Human Resources In Healthcare, Health Informatics And Healthcare Systems

Human Resources In Healthcare, Health Informatics And Healthcare Systems

Pages: 378

Publisher: Medical Information Science Reference

Year of Publication: 2010

Author(s) : Stefane M. Kabene

Book Description:

Human Resources in Healthcare, Health Informatics and Healthcare Systems addresses two major problems that threaten the health of the human race. The first of which is the lack of human resources in healthcare. We need to ensure that we have an adequate number of healthcare professionals who are highly motivated and properly trained.

Furthermore, we need to ensure that they have the latest health technology at their disposal, which is the second major issue facing the world today. The world's most respected scholars and practitioners describe their experiences and propose possible theoretical and practical solutions in this relevant and timely handbook.

This publication provides access to up-to-date knowledge on how health systems can be improved via human resources management, encompassing theoretical frameworks, empirical research findings, current health systems, future health systems, health informatics, and global health.