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Rx for Transformation

Focusing on value-based healthcare

Factors such as ageing populations rise in spending by organisations and healthcare delivery centres rise in income levels ups and downs of countries percapita GDP etc are driving healthcare costs..

Healthcare Management

Balanced Healthcare Transformation

Improved healthcare outcomes at lower cost

The US has some of the best healthcare in the world and by a wide margin the most expensive Under relentless pressure to deliver better quality for less leading providers and payers are balancing huge changes with the need to remain viable today This..

Medical Sciences

The Relevanceof PET-CT in Cancer Response Evaluation

Advanced functional imaging in oncology is essential in decision making for cancer care As our understanding of the biology and pathogenesis of cancer improves the impact of functional imaging will become increasingly important Research into the stan..


Molecular Diagnostics

Rapid evolution of technologies holds out much promise

Molecular diagnostics comprises a rapidly evolving range of assays for the detection and analysis of nucleic acid sequences and proteins These enable the detection of pathogens estimation of viral loads help with the selection of antibiotic and antiv..

Facilities Operations

Major Issues and Trends Impacting Health and Hospital Planning, Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance

This article serves as a catalyst toward recognising some of the basic issues and trends that will be driving the design of health and hospital facilities in Asia as well as in other regions of the world..

Lean Rapid Prototyping

Improving healthcare design

This article summarises the recent trend in healthcare design of using Leaninspired rapid prototyping to develop refine and evaluate clinical processes and space allocation very early in the design process The article presents a brief description of ..

Lean Team Engagement

Improving Healthcare Design

Lean planning and design goes beyond traditional design by gaining the voice of the customer and involving the customer in actual design development A successful Lean Design project requires strategic preplanning to choose the right team members desi..

Information Technology

Interoperability Standards

Key to connected health success

Responding to a convergence of pressures connected health has experienced a wave of growth that is projected to continue But if connected health is to become fully integrated into personal health selfmanagement and healthcare delivery we must commit ..

Culture of Health Information Technology

Where are we?

Social Mobile Analytic and Cloud SMAC technologies now enable new business models in healthcare that can decrease costs improve outcomes and create ubiquitous access However the adoption of SMAC requires a radically different culture within Healthcar..