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Issue 16



Bridging the information divide

A patients health record is perhaps the most important yet most scarcely shared aspect of the healthcare process Whether in primary care or emergency a doctor having access to the patients medical history is better equipped to provide the right care at the right time As it happens patient information is bound by the geographical reach of a hospital

Healthcare Management

The growth phenomenon

In over half a million Americans travelled abroad to receive medical treatment and since million Britons aged to had dental treatment outside the UK because it was more economical These are not isolated trends Every year increasing number of patients from around the globe seek healthcare abroad either for economic reasons or to fi

CME and beyond

The ongoing developments in medicine and healthcare present a continuous challenge for all stakeholders Besides technical and structural changes adequate education and training of employees supply of medicine and healthcare are critical factors for growth Educational and training programmes need to be adapted to regional and global healthcare requi...

A risk worth managing

The Harvard Medical Practice study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in created a groundswell of interest in patient safety Though not the first study of its kind it was the first largescale randomised approach to patient safety The impact of the Harvard study was felt outside the US and eventually in the UK as well As part of gover...

Medical Sciences

Integrated with primary care

Numerous studies conducted in countries all over the world have shown chronic pain to be a prevalent and costly problem The American Pain Foundation states that Americans get affected by pain more than diabetes heart disease and cancer American Pain Foundation Another study suggests that the costs of healthcare for patients with chronic pain exceed...

Emerging concept in elderly care

Nature knows best Less is more These two are the thoughts surfacing recently in elderly care through the concept of Slow Medicine pioneered by Dr Dennis McCullough a geriatrician and a faculty member at Dartmouth Medical School and the author of My Mother Your Mother Embracing Slow Medicine The Compassionate Approach to Caring for Your Aging Loved

A compassionate approach to elderly care

What is the philosophy behind Slow Medicine The philosophy of slow medicine is based on the understanding that the best care and the best decisions about care come from careful measured approaches to understanding an older person their problems medical and other their values their life and their livin

New tools for early detection

Sudden Cardiac Death SCD continues to be an important medical challenge in Asia as well as in the developed countriesapart from Europe and the US Since sudden cardiac arrest is no respecter of geographic boundaries identifying individuals who are at risk and responding in time to those who suffer from this catastrophe far from hospital are the majo...

Surgical Speciality

Experience with medical tourism

Exorbitant costs of healthcare in industrialised nations ease and affordability of international travel favourable currency exchange rates in the global economy rapidly improving technology and standards of care in many countries of the world and most importantly proven safety of healthcare in select foreign nations have all led to the rise of medi...


New value chain for personalised medicine

Healthcare providers in developed countries are facing the challenge of improved and efficient hospital management focussed on a bottomup approach for patient flow and management Patient management relies on best medical care right from the hospital entry point

Technology, Equipment & Devices

Mega trends in Asia

Despite the fact that Asia has per cent of the world population providing large market potential Asian healthcare expenditure constitutes only per cent of the global healthcare expenditure In the total global healthcare expenditure was at US trillion With a growth rate of per cent as shown in Figure the total healthcare expenditure of Asi

Getting ready for growth

What made you choose India to build your medical equipment park over other Asian countries India over the last five years has been growing in the areas of Electronic Component manufacturing Mechanical Fabrication Biotechnology Pharmaceuticals and Information Technology These industries in one way or the other provide inputs to medical

Revolution in healthcare delivery

A revolution in healthcare delivery is on its way Advanced semiconductor technology is transforming the medical services market by enabling a new generation of technology solutions that leverage the economies of scale of consumer electronics while delivering the robustness and medical compliance normally associated with expensive capital equipment...

Facilities & Operations

Beyond the numbers

Its getting harder to read a newspaper or watch the television without seeing news about the impact of global warming While the debate about cause and effect is certain to continue it is clear to a growing number of people that we must reduce the consumption of natural resources and the emissions of carbon into the atmosphere

Role of architects

No administrator patient or doctor today would recognise the hospital of the future It isnt a healthcare facility as we know it As a result of changes in technology and the general delivery system consolidation amalgamation and an everchanging regulatory environment the hospital of the future will not be the resourceintensive and richly

Providing state-of-the-art services

The Baylor University Healthcare System is a Christian ministry of healing that serves patients by providing exemplary healthcare education research and community service It was founded on the principle of improving community health by addressing identified needs The Baylor University Medical Center Emergency Department BUMC ED located in downtown...

Creating a supportive culture

Consider a typical senior management meeting and how carewhich is after all the core businessis talked about Care is typically talked about as delays costs issues liabilities and perhaps revenue or market share Its beneficial purpose generally remains implicit Conversely consider a typical clinical meeting Here the system is

The Medway model

The Medway NHS Foundation Trust is situated in Kent approximately miles east of London and miles west of the coast of England It is a large district general hospital and has regional services including Vascular and Neonatal services It also has the busiest accident and emergency department in the county with over attendances year The senior nur...

Information Technology

Shared access for quality care

Online Personal Health Records signal a paradigm shift in the management of a patient data By allowing easy access to patient information online health records can enhance patient care and create a healthy doctorpatient relationship

How will the Personal Health Records PHRs help the Patient to control his her data The fractured nature of the healthcare industry demands a PHR that puts consumers in control of their information It will benefit them to connectivity portability and privacy and give them a high level of functionality

How will the Personal Health Record help the Patient to control his her data This depends on the type of Personal Health Record system Some are entirely patientcontrolled and are designed to help the individual generate and manage their own health records eg symptoms nonprescribed treatments contacts and copies of records generated by their hea...

How will the Personal Health Records help the Patient to control his her data For your Income Tax officer you are your Income Tax return For your Bank Manager you are your Bank record Along the same lines for your doctor you are your medical record Unfortunately most of us do not keep our records

MyChart is the EHR product developed by US based Epic Systems with The Palo Alto Medical Foundation PAMF The functionality requirements for a PHR were integrated with their EHR PAMF became the first customer of MyChart which was implemented at the end of Since then over patients have used PAMFOnline Across the US million patients are using

Accuracy, quality and privacy

The evergrowing fields of science and technology have advanced the quality of human life in leaps and bounds in all aspects from Internet banking to ecofriendly cars The health domain has also been influenced in this wave of development in various aspects with discoveries in the field of research new and improved diagnostics

EMRs enable better care

In global healthcare industry it is worth mentioning that incomplete patient information often leads to errors misdiagnoses patient safety issues and cost inefficiencies While serious efforts are made to reduce error rates and increase levels of patient safety IT solutions such as the Electronic Medical Record EMR are emerging as enablers of highqu...

Creating the next generation healthcare enterprise

The Web has revolutionised the way people look for information and corporations do business The Semantic Web being proposed as the next generation web builds on the current infrastructure and attempts to give information on the web a well defined meaning Simultaneously the life sciences sector is playing host to a battery of innovations triggered b...

Improving COPD patient care

Even though IT communication systems like mobile phones and Internet are well established in most parts of the world their usage by the medical profession is fare from optimal The doctors just do not seem to care How come Why do we not take these tools right at hand into our world The obvious reasons ought to be well known lack of specialists lack...

Transforming healthcare in Asia

Knowledge is not constrained to national or geographic boundaries While we must recognise cultural national societal and other variations best practices are applicable everywhereMore than health information technology professionals from countries discussed on topics clinical leadership and governance ehealth EHR EMR EPR PHR IT strategy and inno