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Fundamental Mathematics And Physics Of Medical Imaging

Fundamental Mathematics And Physics Of Medical Imaging

Pages: 144

Publisher: CRC Press

Year of Publication: 2016

Author(s) : Jack Lancaster, Bruce Hasegawa

Book Description:


Authored by a leading educator, this book teaches the fundamental mathematics and physics concepts associated with medical imaging systems. Going beyond mere description of imaging modalities, this book delves into the mechanisms of image formation and image quality common to all imaging systems: contrast mechanisms, noise, and spatial and temporal resolution, making it an important reference for medical physicists and biomedical engineering students. This is an extensively revised new edition of The Physics of Medical X-Ray Imaging by Bruce Hasegawa (Medical Physics Publishing, 1991), and includes a wide range of modalities such as X-ray CT, MRI and SPECT.


•    Covers underlying physics and mathematics at a level appropriate for all medical imaging modalities
•    Extensive homework problems within each chapter, with answers in a solutions manual. The solutions manual also includes optional homework problems that can be used periodically in lieu of those in the textbook.
•    Extensive figures and equations throughout the book. Several chapters include example questions and answers.
•    Many of the homework problems can be solved using Mango, a freely distributed image processing software found on the author’s website at: