it is to be