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Healthcare Genomics

The healthcare markets are witnessing launch of genetic tests personalised medicines therapies which in turn are influencing the clinical care and patient outcomes..

Healthcare Management

Hospitals That Heal

Hospital design for the 21stcentury

The evidencebased design elements are quickly becoming mainstream in the design of US hospitals Clearly they are as applicable and relevant to hospitals the world over..

Consumerism in Healthcare

Impact on business models and processes

Healthcare providers lag behind other industries as far as transformation to customerdriven or customerfocussed organisation is concerned For this to happen the customer needs to be equipped with information about products and services which in turn ..

Healthcare Insurance in Asia

Strengthening the insurer-healthcare provider relationship

As Asias MSPs evolve so too will Asias health insurance sectorand the symbiotic relationship that binds the two together Indeed it is not inconceivable that Asias large hospital chains may one day seek to enter the health insurance industry themselve..

Medical Sciences

Convergence in the Life Sciences Industry

Combination products show the way

Driven by market forces a need for new growth avenues and an ever more conscious consumer medical device pharma and diagnostics companies are coming together to deliver innovative solutions..

Personalised Medicine

Future architecture

The standard one size fits all approach of treating many individuals may soon become obsolete More targeted approaches promise to improve outcomes while reducing toxicity and medical costs..

Personalised Medicine

An idea whose time is approaching

DNA sequencing of human genes could provide the 21st century with the ultimate in evidencebased medicine allowing us to tackle not only cardiovascular disease but many other life threatening diseases..

Genetic Testing - All set for growth

Technology and the worldwide coordination of efforts to push discovery in genetics has exacerbated the growth of opportunity in this sector..

Genetic Testing - The ethics side

The industry should be addressing these issues right now Ethics is the biggest obstacle to the future success of genetic testing..

Surgical Speciality

Laparoscopic Repair of Inguinal Hernia

Drug Delivery and Molecular Imaging

A large series of randomised controlled trials conducted all around the world have confirmed clearly the advantages of endoscopic inguinal hernia repair compared to the open technique in terms of operative complication discomfort analgesic use and re..


Rapid Diagnostics

Fighting emerging diseases

Hospitals must learn to incorporate new technologies for diagnosis for the simple reason that vaccination drug treatment and other containment efforts cannot be maximised unless emerging diseases are quickly identified..

Technology, Equipment Devices

Partnerships and Innovation

The growth factors

Developing a product pipeline is being considered seriously and will be an essential factor for the growth of the Indian pharma market..

Medical Devices

Going the generic way

With the application of the generic pharmaceutical model to offpatent devices the availability of generic alternatives to branded medical devices presents an opportunity for a drastic reduction in healthcare costs..

Life Sciences Industry

Converging for better care

Combination products have the potential to respond to the increase in patient needs in a way that may be more affordable easier to use less expensive or more effective than current solutions..

Facilities Operations

Patient Safety

The next level

There is growing acceptance of the newer methods in patient safety and a call to combine both retrospective and prospective methods in order to gain a complete picture of the patient safety challenge..

Information Technology

Connected Healthcare

What next?

Healthcare in the 21st century will require a much higher degree of connectedness and mobility of information knowledge processes devices and people..

e-Health and Healthcare Practice

The use of ehealth can positively impact doctorpatient relationship promoting the mutual participation model of medicine which implies that ehealth can promote a shared responsibility in decision making and problem solving..

Intelligent Health Networking

Changing our way of healthcare

The fundamental reason for the healthcare IT gap and the lack of impact of ICT in healthcare relative to other industries is that we are attempting to use an ICT framework that is mismatched to the new models of care..

Cardiovascular Medicine

Integrating IT for better care

New interventions are urgently needed to update cardiovascular practice to the level of fast pace in the other areas The rapid and efficient cardiovascular services provided by these new paradigms will improve standard of care and cut cost by elimina..

Healthcare IT in India

This changing scenario of the healthcare industry has drastically changed the IT requirements of hospitals There are clear challenges within the current healthcare ecosystem that must be overcome before the healthcare revolution is realised..