Hospitals: A Design Manual

Hospitals: A Design Manual

Pages: 240

Publisher: Birkhauser

Year of Publication: 2016

Author(s) : Cor Wagenaar and Noor Mens

Book Description:

Hospitals as a building type have undergone a substantial evolution in the past years. This publication explains the principles and requirements for the planning of hospitals and other health facilities. An international case study section documents 40 best-practice projects in six categories: general hospitals, children s hospitals, specialized clinics, outpatient clinics and health centers as well as rehabilitation clinics.

This book delivers to the burgeoning need of innovative and contemporary hospital designs and infrastructural aesthetics requisite to run any medical facility today. Both authors, Cor Wagenaar and Noor Mens have illustrated and delineated a deatiled account of ameliorating the facility structure for all healthcare organisations through this manual.

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