Endoscopy-Past, Present, and Future

Endoscopy-Past, Present, and Future

Pages: 300

Publisher: Academic Press

Year of Publication: 2024

Author(s) : Jonathan Cohen, David Greenwald

Book Description:

Endoscopy-Past, Present, and Future: The NYSGE at 50 commemorates a significant milestone - the 50th Anniversary of NYSGE. In honor of this occasion, prominent voices within the Society explore pivotal advancements in the realm of gastrointestinal endoscopy, a journey that has unfolded since the group's inception in 1974. These essays intricately weave the narrative of the indispensable role NYSGE members have played in shaping the landscape. While the spotlight is cast on the pioneering strides made by NYSGE's endoscopists and researchers, the volume also examines how these breakthroughs intertwine with the contemporary state of various endoscopic disciplines.

The book's chapters take readers on a comprehensive journey through the evolution of gastroenterology and endoscopy. Opening with a historical overview, the first chapter delves into the visionary founding of NYSGE and its subsequent growth. Highlighting figures like Florence Lefcourt and Doris Barnie, the chapter underscores their pivotal roles in establishing the society. It traces the development of the nurses program, NYSGE courses, and global collaborations, offering a glimpse into transformative advancements on the horizon. Following chapters spotlight pivotal achievements, such as the trajectory of polypectomy from its inception to televideo mentoring, and more.



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