Intraprocedural Imaging Of Cardiovascular Interventions

Intraprocedural Imaging Of Cardiovascular Interventions

Pages: 168

Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Year of Publication: 2016

Author(s) : Michael H. Picard, Jonathan J. Passeri, Jacob P. Dal-Bianco

Book Description:

This book teaches the key knowledge required for the use of ultrasound to guide many catheter based cardiac therapies. While live CME courses are now covering this material there are very few textbooks on this topic. A unique aspect of this book is that it has many images to illustrate the teaching points. The use of minimally invasive treatments of many cardiac diseases especially by catheter based therapies and devices is a rapidly expanding discipline in cardiology and radiology.  Cardiac ultrasound particularly echocardiography is utilized extensively to guide these therapies. Many echocardiographers are being called upon to guide these therapies but they have not been trained in this unique use of echocardiography.

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