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Issue 50 | 2020

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Issue 50



Our journey with healthcare

A look at the global healthcare landscape indicates how the COVID pandemic has exposed the weaknesses that exist in presentday health systems It is clear that sustainable health remains a goal that is far from being achieved what with quality of healthcare and equitable care being a common challenge for countries irrespective of their economic deve...

Healthcare Management

COVID has pushed organisations across the globe into distress and healthcare organisations are no exception due to increased demand for services amid mounting financial pressures The pandemic has acted as a warning signal stressing on the importance of improving health surveillance systems and infrastructure public health interventions Emphasis lie...

Readiness to change our approach to healthcare for the elderly

The best part of living a good life is acquiring quality health especially through the golden and productive age and ensuring wellbeing and comfort through the less active years WHO has done enormous research and work in advocating healthy lifestyles and diets and defines Healthy Ageing as the process of developing and maintaining the functional ab...

Evidence from a structured interview of twenty healthcare quality managers suggests a lack of managerial understanding but more importantly the belief in the holistic nature of quality management and improvement programmes in achieving improved standards of patient care There seems to be continued confusion as to what constitutes the implementation...

Medical Sciences

A shield of protection in the battle against COVID-19

As we begin Unlock in India realisation strikes that we are threequarters into the year A year that has been unlike any other in most of our lifetimes with the COVID pandemic bringing the world to a halt

Why deep understanding of human physiology may help doctors deter the virus?

The novel coronavirus COVID causing Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome SARSCoV was considered responsible forthe huge number of respiratory tract infections leading to severe respiratory and systemic complications in many cases all over the world Much to the surprise of many physicians the effectiveness of conventional intensive care therapies eg me...

COVID has exposed the health quotient of countries and geographies the basic civic sense of the populace the healthcare infrastructure the political saga and our susceptibility to economic distress It has also exposed the pollution levels caused by urbanisation thus exposing effects on health

Facilities & Operations

Healthcare is a crucial system governed by humanistic approaches that emphasise the personal value of an individual Human emotions and values form the core of the system which is efficiently supported by the creativity and proactive nature of healthcare staff

Information Technology

Feasibility during public health emergencies

Telepathology can be explained as the electronic transmission of digital images of pathology for education research diagnosis or consultation The term telepathology was invented in a scientific article by a pathologist Dr Ronald S Weinstein in who is also recognised as the father of telepathology Using the internet and advanced telecommunication t...

Power management continuing to be a big challenge

The hospital environment today has changed significantly in the last two decades with research and technological innovations advancing patient care and treatment However the perennial expectation of doing more with less remains exacerbated by a myriad of challenges faced by todays healthcare systems Even before the emergence of COVID the rapidly ag...


ResMed talks respiratory care

COVID has put a significant strain on healthcare systems in Asia and around the world With the outbreak of the pandemic and the surge in the number of patients requiring beds for COVID response many hospitals in the region have had to shift resources away from any nonintensive ICU treatments This has led to the temporary closure of many socalled el...

Ive been working in respiratory and sleep medicine for more than ten years Particularly for sleep apnea it is quite a common disease in Hong Kong but not many people are aware of it