Introduction to Biomedical Engineering Technology, Third Edition

Introduction to Biomedical Engineering Technology, Third Edition

Pages: 406

Publisher: CRC Press

Year of Publication: 2016

Author(s) : Laurence J. Street

Book Description:

This new edition provides major revisions to a text that is suitable for the introduction to biomedical engineering technology course offered in a number of technical institutes and colleges in Canada and the US. Each chapter has been thoroughly updated with new photos and illustrations which depict the most modern equipment available in medical technology. This third edition includes new problem sets and examples, detailed block diagrams and schematics and new chapters on device technologies and information technology.


•    Provides a substantial revision of a nicely regarded text in biomedical engineering technology
•    Updates each chapter and adds new illustrations depicting the most modern hospital equipment
•    Includes machine schematics and block diagrams supplied by equipment manufacturers
•    Adds chapter on repair of surgical robotics
•    Contains references at the end of each chapter to enhance additional study

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