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Online PHRs

Bridging the information divide

Online PHRs can overcome the geographical limitations of existing EMR systems while encouraging patients towards selfcare..

Healthcare Management

Interruptions at the Workplace

A risk worth managing

While it is known that they can lead to errors interruptions can also be imperative in highrisk domains such as healthcare where patient safety and medical error reduction is now paramount Human error theory can explain the concept of error and how e..

Knowledge Transfer and Human Resource Development in Medicine

CME and beyond

HR development could play a key role in providing quality healthcare Care providers need to dedicate more resources to devise their HR policies and strategies..

Health Tourism

The growth phenomenon

More affordable international travel and major advances in medical science medical or health tourism is becoming less of a novelty and more of a global trend..

Medical Sciences

Cardiac Death Predisposition

New tools for early detection

Those who die a sudden death probably are never aware of the potential risk they carry Recently new tools for diagnosing those prone to SCD have been introduced This marks a key milestone in the detection of sudden cardiac death signs among healthy i..

Slow Medicine

A compassionate approach to elderly care

The patients perspective is always always central to the practice of Slow Medicine..

Slow Medicine

Emerging concept in elderly care

Slow Medicine advocates lessaggressive and compassionate approach towards the elderly patients Despite many ethical and professional apprehensions a start has been made..

Chronic Pain Management

Integrated with primary care

With the number of individuals in need of assistance for chronic pain increasing each year only a small fraction of patients with chronic pain are treated directly by the Pain Clinic..

Surgical Speciality

Bariatric Surgery

Experience with medical tourism

Medical tourism for obesity surgery is still in its infancy and needs to be taken care of..


Radiology Beyond Anatomy

New value chain for personalised medicine

Radiological imaging is capable of providing functional information for biomedical characterisation of disease beyond volumetric visualisation of structure with high spatial resolution Improved technologies enable further transparency beyond imaging ..

Technology, Equipment Devices

Medical Devices Meet Consumer Electronics

Revolution in healthcare delivery

Advanced semiconductor technology is transforming healthcare At the vanguard is an entirely new way of monitoring the human bodywirelessly intelligently and at low cost Microchipsized wireless body monitoring systems are offering quality of life for ..

Medical Products Manufacturing in India

Getting ready for growth

Soon India will be able to demonstrate its capabilities as an alternate manufacturing destination to China for many medical products..

Medical Device Market

Mega trends in Asia

Faced with an increasingly ageing society and rising healthcare costs countries in Asia Pacific are expecting costeffective medical devices to be developed by local companies..

Facilities Operations

Benchmarking and Measuring Patient Safety

The Medway model

The Medway Nursing and Midwifery Accountability System NMAS is a model that calls nurses and midwives to account for their performance in relation to nursing care and patient safety..

Quality and Safety

Creating a supportive culture

A processoriented approach which sees care as both social and technical naturally supports a positive quality improvement strategy and aligns the major subcultures..

Baylor Emergency Department

Providing state-of-the-art services

The Baylor University Medical Centers Emergency Department in Dallas Texas has been operating at near capacity for almost 10 years The high number of patients combined with the dearth of resources lead to an inevitable and unwelcome decline in servic..

The Hospital of the Future Isn\\\'t...

Role of architects

The concepts for what the hospital of the future is likely to be and isnt include distributed services the hospital at home project wearable hospital telemedicine innovations lean design principles and cellular care These concepts dictate the design ..

Sustainable Hospital Design

Beyond the numbers

The new trend to design and build hospitals using sustainable technology renewable resources and systems designed to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions is making it possible to achieve higher building performance in terms of reduced energ..

Information Technology

Insights into Healthcare IT

Transforming healthcare in Asia

Healthcare delivery can be improved by focussing on clinical leadership and governance ehealth EHR EMR EPR PHR IT strategy and innovation..

Telemedicine and Remote Monitoring

Improving COPD patient care

The medical world is in urgent need of providing new ways of dealing with the challenges of the profession IT and sharing of competences among the staff must be part of the solution..

Semantic Web and Translational Medicine

Creating the next generation healthcare enterprise

Translational Medicine which aims to improve communication between the basic and clinical sciences coupled with informatics and semantic technologies will help in creating the next generation healthcare enterprise..

Challenges in Managing Chronic Diseases

EMRs enable better care

The majority of healthcare expenditure worldwide is spent towards treating chronic diseases like diabetes Electronic Medical Records could prove effective in the management of chronic diseases facilitating the delivery of quality healthcare to the pa..

Online Health Information

Accuracy, quality and privacy

Several eHealth initiatives are underway to empower the patient with the right information The Internet with its vast amounts of information is a key player in turning the patient into an informed patient..

Patient Health Records Online


Patient Health Records Online

Its better if the patient is informed about health so he can manage his life and affairs in a better fashion..

Patient Health Records Online

Greater transparency and sharing of information can also improve communication trust and shareddecision making between patients and doctors..

Patient Health Records Online

The patients are much more engaged and satisfied when they feel that they have a kind of open relationship with their healthcare providers hospitals or clinics that there is free flow information and nothing is being with held..

Patient Records Online

Shared access for quality care

Online Personal Health Records signal a paradigm shift in the management of a patient data By allowing easy access to patient information online health records can enhance patient care and create a healthy doctorpatient relationship..