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Pain Management

Time to shift gears!

<p>According to the Institute of Medicine of The National Academies, 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Pain is a critical public health issue in the United States costing the society US$560-635 billion, equivalent to $2,000 per individual, every year. However, it is not just an American epidemic; chronic pain affects the lives of 1.5 billion across the world.</p> <p>During the ear

HealthCare Management

Pain and the Patient Environment

A US perspective

<p>From the earliest beliefs in death being divine, to the use of prayer and rituals to ward off evil spirits, to the beginnings of science and medicine being codified by research, scientific discovery, and, now, to evidence-based practice, pain remains difficult to comprehend and manage.</p> <p>For hundreds of years, the medical community believed 17th Century French philosopher Rene Descartes

High Reliability in Healthcare

Creating the culture and mindset for patient safety

<p>As the world moved into 2018, the safety record of commercial aviation in 2017 was big news. 2017 was the safest year for commercial flight ever, with one fatal accident for every 16 million flights. While 2017 may have been a bit of an outlier, there is a clear trend of decreasing fatality in commercial aviation; fatality risk dropped 83 per cent from 1998 to 2008. This safety record is all th

Less is More

Your brand plan isn’t fit for purpose. Here’s how to fix it, easily.

<p>In life science companies, the brand plan is ubiquitous, important and expensive. Every brand has one, it drives success (or causes failure) and brand teams invest huge amounts of time and money in the annual ritual of writing and executing this essential document.</p> <p>And yet the brand plan itself if often an object of ridicule. Once written, it rarely becomes the well-used, oftenconsult


The challenges of a changing world

<p>Primary healthcare is the first level of contact of individuals and communities with the healthcare system. The Alma-Ata Declaration ‘Health For All’ is broadly accepted to be a precise statement of the principles of primary healthcare. With a few exceptions, it was observed that a number of countries adopted targets and expressed their commitments to primary health in order to impr

Facilities Operations


Creating the culture and mindset for patient safety

<p>Culture of a healthcare organisation impacts the mindset of employees and surrounding environment. Considering organisations culture there are various aspects which should be assessed. It starts from how the staff value the decision of senior, new innovations and technologies that are applied in organisations, risk taking capability, alertness towards minute details, contribution towards needs

Discharge Begins at Intake

Communication tactics that help patients transition and shorten stays and reduce readmissions

<p>Whenever I work with a hospital or healthcare system to help them with communication processes, I introduce this concept created by business guru and author, Steven Covey, that states “begin with the end in mind.” This approach of reaching effective outcomes works with establishing and reaching most project management goals and objectives.</p> <p>With patients and their family me

Information Technology



<p>India’s healthcare market is one of the fastest growing, witnessing an overwhelming growth of nearly 25 per cent in the recent years and rightly so. The market value of Health Information Technology is pegged at USillion and expected to grow one and half times by 2020. The disruption in the sector is driven by technology innovations including IT, biomedical research, healthcare delivery m

Modern Technology

Is it helping or hindering health?

We live in an exciting technological time. Every day, technology accelerates and evolves, changing the way we live and interact. Such advances have affected the way we communicate, work, and travel.

Electronic Health Record System from the Perspective of Data Privacy

<p>During the course of any clinical encounter a person discloses ultra-sensitive healthrelated information to his provider to enable the latter to address his health-related problems better, faster, and hopefully, cheaper. Information that he would otherwise rather keep well under wraps. Ethics demands all providers treat all information that their patients disclose to them with the greatest of c


The Importance of Good Capillary Blood Sampling

Katja Lemburg, EKF Diagnostics

Capillary blood (fingerstick) sampling is increasingly being used worldwide due to the growing availability of point-of-care (POC) testing (Figure 1). With anaemia affecting approximately 25 per cent of the global population, and a high prevalence in developing countries, haemoglobin (Hb) is the most frequently performed test in POC haematology.

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