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Pain Management

Time to shift gears!


Healthcare Management


The challenges of a changing world

Primary care is the daytoday healthcare by a healthcare provider in comprehensive first contact In this changing world we are facing unprecedented demographic and epidemiologic transitions Urbanisation aging and globalised lifestyle changes lead to i..

Less is More

Your brand plan isn’t fit for purpose. Here’s how to fix it, easily.

In most life science companies the brand plan document is not fit for purpose Intended to communicate the plan and gain commitment It is typically a time consuming tome that is rarely read and often ridiculed The problem lies not in the content but i..

High Reliability in Healthcare

Creating the culture and mindset for patient safety

While patient care delivery reliability is more nuanced than mechanical industries healthcare can improve by adopting characteristics of other industries that have achieved high reliability Creating the culture for patient safety begins with a preocc..

Pain and the Patient Environment

A US perspective

Pain management has been relegated to those who prescribe and administer medications With need to minimise the use of opioids and interest in use of non pharmacological methods to provide comfort pain management has become part of the patient experie..

Facilities Operations

Discharge Begins at Intake

Communication tactics that help patients transition and shorten stays and reduce readmissions

Keeping the patient and family members at the forefront by proactively communicating with them will automatically allow for more satisfied engaged and an overall more positive experience for patients and their families..


Creating the culture and mindset for patient safety

High reliable organisations system ensures and manages resilience by focusing on safety of customers over other performances Their intention is to provide trust worthy services and create environment where by potential problems are foreseen recognise..

Information Technology

Electronic Health Record System from the Perspective of Data Privacy

Electronic health record systems handle healthrelated ultrasensitive data of a person throughout his life along with all personal information that accurately identifies him This makes it imperative to protect the data from cyberthreats and consequent..

Modern Technology

Is it helping or hindering health?

Article covers how health technology is advancing and how it is being used to treat a range of diseases and conditions greatly improving patient care whilst also allowing patients to stay at home for longer without hospital intervention On top of thi..



The integration of IT in healthcare has opened doors for various innovations in the technological frontier India unlike countries like UK or US has a lot of pitfalls in the healthcare sector and technology is very crucial to address the growing menac..


The Importance of Good Capillary Blood Sampling

Katja Lemburg, EKF Diagnostics