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Healthcare in Southeast Asia

Poised for growth


Healthcare Management

Evidence-based Medicine and Outcomes Analysis

An evaluation

Evidencebased medicine is fast overtaking experiencebased medicine in the field of healthcare delivery Outcomes analysis allows the assessment of the quality of care delivered and matches them against the resource costs It is becoming increasingly im..

ACO Movement in the United States?

The movement to grow Accountable Care Organisations ACOs in the United States is now more than 600member strong As we move from an economic system based on feeforservice and volume to one based on paying for quality and value many changes will take p..

Planning for Healthcare Demand and Growth in Southeast Asia

Asian healthcare is the new centre of gravity with the global healthcare growth Growth is primarily driven by robust fundamentals such as large rapidly growing ageing population increasing affluence rising middleclass and increasing incidence of chro..

Medical Sciences

Chemical Allergy in Healthcare

This article will present a review of the problem of chemical allergies associated with glove use and key considerations in the selection and use of alternative medical glove products to minimise and or prevent chemical allergies..

Facilities Operations

Environmental Impacts for Healthcare Sustainability

Gundersen Health System is the first US healthcare organisation to achieve energy independence producing more energy than it consumes Gundersens Envision programme saves the organisation millions of dollars each year boosts the local economy and teac..

Creating a System for Safety

It needs to be ensured that each and every patient receives evidencebased care unless contraindicated as part of everyday work This means that safe care is provided If safe care is delivered the events that contribute to patient morbidity and mortali..

Toileting aids in Hospitals Reuse or Dispose?

As part of a portfolio of infection control and waste management measures disposable systems can help save nurse time and improve working conditions This in turn helps to preserve patient dignity and enhance the patient experience by providing a clea..

Information Technology

Smart Health for Smart Communities

That healthcare is essential even for sustenance is well known Formation of a smart village presupposes healthy individuals in the smart community Smart healthcare is eminently feasible cost effective and must be integrated with other smart facilitie..