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Deep Learning in Medical Imaging

Opportunities galore


Healthcare Management


Better hires, better outcomes

Why hiring the right talent becomes crucial especially in the health care sector dealing with critical and lifesaving decisions What aspects should Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions should especially focus on while hiring decisions which would di..


In relation to patient safety

The incidents that might result from the use of medical devices are followed up by materiovigilance It helps to identify the adverse events associated with the use of medical devices Haemovigilance primarily aims to assure the surveillance of blood t..


Does Malaysia Healthcare have what it takes?


Steps to Establishing Effective and Long-Lasting Patient Family Advisory Councils

In our valuebased system in todays healthcare its more imperative than ever to involve patients and family members in their care A Patient Family Advisory Council can offer hospitals and healthcare systems just thatadditional insights opinions and he..

Medical Sciences

Why is Crowdfunded Medical Aid so Popular and Successful in China?

Crowdfunded medical aid a new innovation in China allows users to get medical aid if they are diagnosed with a serious disease by paying a small amount The research aims to identify the social and psychological concerns of people when adopting such i..


Deep Learning in Medical Imaging

New Artificial Intelligence AI and deep learning techniques can help medical imaging technicians spot anomalies and diagnose conditions in a fraction of the time previously needed and generally with more accurate results AI increasingly enables human..

Technology, Equipment Devices

Medical Equipment Management

Medical Equipment is a core asset for any healthcare facility To ensure medical equipment is safe and effective there is a need to understand its associated management methodology Consequently a typical life cycle approach for medical equipment manag..

Facilities Operations

Primary Care

The evolution of primary care is the most critical aspect of healthcare the foundation of the very health of nations While the focus till now has been on building hospitals secondary and tertiary care with higher etches of research leading to quater..

Information Technology

Digitalisation as a Step Up in Early Life Nutrition

Providing nutrition tailored to the specific needs in early life can be complex but with the use of digital technology it can greatly benefit research by improving accuracy providing new insights and tailored interventions..


Giving birth to new delivery models and fostering innovation

A 24 x 7 connected healthcare ecosystem where the care receivers and their care providers and receivers are able to be in touch anytime anywhere is changing the way services are being delivered and health is being managed remotely This article discus..

Technology Enabled Remote Healthcare

A story from India

In this wellillustrated article Prof Ganapathy demonstrates how technology enabled remote healthcare has become a reality in India Creating a passionate team to administer and implement well thought out operating procedures is the key to success Man ..


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