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Issue 43 | 2019

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Issue 43



The next wave?

Imagine a scenario where the multispecialty hospitals worry less about patient walkins and focus more on offering clinical healthcare from a distance Here doctors and patients are not bound by the physical walls as hospitals make better use of digital technologies for providing virtual healthcare to patients No were not talking about an imaginary w...

Healthcare Management

Recently we had the opportunity to listen to a very senior paediatrician in Bangalore India talk about the kind of technologies which will empower clinicians It was inspiring to see an expert with such a vast experience talk about technology thats needed to make his diagnosis more objective and to improve patient care We were able to discuss and co...

Healthcare administrators are responsible for the overall management of a hospital starting from managing finances and handling the daily operations Here the priorities keep on changing constantly Improving Care management would help hospitals to improve their financial performance if they strengthen customer loyalty build reputation and brand and...

The Science of Healthcare Delivery can spiral the ecosystem to elevate the health index of citizens ensuring lower spend on curative This science has the ability to transcend the challenges through the supplication of basic needs through the layers of the pyramid of the existing systems also sideways to help better the generic civic amenities avail...

Medical Sciences

Clinical breast examination is one part of whats called the triple test for breast cancer The triple test involves some form of imaging such as mammography or MRI biopsy as another arm and Clinical Breast Examination CBE CBE is used by health professionals such as general practitioners breast surgeons and breastcare nurses trained to recognise diff...

Technology, Equipment & Devices

United States, Europe, Japan, China and India

Requirements for the regulation of development propagation and approval of medical devices are of great competitive interest which assures that it should be of good quality safety and efficacy in order to protect improve and monitor public health After the development and before the distribution of medical devices into the market it is supposed to...

Facilities & Operations

Over million die every year often in our care of air quality issues Millions more of water soil and food contamination What is our role as healthcare providers in addressing these major areas of poor health

Information Technology

How has consumer behaviour changed in the last years in terms of engaging and communicating with healthcare organisations Communication as a whole is changing Consumers now expect a frictionless and fast experience regardless of the organisation they might be engaging with The introduction of mobile phones especially smartphones have changed th...

Pharmaceutical industry is in the midst of a renaissance in leveraging latest technologies and evolving operating and delivery models to transform itself Expectations to meet the demands of patients providers physicians and rapidly changing regulatory compliance needs globally are driving the industry to adopt some of the technological advances mad...

How technology redefines one of the oldest industries in the world

Since healthcare is one of the few industries that are crucial for all people worldwide no wonder it sees huge spending and even bigger investment As Deloitte estimated in the global annual healthcare spending may reach US trillion And in the first half of US billion were poured into the healthcare startups by venture capitalists as per Forbes

As the global population ages the healthcare systems of every country face significant challenges to meet the needs of this demographic By million of the projected increase of one billion people will be aged and above by according to the United Nations UN In countries like China and India there are even greater challenges due to the sheer numbe...


What kind of healthcare trends do you see in the AsiaPacific region In AsiaPacific an estimated billion people are expected to be above years old by the year This region is home to more than per cent of the global population and they account for nearly twothirds of the global disease burden from major chronic respiratory diseases Ri