Effective Coaching In Healthcare Practice, 1st Edition

Effective Coaching In Healthcare Practice, 1st Edition

Pages: 212

Publisher: Books for Midwives

Year of Publication: 2004

Author(s) : Ruth Hadikin

Book Description:

This is a comprehensive introduction to the theory, practice and process of coaching within a Healthcare context. This book adequately equips Healthcare professionals with everything they need to know about the coaching process itself, coaching outcomes, and the emerging trend of coaching cultures in Healthcare.

This is the first book on coaching specifically aimed at the healthcare sector which includes A-Z of coaching skills linking their application to healthcare management and practice alongside providing the most in-depth explanation to date of the psychological theory underpinning coaching practice and outlining how the coach's role is set to grow in healthcare as healthcare evolves. This book supplies practical tools to develop leadership skills, effectively manage stress and reduce conflict in the workplace and facilitates an international directory of coaches is included as an appendix.

So in order to understand the concept of Coaching in relation to healthcare practice, this book is ideal for reference. It Evokes excellence in others by applying the principles of coaching in everyday practice and helps you understand the distinction between coaching and mentoring and why coaching is now emerging as a successful professional tool.

Ref : http://ruthhadikin.com/books/coaching.html#.VysxntJ97cs

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