Genomic And Precision Medicine, 3rd Edition

Genomic And Precision Medicine, 3rd Edition

Pages: 384

Publisher: Academic Press

Year of Publication: 2016

Author(s) : Ginsburg, Willard

Book Description:

Genomic and Precision Medicine: Translation and Implementation highlights the various points along the continuum from health to disease where genomic information is impacting clinical decision-making and leading to more personalization of health care.

The book pinpoints the challenges, barriers, and solutions that have been, or are being, brought forward to enable translation of genome based technologies into health care. A variety of infrastructure (data systems and EMRs), policy (regulatory, reimbursement, privacy), and research (comparative effectiveness research, learning health system approaches) strategies are also discussed. Readers will find this volume to be an invaluable resource for the translational genomics and implementation science that is required to fully realize personalized health care.

Key Features:

•    Provides a comprehensive volume on the translation and implementation of biology into health care provision
•    Presents succinct commentary and key learning points that will assist readers with their local needs for
     translation and implementation
•    Includes an up-to-date overview on major ‘translational events’ in genomic and personalized medicine, along
      with lessons learned.

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