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Issue 41 | 2018

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Issue 41



Opportunities galore

Medical imaging plays a vital role in clinical practice Advancements in machine learning especially deep learning have contributed to a better understanding of medical images Deep learning helps in providing accurate prediction from datasets and can diagnose disease as accuratelyas expert physicians

Healthcare Management

In our valuebased system of healthcare its more imperative today than ever before to involve patients and family members in their own care A Patient Family Advisory Council PFAC can offer hospitals and h

Does Malaysia Healthcare have what it takes?

What are the major initiatives required to become a Number One Global Medical Travel Destination Firstly we focus on creating awareness of Malaysia Healthcares worldclass quality accessible and affordable service offerings through our branding campaigns and marketing initiatives both locally and internationally explained Sherene Azli CE

In relation to patient safety

The healthcare system in India provides great discrepancy in quality To maintain the quality of healthcare system and to protect the health and safety of patients comprehensive vigilance is required Materiovigilance and haemovigilance programs have evolved to reduce the likelihood of recurrence of the harmful incidents thereby improving the quality...

Better hires, better outcomes

Radical transformation is underway in healthcare The industry is grappling with massive changes in areas such as regulation competition delivery consumerism technology operations The accelerated speed of change leaves little room for hiring missteps And in healthcare poor hiring decisions endanger not only the business but also the patients F...

Medical Sciences

A new innovation in China allows users to get up to CNY in medical aid if they are diagnosed with one of serious diseases like cancer heart attack etc by paying only about CNY US per year Crowdfunded medical aid is based on the philosophy of one for all all for one It is a new type of internet insurance platform that aims to help critically ill...


No field has seen the extensive and successful application of Artificial Intelligence AI to realworld problems more than those of imaging and computer vision nic

Technology, Equipment & Devices

Medical equipment plays an important role in healthcare delivery It ranges from small and simple devices such as sphygmomanometer to complex and big devices such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI machines This ranking is as a result of differences in utilised technologies and intended applications

Facilities & Operations

We the urbanites can we imagine a world without a doctor In fact vicinity to medical care and education facilities are part of the top key factors on deciding where to buy our new homeAnd yet just the mere availability of good primar

Information Technology

A story from India

Making Geography History Making Distance Meaningless A Hospital in your Pocket Costeffective needbased healthcare to everyone anytime anywhere are all these hyperboles a fertile imagination working overtime and hype Is Remo

Giving birth to new delivery models and fostering innovation

Get connected and stay connected is the new mantra for a new age As applied to healthcare digital health is the new paradigm that has the society extremely excited about it and rightfully so The ubiquitous relativelyaffordable and eversopowerful smartphone from a computing perspective has led to a situation where almost every individual is never fa...

With the global increase in smartphone and Internet penetration online health information as well as investment and development of digital healthcare technologies the techenabled healthcare TEC sector is growing at an exponential rate In Asia the value o


More hygiene in daily routine

As a safety products company Greiner BioOne support hygiene and safety in routine healthcare The use of the VACUETTESuperT is a significant step in the right direction Studies indicate that it is poor hygiene and the handling of equipment such as tourniquets acting as fomites that is more likely the cause of crosscontamination as opposed to crossco...