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Issue 48 | 2020

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Issue 48



Making health systems resilient and responsive

Over the last decade the planet has dealt with several virus outbreaks viz HN Swine Flu Middle East Respiratory Syndrome MERS and Ebola These viruses turned out to be deadly with high fatality rates but were probably not as devastating as the Spanish Flu While the world largely has been free from the abovementioned virus outbreaks countries such as...

Healthcare Management

Go hand-in-hand

Lean is not mean In fact lean must mean an intended service one with a welldefined service level to meet the expectations of any person or for that matter any process A process is made to ensure the replication of a set of expected results In fact one can build up expectations for our brands and ensure that they are maintained by lean methods


Longevity has been one of the greatest benefits of advances in medicine and better prevention strategies across the world Globally population of people over years is increasing at a faster rate than any other population group More and more people are living longer albeit with comorbidities This means that the need for health and care services for...

In the United States the total financial blow of dealing with workplace conflict is estimated to be at US billion in paid hours or hours per week for each involved employee This is based on a May study commissioned by the CPP to analyse workers attitudes about conflict fulltime employees in nine countries around Europe and the Americas were surv...

Universal Health coverage UHC is the platform that seeks to overcome inequality in tackling the service provision gap and financial gap that populations face The role of ICT to build the essential building blocks of UHC has been accepted However there are many areas that require further research and evaluation

Medical Sciences

An indispensable investment

The world has developed an expanded global health system for the protection of known and unknown infectious disease threats and to promote human health However the system continues to be challenged by emerging and reemerging infectious disease threats These threats vary in terms of severity and probability with the consequences for morbidity and mo...

Significant drivers affecting emergency and hospital design

The current outbreak of COVID has given all countries a jolt and made them think about their healthcare facilities in a new light Most countries are struggling with a lack of isolation wards and adequate decontamination facilities It is the need of the hour for health professionals operators government departments to implement disaster preparedness...

A modern Pandora’s box

Over the past week terms like social distancing and self quarantine have become common parlance Apprehension is escalating about COVID and mandates to cancel events work from home schools being closed staying away from congregations and so on have gained momentum It is frightening for all as families worry about loved ones around the world brood ab...

Much as I would like to be talking thinking about Corona the Beer in the present tense it is Corona the Virus that is taking up much mind space As we hear of the numbers swinging up one sees hears and feels a sense of fear anger on presence and absence of responsibility to the various causes as well as the spread of it

COVID or the Corona Virus has in a few weeks transformed life on this normally peaceful planet This exponential disruption is not primarily because of the mortality or morbidity of the virus itself but is a consequence of the massive global measures sought to be taken to contain the possible rapid spread of the virus Response has to be almost in re...

Technology, Equipment & Devices

Improving health outcomes

Medical devices play a critical role in diagnosis treatment and rehabilitation of disease and illness According to estimates over medical devices are in use on a daily basis in healthcare facilities all over the world Some of them are simple while others are quite complex and combine more than pone technology The global market of medical devices i...


We all are in the business of experience Healthcare is no different Taking care of patients all day every day means we deliver experiences with patients family members providers volunteers anyone who interacts within our healthcare system

The future of connected healthcare

Fears surrounding the spread of the pandemic COVID have sparked increased engagement with the digital health world The outbreak is an example of how a country like India needs to speed up the adoption of technology in order to address the needs of the masses With delays in testing and lack of remote care support it is hampering our ability to accur...