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Healthcare Governance

Time for a revamp

For hospitals across Asia a transparent and accountable governance structure is the need of the hour..

Healthcare Management

Communication, Challenges and Opportunities During Handoffs

Variations in communication during patient handoffs cause a significant number of errors and near misses to occur leading to adverse outcomes and suboptimal care The research interest in this area has been growing steadily..


Making the Best Use of Healthcare Resources

Several challenges lie ahead for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence NICE in providing national guidance on the promotion of good health and the prevention and treatment of ill health..

Communication, Challenges and Opportunities During Handoffs

Variations in communication during patient handoffs cause a significant number of errors and near misses to occur leading to adverse outcomes and suboptimal care The research interest in this area has been growing steadily..

What can the Operating Room Learn from the Cockpit?

Though there are fundamental differences between flying an airliner and operating on the esophagus simple airline lessons have a lot to offer..


Delivering Consumer-Driven Healthcare

McDonalds consumer focus offers some important lessons for the healthcare providers to ponder as they are forced to transform into more consumerdriven organisations..

Transparency in Healthcare

Seeing is Believing

The growing demand for transparency in healthcare is lifting the veil on this notoriously murky industry but achieving transparency is a problematic journey that requires unprecedented collaboration across sectors within the health industries and adh..

Role of Governance

Patient Safety & Quality

Transparency in todays globalised healthcare world has impressed governance with the necessity of becoming increasingly accountable for patient safety by introducing quality standards and methods in order to retain a competitive edge and attract mark..

Medical Sciences

Truth in Ethics, Truth in Science - Different?

The notion of truth is same in ethics and science However the data in science and ethics are different In science we rely on observation in ethics we rely on considered moral intuitions There is little agreement about when we should trust our ethical..

Treating Lung Cancer

Immunotherapeutic strategies

New treatment modalities such as immunotherapeutic strategies may help improve the currently poor prognosis and outcome of patients suffering from lung cancer However thus far lung cancer has not been considered an immunesensitive malignancy Now ther..

Surgical Speciality

Surgical PACS

Design and implementation

The OR and imagebased interventional suites are the most costintensive sectors in the hospital therefore the optimisation of workflow processes has become of particular concern to healthcare providers The understanding and management of workflows sho..

Surgical Skills Simulation

Effect on quality and safety

There is an increasing evidence emerging that simulation in surgical training is effective However the problem remains that if all patients had completely errorfree technical aspects to their admission approximately 97 of medical errors and bad outco..

Surgical Response to Mass Casualty Incidents

The Israeli Experience

When a Mass Casuality Incident occurs the establishment of a defined system with central control is critical for the orderly evacuation and transfer of patients through a cascade of treatment from resuscitation and damage control to definitive care a..


Digital Radiography

Efficiency With Automated System Movements

The introduction of a flat panel system in a filmless computerised radiology unit allows the productivity of a radiology department to be noticeably increased while providing ergonomic comfort and ease of use It is particularly suitable for the field..

Technology, Equipment Devices

Small is Beautiful

Nanotechnology for medical devices

Medical devices and their components are currently being scaled down to molecular levels and successfully applied in diagnostics and clinical therapies..

Facilities Operations

Desperately Seeking Safety

Creating integrated surgical/imaging environments that do less harm

The need for healthcare facilities designed for safety and the convergence of surgery and imaging are resulting in new types of space where medical technology is complex and where safe environments are essential..

Healthcare Design

The need for consumer-driven research

The pivotal role of healthcare design in the improvement of healthcare delivery has become widely accepted under the rubric of evidencebased design However there is a need for consumerdriven comprehensive programming methodology applicable to healthc..

Information Technology

RFID in Healthcare

RFID is helping hundreds of healthcare facilities across UK US and Germany to improve overall safety and operational efficiency because it operates without lineofsight while providing read write capabilities for dynamic item tracking..

RFID in Healthcare

Enabling patient safety

With the size and costs of RFID tags decreasing their incorporation in surgical sponges endoscopic capsules and endotracheal tubes is creating potential benefits in patient safety and diagnostics..

EMR in a Large Healthcare Organisation

Development and Implementation

The YUHS planned a new EMR system that integrated preexisting systems within the new system The philosophical objective was to achieve first class medical services with safety reliability and convenience through IT..

Broadband Medical Network in Asia Pacific

The AsiaPacific Advanced Network APAN can transmit highquality moving images over broadband Internet lines This network system is being extended to the entire AsiaPacific region to promote the exchange of medical knowledge and standardisation..

Applying Path Innovation

Seeking revolutionary HIT

Healthcare requires a revolution in the way we deliver care by utilising IT in new and innovative ways Path innovation allows experts to work together in the development of workflows that best leverage HIT..

Commoditising Healthcare IT

The Next Wave

With the costs of healthcare rapidly increasing the monolithic model of HIT is no longer sustainable HIT commodity capability that provides a new level of convenience and serviceability to the healthcare environment while being costeffective..