A Framework For Applying Analytics In HealthCare

A Framework For Applying Analytics In HealthCare

Pages: 300

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Year of Publication: 2013

Author(s) : Dwight McNeill

Book Description:

In A Framework for Applying Analytics in Healthcare, Dwight McNeill brings together best practices and actionable lessons first learned in retail, finance, politics, and beyond — and shows exactly how to adapt and apply them in healthcare. Writing for analysts, operations specialists, and managers throughout healthcare and related fields, McNeill demonstrates how to use analytics to: address inefficiencies; poor population health outcomes; affordability; disparities; access to insurance; lack of customer centricity; and other problems; reduce the cost of managing information as you make it far more useful to the entire organization. The book also explains how to go beyond “big data” to the right data; from indicators to outcomes; from providing answers to asking the right questions; gain value from techniques including predictive analytics, micro-segmentation, social media engagement, and lifetime customer value; and optimize strategy by linking it more tightly to evidence and reality.



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