Human Brain in Standard MNI Space, 1st Edition

Human Brain in Standard MNI Space, 1st Edition

Pages: 320

Publisher: Elsevier

Year of Publication: 2017

Author(s) : Juergen Mai, Milan Majtanik

Book Description:

Human Brain in Standard MNI Space: A Comprehensive Pocket Atlas is a thorough pocket atlas designed for easy reference and interpretation of medical and scientific MR-images. It is intended for both early career and advanced medical students, emphasizing anatomy’s relationship to radiology, and for residents in radiology and neurology, and those involved in neuroscience research. In addition, the book is ideal for non-specialists interested in issues relating to the brain or the determination of imaging features.

Key Features:

•   Provides gyral/sulcal designations (in the MNI figures), as well as cortical (Brodmann’s areas) delineations (in the diagrams)
•  Contains a three page section with (small) diagrams, providing 3D reconstruction of the MNI brain with definition of the cortex gyri and sulci
•  Includes a section that explains the Brodmann areas, along with a list of abbreviations, structures, and a hierarchical tree of structures

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