Artificial Intelligence for Coronavirus Outbreak

Artificial Intelligence for Coronavirus Outbreak

Pages: 74

Publisher: Springer Singapore

Year of Publication: 2021

Author(s) : Fong, Simon James, Dey, Nilanjan, Chaki, Jyotismita

Book Description:

This book examines how the wonders of AI have contributed to the battle against COVID-19. Just as history repeats itself, so do epidemics and pandemics. In the face of the novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19, the book explores whether, in this digital era where artificial intelligence is successfully applied in all areas of industry, we are doing any better than our ancestors did in dealing with pandemics. One of the most contagious diseases ever known, COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire around and has cost thousands of human lives.

The book discusses how AI can help fight this deadly virus, from early warnings, prompt emergency responses, and critical decision-making to surveillance drones. Serving as a technical reference resource, data analytic tutorial and a chronicle of the application of AI in epidemics, this book will appeal to academics, students, data scientists, medical practitioners, and anybody who is concerned about this global epidemic.

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