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Issue 47 | 2020

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Issue 47



For an effective patient safety system

Hospitals and healthcare systems have come under huge scrutiny by healthcare regulators for ineffective addressable of hospitalacquired illnesses

Healthcare Management

Often patients must travel a long distance to access healthcare services that may not be available close to their place of residence

Following the money

For decades hospitals in Southeast Asia functioned as the central hub for patients to receive healthcare Patients needing diagnosis and treatment from the mild to the severe converge together at the hospital In a trustbased industry like healthcare hospitals are the paragon

A healthcare provider can today virtually appear on a screen and most often make a reasonable diagnosis and give proper advice reviewing available investigations

Medical Sciences

From physiology to clinical setting

The huge progress in cardiovascular science and physiology has contributed to the development of highly advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies in cardiology for last three decades

Technology, Equipment & Devices

With access to healthcare being a major challenge in countries like India networks like BETiC at IIT Bombay startups and enterprises have been combining engineering principles to medical science to create innovations and breakthroughs in medical technologies


Highrisk patients who require respiratory support or monitoring are found not only in highacuity areas Identifying the patients who are vulnerable to deterioration is critical to patient safety measures that emphasise timely interventions over costly emergency rescues Ubiquitous data in a predetermined clinical workday demands streamlined workflow...

Facilities & Operations

Lean is indeed an interesting concept to apply in almost all facets of life be it weight management service management or manufacturing In a nutshell to be lean we need to lean towards lean working and lean living

Information Technology

Artificial intelligence AI systems are evolving at a breakneck pace and have already made remarkable advances in successfully replicating repetitive and complex tasks offering unique insights making it possible for product developers to focus on the more nuanced aspects

FDA’s Risk-based approach

Clinical Decision Support CDS software has become an integral tool used By Healthcare Professionals HCPs when treating patients and by patients and caregivers when trying to understand the contours of a given ailmentCDS provides healthcare professionals and patients with knowledge and personspecific information intelligently filtered or presented a...

Todays technologies combine critical resources technology and gadgets targeted at patients across the continuum of care However this vision for patientcentric technology extends across hospital systems and truly all healthcare organisations that make up the patient care community


As global population ageing and limited medical resources become alarming issues the healthcare industry is facing many challenges and obstacles

Strategic platform for medical technology solutions

The Asian medical market is booming According to management consulting firm McKinsey Company the company predicts that Asia will account for a third of global sales by

International Assistance Group globalised approach

When you are far from home and your trusted medical service providers it can be a daunting experience finding help abroad