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Healthcare Genomics

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Issue 13



Ever since the beginning of the Human Genome Project HGP in the talk of revolutionary changes it could unleash on medicine and healthcare as a whole began However for a while it appeared to be a mere mirage and science seemed to enrich science without ever leading to delivery of any useful products or services affecting human life That is now begi...

Healthcare Management

Strengthening the insurer-healthcare provider relationship

Across Asia governments are grappling with the serious challenges of providing adequate medical coverage against a backdrop of rising costs inefficient healthcare insurance systems and growing public pressure for change In many countries poverty exacerbates the need for change particularly in rural communities where medical expenses not only put ea...

Impact on business models and processes

During the last decade we have seen significant efficiency gains in many industries specifically in industries such as manufacturing automotive trading etc Processes have been optimised and streamlined within enterprises as also significantly across enterprises Costs have been reduced through closer collaboration with suppliers Customer service ha...

Hospital design for the 21stcentury

Hospitals are extremely stressful places for patients their families and the staff who work there Patients are not only faced with the prospect of dealing with their illness and injury but are forced to reckon with an environment that further exacerbates their pain and stress Hospitals that are noisy have complicated layouts and confusing wayfindin...

Surgical Speciality

Drug Delivery and Molecular Imaging

Minimal access surgery has been a surgical watershed which has ushered in a new era of technologyenabled surgery It has firmly established itself in the armamentarium of most surgeons With the advancement in the technology and instrumentation minimal access surgery has been successfully applied to most surgical procedures with favourable outcomes O...


Fighting emerging diseases

Despite impressive advances in the field of antimicrobials and vaccination the world is still facing the threat of emerging diseases A new disease makes headlines almost every year Are we witnessing more diseases now than any time in the past From the plague to the influenza pandemic infectious diseases have always play

Technology, Equipment & Devices

Converging for better care

What are the forces driving this convergence Many factors are driving and influencing convergence in todays life sciences industry Recent scientific advances and improvements in enabling technologies have opened new avenues for convergence among drugs diagnostics and devices Aging populations and

Going the generic way

Over the last two decades technical improvements in the development of medical devices have helped create a thriving US billionayear global industry The expansion of innovative and original medical device manufacturing techniques has yielded remarkable biotechnological progress that has prolonged the life expectancy for patients a

The growth factors

How important will be strategic alliances and partnerships for the growth of Indian pharmaceutical market Alliances and partnerships will be very important because of two reasons The Indian market has already entered into the patent era and Indian companies still have very lean product pipeline as of now Dev

Facilities & Operations

The next level

It has been seven years since patient safety became recognised as a major international healthcare issue Eisenbergs analogy of patient safety having the characteristics of an epidemic of worldwide portions provides a framework of examining patient safety with three stages Identify the risks and hazards that cause or have the potential to cau

Information Technology

Over the last few years the Indian healthcare sector has been rapidly evolving How has this affected the softwareIT needs of hospitals Healthcare is undergoing a distinct movement along a logical trajectory from its historical focus on acute care ie dealing with immediate and severe outbreaks of illness to chronic care continuous care for long...

Integrating IT for better care

In the last half a century unprecedented cardiovascular progress has occurred With advances ranging from the human genome project to heart transplantation cardiovascular medicine has seen tremendous growth throughout the spectrum of both basic research and clinical practice At the current pace more exciting advances such as prophylactic cardiovascu...

Changing our way of healthcare

Meeting the complex needs of patients with chronic illness is one of the greatest challenges facing medical practice If we are to improve outcomes for these patients the evidence strongly suggests that we rethink our approach to ambulatory care With better disease management hospital admissions for chronically ill patients could

Health systems around the world are facing numerous challenges including the rapid increase in the prevalence of certain chronic diseases limited funds and the pressure of an everageing population The shortage of health professionals to provide essential services is an important issue which both developed and developing countries are struggling to...

What next?

For many years IT in healthcare has been treated as a poor investment in relation to other investments with budgets frequently cut to fund treatments or pay rises or increased demand for care However there are emerging signs that the value that IT can deliver in health care is being recognised though the difference between standalone e health a